Stop Feeling Sorry For Us

Contributed anonymously:

I surf through all the time, and I’m really getting sick of all these retarded fans proclaiming how “sorry” they feel for the people who don’t like Britney.

No offense, but we all feel sorry for you. Not because you are devoted to one of the least talented artists musically and vocally to arrive in the last ten years, but because you think we really care.

Unlike you, we don’t spend our time obsessing over Britney. I don’t like her, so I don’t need to pay attention to her. The people that really believe we live in “Britney’s world” and that you cannot escape ms. spears need to get a clue. I don’t think or notice her at all. She’s just another human being, stop making her out to be some sort of God. She is just a person. So relax. Stop acting like she’s more than that.

There are people starving, people dying of diseases, and wars all over this world of ours and you sad individuals are complaining about people slamming Britney spears? If you used half the energy you used in defending her, who knows what you could all accomplish for this world.

So stop feeling sorry for us. At least we are out doing, thinking, and worrying about more then some pop singer who doesn’t even know you exist, but used that hard earned cash you spent supporting her on another gold plated toilet.

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8 thoughts on “Stop Feeling Sorry For Us

  1. sweetsexyAngeL says:

    I just can’t help giving comments after reading this article… its just that you people ask for us BRITNEY FAN to STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOU.. well well well… isn’t it ODD or IRONIC that your asking that of us Britney Fans when all along your the one who keep feeling sorry for US and belittling our idol for that… yea we do know that she can’t sing like Christina but come on… everybody have flaws!!even you who keep belittling her have FLAWS!!! she is not perfect.. and you can’t stop us from liking her the way we can’t stop you from liking Christina.. I also like Christina’s song but I don’t belittle her as a matter of fact I adore them both but reading your article makes me feel sorry for you guys who can’t accept the fact that Britney is only but Human, who have dreams like us.. your saying that she is a whore and a slut or a *****.. WELL COME ON.. LOOK AT YOURSELF!! AREN’T YOU HAVING SEX? PLEASE… D0N’T BE A HYPOCRITE!! SPARE US!! WE ALL ARE THE SAME…. SO DON’T THROW IT ALL TO BRITNEY… SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!! MORE POWER TO ALL OF YOU FANS OUT THERE.. AND ANYWAY IS CHRISTINA OR BRITNEY PAYING US ANY MONEY FOR THIS PETTY QUARREL OR ARGUMENT OR WHATEVER IT IS YOUR TRYING TO FIGHT.. WE AIN’T GAINING FROM THIS.. SO PEACE MAN!

  2. getalifeyall says:

    For someone who doesn’t notice Britney Spears, you seem to have written an awful lot about her. I’m thinking what I wrote (I Pity Britney Haters) must have gotten to you. I’m sorry I offended you so bad. I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman due to you being “anonymous” and all, but I’m guessing you’re just another bitter female who isn’t as pretty, talented or popular as Ms Spears. But then again, who is?

