Sunsilk’s Super Bowl Ad Feat Shakira & Madonna

Sunsilk’s Super Bowl commercial featured the images of and music from Madonna, Shakira, and Marilyn Monroe with the tag line: “Some girls make life happen. Their hair tells their story” and “Make your hair happen. Life can’t wait.” Watch it below.

‘A Night To Benefit Raising Malawi And UNICEF’ Draws Scrutiny

January 9, 2007 – Roger Friedman of reports Gucci is throwing an all-star fundraiser for Madonna’s controversial charity Raising Malawi on February 6th. GUCCI’s ‘A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF’ will feature co-hosts Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek, as well as the Material Girl. Friedman claims in conversations with people from Gucci and UNICEF that neither are aware “that Raising Malawi is merely a front for Philip Berg’s Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles”, or that “Raising Malawi is also still not a registered charity.”

“Something clearly isn’t kosher here,” Friedman opined. “Are we really ready for little Malawian children wearing $26 red strings on their wrists and drinking bottled Kabbalah water, being read bedtime stories written by and practicing the Zohar? And wearing Gucci loafers as they trick or treat for UNICEF? Or Kabbalah? I suppose we should be.” Read more.

Shakira On The Importance Of Schools

January 2, 2008 – Shakira took time out of her schedule to get down to to see the devastation of Cyclone Sidr first-hand in Bangladesh courtesy of UNICEF.

The singer spoke about the importance of the institution of school stating, “School is always an oasis in the middle of any tragedy. School goes beyond education. It’s the space where kids can grow in a healthy environment away from those troubles for at least a few hours, and they can be children again.”

Watch an Artisan News Service report at YouTube.

And Guy Ritchie At JFK Airport

December 18, 2007 – and hubby Guy Ritchie were spotted leaving New York City from JFK airport the other day. Pesky paparazzi tried to prod a remark from the Material Girl but she kept silent. Madonna was then spotted going through the TSA screening with Guy. has since removed the video.

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