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Not only me, but everybody is sick of Britney fans writing Christina fans hate letters and Christina fans writing trash about Britney. STOP IT! We all get it. They are both talented in their own ways. I’m going to break this down into pieces.

-can dance well
-good performer
-preferred around the world especially in the US, Canada, Asia
-has a mediocre singing voice
-has sold more than 6 million in singles and 55 million albums worldwide
-has great publicity

Over the years, Britney has been decreasing in sales yet increasing with more controversy and publicity. Just look at the sales (although an artist’s success isn’t all in sales)
-…Baby, One More Time, 14mil US = 24mil worldwide
-Oops!…I Did It Again, 10mil US = 17mil worldwide
-Britney, 4 mil US = 9mil worldwide
-In The Zone, 2 mil US = 5 mil worldwide
She has lied to getting breast augmentation and her quickie wedding and September wedding has shocked the media with awe.

Moving along to
2: Christina Aguilera
-somewhat good dancer
-good performer
-has great vocals
-preferred around the world especially Europe, Latin America, Australia
-has sold well over 7 million copies in singles and 24 million in record sales
-critic’s choice

Let’s take a peak at the sales…
Christina Aguilera, 8mil US – 12mil worldwide
Mi Reflijo, 1mil US – 3mil worldwide
My Kind Of Christmas, 1mil US – 2mil worldwide
Just Be Free, 0.05mil US – 0.1mil worldwide
Stripped, 3mil US – 8mil worldwide

In 2003, she was the one everyone was talking about with her 3-yr. anticipated and controversial Stripped album showing off her sexual and ‘real’ side. The real deal, that’s partially true but give us a break! She goes from girl next door to Latin mama to dirrty diva to ghetto sista to sweet and classy. Obviously she can never get accustom to one style. I guess it’s for attention. Anyways, she is in a feud with many (Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Brit). She hosted the MTV Europe Awards and has 4 Grammys under her belt. She is very talented to many and garbage to some.

So people, stop complaining. I told you everything there is to know about the two.

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