Stripper Felt ‘Dirty’ After Wild Sex Night With Ben Affleck

The New York Daily News spoke with Brandi’s Exotic Night Club dancer Tammy Morris about her wild night with Ben Affleck with two other strippers named Sonja and Marie. “He seemed like a nice guy,” Tammy Morris said of Jennifer Lopez’s fiance. “But if he behaved that way that night, it tells you something about him.” The stripper said the frolic with a soon-to-be married man left her feeling “dirty.” Morris is on the cover of this week’s Enquirer, and reportedly had been offered $100,000 to share her story.

What Has Done To Keep Alone

August 6, 2003 – Add Conan O’Brien to the late night talk show hosts joking about the bad opening ‘Gigli’ received. He joked during Tuesday night’s Late Night monologue, “The flop of the new Ben Affleck and movie ‘Gigli’ is so bad that according to the New York Post, J.Lo and Ben haven’t been spending much time together and J. Lo just wants to be alone. Apparently she really wants to be alone because she has been going to theaters that are playing ‘Gigli’.”

Bush’s ‘Gigli’ Vow

August 6, 2003 – Late Late Show Craig Kilborn joined in on the ‘Gigli’ bashing fun during his Tuesday monologue, warning that stars and Ben Affleck may have to be on the run. Kilborn joked, “Today President Bush saw the movie ‘Gigli’ – and then vowed to get the ‘sombitches’ that were responsible!”

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5 thoughts on “Stripper Felt ‘Dirty’ After Wild Sex Night With Ben Affleck

  1. Tig says:

    This is just want the wonder couple gets. Lots of bad publicity. We do not care if they do or don’t get married. J Lo will do like she always does, Cheat on him with some bum and leave him, saying “it didn’t complete me, it just wasn’t right”, I’ll tell you what’s not right that she can’t keep her legs closed and her big fat mouth with out someone else dick in it. TRAMP, pure tramp. Maybe should go back to one of her “dumped & cheated-on” husbands and ask for forgiveness. As for Ben, you mad it thru your sexual affair with Matt Damon, you got your Oscar, and Drinking, will you make it thru J Lo……..other than catching Crabs…hmmm not sure

  2. shayne says:

    I don’t know why the stripper in the article is whining about feeling dirty now……..hello, did you forget your a stripper? its your job to look and act like a worthless slut and take advantage of men, married or not. If she doesn’t want to feel dirty or guilty she should use her brain and go to school and make something of herself like a respectable, positive member of society……….i have no sympathy for anyone in this stupid situation.

  3. grprincess says:

    Just because she is a stripper doesn’t make her a slut. She is a stripper not a prostitute. Anyway, I would feel dirty too if I had sex with someone who had sex with J.Ho. Yikes!

  4. YogiBear says:

    What’s up with Ben and strippers? is he a sexaholic? He’s engaged to one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and he still needs to pay women to strip for him???? That just doesn’t make sense to me. He acts as if he’s still a bachelor.

  5. Mary Torres says:

    The stripper was paid and lied.

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