Straightforward For Once

Contributed Anonymously:

Everyone is being given a chance to voice their opinions about who they like, only to sneak in attacks at those they don’t like. So I’m going to do this straightforwardly and put it out there for you.

: The girl is cute although nowhere near pretty with those lopsided eyes, crooked mouth and chunky legs and arms but yeah she is not horrible. She has no talent, she is a clone, and she should have been a dancer. But she’s not so good for her, she got lucky.

: Well she is also very beautiful, although she has this tendency to try and make herself as ugly as humanly possible; the nasty piercings, the wigs, the caked make-up, the fake tan is all not flattering. You say originality, I say lost girl searching. And with that voice she should just stick to the singing and give up the search, she has her niche already.

Beyonce Knowles : Nothing really to say about her, she is not real; her nails are fake, her weave is fake, her skin is fake, and her voice is just as made by the studio as Britney. Plus that girl is heavy!

Avril Lavigne : Not worth mentioning really, just a poser.

Madonna : Dried up old hag who still prostitutes herself to the media. Sad really, but it’s not like she had talent to fall back on, just shock value.

And I don’t believe that anyone really likes *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys, nothing they say has any meaning and they are carbon copies of every boy band in history. And I am sure that even you “fans” are embarrassed to like them, I bet you wouldn’t let it slip to anyone you know.

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