Steve Cochran Leaves Michael Jackson Molestation Case

Michael Jackson’s Attorney Thomas Mesereau, Jr. released the following statement on Friday (October 15) regarding Attorney Steve Cochran: “It is with great regret that I announce the departure of Attorney Steve Cochran from the defense team. Steve is a personal friend, and will remain so. He is a brilliant lawyer, and a great credit to our profession. To the contrary of certain rumors, there has never been any animosity between us. Steve and I will continue to collaborate on Michael Jackson’s case.”

Update: released the following statement regarding longtime attorney and friend, Steve Cochran: “I would like to thank Attorney Steve Cochran for all of the hard work he has done on my behalf. Unfortunately, he has taken a temporary leave of absence, for his own confidential reasons, from my defense team, but will continue to collaborate with me, Tom Mesereau and other members of the team. I have known Steve Cochran for many years, and he is a wonderful person and dedicated lawyer. He continues to be my friend and close advisor. My Defense team will continue to be led by Thomas Mesereau, Jr. I have the greatest faith and trust in Tom, and the other members of my team.”

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