Stop Comparing Christina Aguilera And Britney Spears

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Okay, for the last time and haters. You all have got to stop comparing them to each other. How long have we been growing up and have been listening to Christina and Britney? 8 years now? Damn, and you all still compare them. I thought that was already over. No one does that anymore…but I guess since you all do it, then I should have no problem doing it either right?

I am a Christina and a Britney fan, and I clearly love Christina a lot more, because I know what kind of an artist she is and how talented she is. I don’t however disregard the fact that Britney is a genius at marketing herself, and really knows how to keep herself on the top, but that does NOT mean she’s better than Christina.
First of all.

1. Christina beat Britney in Best New Artist Grammys 2000
2. Christina has a 4 octave voice
3. She writes her own songs
4 Has Spanish, and English BILLBOARD #1’s.
5 Has a total of 5 Grammys, 3 Grammys, 2 Latin Grammys.
6. Was nominated for Best Collaboration with VOCALS, Grammys 06, and has a killer performance.
7. Is definitely smarter, and wiser than Britney will ever be.

The thing with Christina is that she doesn’t even have to have her own CD to be nominated for a Grammy, which has got to prove a lot! I mean come on, nominated for a Grammy ? Some artists take years to even accomplish anything like this.

Does sell a lot of CD’s, and she is or well WAS hot, and had bad ass songs, because they were dance songs, and people really enjoyed that. But after she comes back from being pregnant, ?? What is she going to be singing? TOXIC, BABY ONE MORE TIME? Or another PREGNANT SONG?
I DON’T think so. She has to really do something that will HAVE to be a definite comeback! And let’s just hope she does, because it’s fun to see Christina and Britney just grow as artists, of course, Britney grows from other places, but still the point is that it would be weird to be without one of them. Both are very competitive, but in the end, Christina is right on the ball. She knows what people like, and she knows what will attract other people. She knows that her fans love it when she sings, or yells, screams whatever you want to call it, but she does it because she does it for the fans, and that’s what I admire. I don’t know any fan that doesn’t like her singing, in fact I think that’s probably the biggest reason why the fans like her singing style, because she never shuts the hell up and IT’S FUN!! LOL seriously, I LOVE IT!! The more she holds her notes and yells the more I love her!!

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10 thoughts on “Stop Comparing Christina Aguilera And Britney Spears

  1. brianne says:

    I love how this is called “stop comparing Christina and Britney!” when you clearly just compared them yourself! Britney is way better than Christina will ever be! she is so amazingly talented! maybe she doesn’t stand up there and belt notes while throwing her hand all in the air like a crazy woman! but Britney can sing and dance her ass off! she is a true performer! she has it all! a triple threat if you must! the last time I saw Christina “perform” on the 2008 VMAs her dancing was HILARIOUS or AWFUL actually and she looks like Lady Gaga! not to mention the copycat black jumpsuit with cape like Britney on the onyx hotel tour and the red catsuit on her new promo commercial for her greatest hits just like oops I did it again! pretty funny if you ask me! so if anyone here is the best female artist it is clearly Miss Britney Spears..aka the Queen of Pop and she doesn’t need a Grammy to say it!

  2. Annisa says:

    I love Britney and hate Christina ! , she thinks she’s it ! and Christina is a bigger tart then Britney is a tart though, and Britney has got a sweeter and better voes then big fat Christina !………GO BRITNEY!

  3. carly says:

    I love how Britney Spears can sucker so many people to see her lipsynched shows. keep wasting your money to watch her dance

  4. christinaaguilerfan says:

    To me Christina is awesome. You exactly pointed out what I wanted to say :D Christina is a very good belter, I think she the best singer in the world. And to me, Britney is just a cheap whore, but everyone has got an opinion so XD

  5. Jenn says:

    Honestly, how the f**k did Britney make it through the years?

  6. Bryzzz says:

    Britney is a 100 times better than Christina, overall, Britney can sing really good, but she still has a long way to go to reach a success like Madonna. on the other hand, Christina has made some amazing career choices in the past few years, but she is nothing compared to Britney. stay strong Britney, us fans are here for you

  7. Jose says:

    Britney Spears is a way better than Aguilera…it was so funny when I say in this text that Britney WAS hot….why???do you think Aguilera is better???Is so funny how people can say so stupid things…..Everyone have is own opinion…but this is ridiculous

  8. SimonPNBG says:

    Well I think that they are both great and they both should be queens of pop :D but in the end Britney won because Christina doesn’t or I haven’t heard her new songs…I think she don’t produces anymore but I hope they are 1 of the best friends in the world.It all about love….

  9. kirina landipa says:

    “stop comparing Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears’ the most non sense title ever!…lmfao!

  10. Mr.Fighter says:

    Xtina is way way way ………. Way better than Britney! That’s a fact. She can sing every type of music and listen amazing plus her music is the best!

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