Sugababe Jade Ewen Responds To Racist Remarks On Twitter

Jade Ewen thanked a fan for sticking up for her online after a racist attack earlier today on Twitter. Among the Tweets from the racist user “SandraCoxe” referring to the member:

@jackobin_ @JadeEwen she’s a fail with half-dead parents chick x

@Liam95_EWENATOR @jadeewen More inspirational than Princess Di & Jade Goody? Nah chick. Plus she’s black. #Vom

@Liam95_EWENATOR @jadeewen She’s an ex-dole bum, she has fu** all on me, I’ll never be That. Dirty illegal sponger!

@Liam95_EWENATOR @jadeewen Jealous? I’m white, she’s black – Therefore I’m superior, nothing to be jealous of chubs xXx

RIP Jade Ewen

@Liam95_EWENATOR @jadeewen Of course it matters :S Why don’t you fu** off to Ghana if you love Them Lot so much. #MopHead

@Liam95_EWENATOR @jadeewen Well I don’t address monkey’s as “him/her” Apologies.

Jade told her followers (@JadeEwen):

@Liam95_EWENATOR Hiya huni, I’m not sure what this awful person has been saying about me (I can only see your responses) but I guess they’re

@Liam95_EWENATOR racist remarks from what I can see. babes don’t waste your breath! I’m not hurt or upset by them, have dealt with alot worse

@Liam95_EWENATOR but thank you for sticking up for me! love ya loads.. xxx

guys listen..thanks for sticking up for me but do not waste your time entertaining people who are clearly sick! from time they are being racist

or prejudice in anyway its BLOCK u need to be heading for. I am not upset, and I don’t want you guys putting yourself in the firing line of

people that don’t even matter! Like I said sweetest revenge is success! Keep smiling love you! xxx

@Liam95_EWENATOR babe DO NOT respond to her. BLOCK right now! Don’t let that stuff contaminate your mind. Thanks for having my back! Love ya xx

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