Stevo Is Proud Of His Avril Lavigne Wedgie

Sarah Liss of Now Toronto spoke with Sum 41’s Steve “Stevo” Jocz, who was in hysterics recalling his prank on Avril Lavigne. “I gave the most devastating wedgie I’ve ever delivered to anyone!” he howled. “She screams, everyone’s laughing. And she’s huge now, so it’s like giving fu**in’ a wedgie, right? Plus it’s not the actual wedgie that’s the most embarrassing part either — it’s the little squat you have to do to yank it out of your butt cheeks!” Read more.

Is Frightened About Becoming An Adult

November 23, 2002 – WENN reports Avril Lavigne is in no hurry to grow up, even after recently turning 18. “I don’t want to be considering officially as a grown-up,” she said. “I want to enjoy myself, have a good time and do silly things now and then. I am anxious to remain a teenager. That is the only time of your life when you can do the most stupid things and still be forgiven, because you are still a kid. I think the idea of becoming an adult frightens me.”

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