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Steve Scarola of Push checked in with fans on the pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@pushplayrox) on Saturday (February 6), the first of the four members to give a farewell speech as they head to college and put the band on ice, perhaps permanently. Steve writes:

To my parents and Donna, my brother Mike, my girlfriend Brittany, my friends Becky, Matt, Greg, and Dawn, I have to say thank you. I will never forget the times where you guys would not only be the only people in the crowd, but traveled all over the country to hear us play. You were the smile on my face in the worst times, and right there to laugh with me in the best times. Anytime I needed a dose of reality you were there to dish it to me from every angle. I could not have made it this far, unscathed, without your unconditional love and support. As I begin my classes at Fordham University, I realize, I never skipped a beat. This is where I belong.

To CJ, Derek, and Nick, this is not a goodbye. It already feels weird not waking up to Derek in his underwear, somebody yelling at Nick, and CJ blowing his nose. The experiences we shared together were unreal to us all and the best part is, we did it together. I will never forget the countless flights, fast food extravaganzas, late night “jam” sessions, waking up in the middle of nowhere, crashing into each other on stage, load ins, load outs, pranks, but most of all, playing on stage together. I will obviously see you guys, but for now best of luck in anything you do!

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