Stolen For Britney Spears & Butchered By Heidi Montag

updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Wednesday (August 26), talking about what happened to her song ‘Trash Me’, which received attention after Britney Spears released a song sounding suspicously like the track called ‘If You Seek Amy’. More recently, the song was covered by ‘The Hills’ star Heidi Montag – apparently without Jessie’s blessing. The former Shut Up Stella singer seems to point the finger at Max Martin for lifting the song after she went to Sweden to work with the famed producer for a few weeks. Malakouti writes:

A couple of okay songs came out of the trip, but I didn’t have the same connection with the unmentionables that I did with Xenomania. So I signed to Xenomania and began working on my debut album.

Fast forward a few months, and a little tune called Trash Me “If U Seek Amy” comes out by Britney Spears, which was funny enough stolen written by these same Swedish unmentionables I had thought were my friends. Of course, Britney being on a major label was able to do something I could not do, go to radio with my song go to radio with her song, and thus ruin any chance I had at releasing my ORIGINAL material. To add even more salt to the wound, Heidi Montag decides to murder cover my song, and gets more recognition than I ever did for my own art.

So you see people, “Trash Me” has become a bit tainted for me, and to be honest a bit old!

The entire message at MySpace has since been removed.

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One thought on “Stolen For Britney Spears & Butchered By Heidi Montag

  1. TayJ says:

    Sorry hunny. They sound nothing alike. Listened to them both and no where close. Better luck next time

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