Summary Nick Carter’s First ‘Now or Never’ Tour Show

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BackstreetNews Group at Yahoo has a fan’s summary of Nick’s show in Tampa, Florida. She says “He came out in handcuffs and started out with ‘Blow Your Mind’…because he’d been a ‘very bad boy.’ He also had on a prison-like orange jumpsuit to go along with the handcuffs. When getting into the slow songs, Nick said ‘I wanted to write some love songs with…balls.’ For the ‘Help Me’ performance, ‘the ENTIRE CROWD sang ‘I gotta KNOW, KNOW!” Then a loud video with a bunch of bleeps played. She says ‘HOLY sh*t, IT’S HIS BOOTY CALL MESSAGE!!!’ He ended with ‘Who Needs the World’ with a lot of adlibs like he was really into it. It was AWESOME!!! He said thank you Tampa and took off. The lights are off but he’s still standing there.”

Here are some updates from another board (they said it’s ok to post it here)

I’m getting calls and updates from Guavaween…..

He came out in handcuffs and started out with Blow Your Mind.

Holy sh*t he sounds AWESOME!!
She said he had on an orange something (I lost her) I’m assuming she meant an orange jumpsuit and he came out in handcuffs.

They said he’d been a “Very bad boy….”

He’s got on a black netted tank top with NOTHING underneath and jeans…..

She’s taking pictures for me….

He’s now singing My Confession.
Jen keeps screaming….”I’d do him.” This is the girl that hates him…..

He’s asking the crowd if they want some water cuz they look hot.

He said “If you really know the you know our specialty is love songs….”

“I wanted to write some love songs with a little bit of balls.”

He just said something about someone taking their clothes off…..

He’s now singing Do I Have To Cry For You

I wish I could play this for all of you…he sounds AMAZING and like he’s having an AWESOME TIME!
“I’ve been scared sh*tless tonight cuz this is my first show.”

He’s said sh*t twice now….LMFAO…he goes, “I can say sh*t…but there are other things I can’t say…” and then giggled….

He’s now singing Help Me
Jen is taking pictures for me….I’m sure the others will get their’s first though.

He ended Help Me with just him singing and the drums….

The ENTIRE CROWD sang “I gotta KNOW KNOW!”

I think there’s a video playing now. Whatever it is…it’s a lot of bleeping. HOLY sh*t IT’S HIS BOOTY CALL MESSAGE!!! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

He’s gettin ready to play guitar. He’s giggling hysterically.
Singing I Just Wanna Take You Home now….I assume he’s playing guitar on it.
“I don’t wanna go home yet.”

He’s laughing and giggling a lot.

Just told everyone he’s gonna be walkin Ybor street. He sounds SO GOOD you guys…..oh my GOD!

He keeps thanking the fans, “You make it happen.”

He’s singing Who Needs The World.
He ended WNTW with a lot of adlibs like he was really into it. It was AWESOME!!!

He said thank you Tampa and took off. The lights are off but he’s still standing there….
All in all his show lasted about 30 minutes.

The crowd went NUTS for him…..when he sang the “I gotta KNOW KNO-OW!” part of Help Me the crowd sang it.
Said she’d never seen Nick look so happy or excited. And he looked at them during the performance of Blow Your Mind and seemed a bit shocked that they knew the words.
Jen just called me back to say he had on black cargo pants but they were too big… they were hanging down and you could see his underwear. You could see the outline of his crotch. Had a lot of skater chains on.

Said he was grabbing himself a lot.

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