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I agree to an extent! Don’t feel sorry for US, but don’t feel sorry for us cause we’re not the ones who have been duped into thinking that Britney Spears is an all knowing, can do no wrong sort of chick with a ton of great material! The reasons that I don’t like Britney Spears are pretty much obvious! 1. She has no talent! Now, I could stomach someone who wasn’t that great of a singer! Hell, I ADORE Shania Twain, and she is an awful singer most days. But the material she writes is fun, it has a message, and it’s not dirty material! When Shania gets on stage, it’s a great show, even though she doesn’t have the greatest voice; and it’s all live! Then you look at Britney….can’t sing!! Can’t dance; I’m sorry, I’ve taken dance before for many years, and what she does is NOT dancing. Sure, in her videos, it’s close. But when she gets on stage…a whole other story! She can’t act for crap, it’s a joke! Crossroads was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen….and I’m open to cheesy movies….I liked Glitter for Pete’s sake…. A huge Tom Hanks fan here, and I hated Joe vs. the Volcano….with a passion…and Crossroads is in that caliber! Like I said, I can stomach mediocre…but Britney isn’t even mediocre! She’s terrible! 2. Her personality! Good god, people are so desperate to make her look good, that they hear one or two good stories about her (in the midst of hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of bad ones), and suddenly she’s a saint! Guys, look at her, seriously LOOK. When she’s being all nicey nice, it’s totally put on! She is not genuine. She’s like the head cheerleader who is all about bringing the “uncool” down, so she’ll be nice to you while stabbing you in the back! You can see right through that “oh, thank you sweetie” bull crap! I’ve heard about kids walking away from that arts camp she has not liking her anymore because she is so mean to them. She sits in a private bunk somewhere until it is time for her to go out. ME, if I had a camp like that, I’d be out there all week, helping teach those kids to sing, dance, act, whatever… I wouldn’t show up on the last day for a couple of hours. I’d interact with them, I’d play with them, I’d befriend them. But no, not Britney, she’s too good for that crap….she’s not gonna go hang out with poor trashy people. You can see right through that fake smile and persona….if you’d just look! 3. Her image! I’m sorry, you’re not yet a woman when you still dress like a 2 cent whore! When you have young fans, you have a responsibility to them…to do right! Sure, it’s not her job to RAISE them, that’s up to the parents! But my god….don’t make their jobs harder than it already is! Be someone for them that you can really be PROUD of. I guess, in a way, if you wouldn’t care that your future children might act that way, then go on. But she’s said several times that I can think of, on and off record, she wouldn’t want her kids being like that! So why is she doing it? Does she really think she’s being cool by forgetting her bra and wearing a see through shirt that barely covers anything and pants that hardly cover the ass crack? I’m sorry, I might dress like that….on Halloween, and I’d say I was dressed as a hooker! There are ways to be fashionable, NOT looking like an old granny, without having to degrade yourself to that level! Do you really want YOUR kids, down the line, worshiping a sexpot? 4. Her songs are terrible! I’m sorry, I don’t mind cheese and whine in my music. I like Aaron Carter for heaven’s sake…I saw him in concert a couple of years ago and had a blast! But he doesn’t walk around claiming that his music is growing; when he should! ‘Another Earthquake’ was a million times more grown up than his debut! But Britney seems to go backwards, in terms of quality. Her first album was her most mature sounding ever. Sure, the songs on this album are all about sex, drugs, and rock & roll, but when did she write them? When she was drunk and stoned? Her material on this last record is dumb! Not to mention that whole role model thing. Until you’ve totally switched gears and are out of teenybopper stardom (which she will never be), you don’t sing about that stuff. When you still have the majority of your fan base that are adolescent and younger…. There is grown up material and grown up ways to perform it without going to the limits she did! Maybe she SHOULD have focused on her life and what has happened to her this last year…maybe then it would have been a decent album. But it’s a painful listen! 5. The media exposure! I can’t go anywhere without everyone being disgusted with her! I listen to the radio, I’m in the grocery store, in class, at parties…Everyone I know, and I know over a thousand people cause I know everyone on campus, I have friends that DON’T go to school with me, I work with people…..well over a thousand…. EVERYONE I know is sick of it, and are ready for her to be gone! Now, I know that 1000 people is very little compared to the 6 billion or so on the planet, but the general consensus everywhere is that she’s overexposed and it makes her look pathetic! Maybe if she didn’t throw herself in our faces 24/7, we wouldn’t complain 24/7! Then you have her fans that are still left over from yesterday….THEY insist that she’s less than a God, but more than the average human being….and that we should all bow down to this “legend”! I’m sorry, but it takes more than what she’s been able to accomplish to be a true LEGEND! Us HATERS don’t like Britney…it’s pretty obvious! But I think we are justified in our reasons for doing so! Notice, I didn’t say one thing about her looks, really! Even though I don’t think she’s that pretty, no reason to dislike her! Being “pretty” is no reason to be liked either! I don’t know ANYONE who respects or likes her for many reasons other than “oh, she’s really pretty/hot”! I’m sorry, but if that’s your only reason for liking her, you need to re-evaluate yourself and get some help, cause that is really shallow and pathetic! These are just my thoughts, but I know that there are SO MANY who feel the exact same way! *and notice, no Britney/Christina comparisons either……and no, I’m not a Timberlake fan!

