Sum 41’s Stevo Has An Avril Phobia

Sum 41 drummer Steve Jocz chatted with fans on MTV Asia and was asked if anyone in the group had any phobias, and if they’d want to record a song with fellow Canadian, . “My phobias include insects, heights, young twins with blond hair and blue eyes, and recording a song with Avril Lavigne,” Steve responded. Later he was asked if the rumor that bandmate Deryck Whibley had dated Lavigne. “Deryck has never gone out with Avril,” he responded. “I think he saw her naked once though.” The entire interview at has since been removed.

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8 thoughts on “Sum 41’s Stevo Has An Avril Phobia

  1. anti_avril says:

    I could have not said it myself! Go Stevo! Poor Deryck that must have been one he.ll of a sight what a worth-less trashy ho

  2. SpiceSquirrel says:

    He saw Advil naked? So what? Advil’s band members see her naked all the time since sleeping with her is part of their job description.

  3. ash6969 says:

    Steve is just jealous of her AND Deryck. I mean, Steve is like totally butt-ugly. Deryck would for sure get way more girls than him and Avril is like totally out of his league. He needs to stay stay behind the drums!

  4. breez says:

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to record with Avril. They’re both that poser-punker wanna be bad ass type. Or maybe they see through each other the way people see through them.

  5. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    Poor Avril Lavigne the guy views her as a bitch. What a poser

  6. mattychick says:

    I say that he was just joking or something or whatever. I say like Matty (Avril’s drummer) she do that or some one from that band or them on a tour that would rock

  7. otownfreak11 says:

    lol…. That’s funny because Avril’s drummer Matt Brann (SUPER HOT) is good friends with the guys from Sum 41.

  8. mattychick says:

    do am her #1 fan but she’s only going out with Evan and Dark (I think) and Jesse but ya all the time she flashes them and then she likes wearing skirts after shows. ya she’s a player

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