    Reading your post gives me a headache!! Too many errors and too hard to follow!! We’re not belittling Britney….we’re just telling you WHY we hate her! See MY comment to fully understand that one! So we think she’s an awful person and performer…..big deal! If you were smart, you’d think that way too!

  4. rachel says:

    LMAO “Anonymous” sh*t tell us your name so I can congratulate you for this well written essay, I have to say that I don’t think the slut idol fans will comprehend, this is too complicated for their simple minds. They will be like ” oh my lord , Britney is like the best entertainer , beautiful person in the whole world”. While they continue to argue that “bestest” is indeed a word, the rest of the world observe in utmost shock on how a human being can be this stupid. Britney is the prime example of Jewel’s song “Intuition”. Just sell your self and just cash in.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    “I’m guessing you’re just another bitter female who isn’t as pretty, talented or popular as Ms Spears. But then again, who is? ” How absolutely immature can one person be? Who is? ME! Sure, I’m not pin up material, but I don’t wanna sell my soul to the devil to get that way. Did you know that without the help of her entourage, Britney isn’t pin up material either? She has flaws in her skin, and when she’s just sitting or standing there, there’s no airbrushing done! ALL of her pictures are airbrushed to make her skin tone look better, cause it’s far from perfect; they get rid of the rest of her flaws too, cause she has more than those of us who aren’t as “pretty” as her! I’ve had a friend take pics of me and then air brush my flaws away, and lemme tell ya, I was one hot mama….Do I wanna make a career of being fake? HELL NO! Talented!! I can sing CIRCLES around Britney when I’ve lost my voice! People who don’t know me hear me sing and ask for my autograph because they are sure I’ll be famous someday! It’s not just my friends coming up to me joking around…. And that is without the help of studio magic… If she was really talented, she wouldn’t need her voice to be processed more than cheese. Popular? Thank God….cause I DO value my privacy! I’m not about to sell every aspect of who I am to be popular! I’ve never wanted to be popular anyways. It’s highly overrated! Am I bitter? HELL NO! WHY? Because I know I’m better than her….and I have a better life than her. Sure, she has millions of fans and dollars…. I have a family that truly loves me and isn’t taking advantage of me and my success. I have friends that I know like me for me. I have the respect of every single ADULT I meet….and the love and adoration of the kids that I work with. I’m truly happy! Can she say the same? sure she can…can she do it without lying? NOPE!

  6. TahoeGirl13 says:

    I don’t get why you can’t like who you like, hate who you hate and leave it at that. Why does there have to be so much name calling, bashing, and crap? It’s pointless. So on with life, enjoy the things you like and leave the rest of the stuff alone.

  7. babet says:

    I agree. why do Britney fans make Britney out to be some god??? that’s an insult to God Himself if you ask me. if people don’t worship Britney its not the end of the world. I feel sorry for those that do. you guys are obsessing over her. its like Britney has taken over your lives and that your whole world revolves around Britney. you guys make it seem that you’d rather choke yourself than hear one bad comment about Britney. there are other artists out there that deserve more credit.

  8. blondeambiti0n says:

    First off, I have yet to see a Britney fan on here likening her to God. It hasn’t gone that far, sorry. And you think any fan of Britney is obsessed with her or worships her….which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a fan, but Britney sure as hell doesn’t consume my life, not in the slightest bit. Just because someone is a fan of Britney doesn’t mean that person is stupid, tasteless, sad, pathetic, obsessed, etc, and all that crap. That’s completely ignorant, and all because you just don’t like her. Shame on you.

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