Swanni’s HDTV Grammys

Swanni has given out his HDTV Grammy Awards, the Best & Worst Looking Musicians of 2006, when seen through the unforgiving lens of high-definition. is cited as looking worse in HD, with Swanni saying, “Yes, Mrs. Federline is 24, but she looks 34 in HDTV. Her skin is puffy and covered with small blemishes. In high-def, she looks like a different person.” But he had this to say about rival Christina Aguilera: “The singer has nice skin and beautiful white teeth. But it’s her sparkling blue eyes that really shine in high-def. Very pretty. If Madonna ever has to reprise her MTV kiss, she would be wise to skip Britney and go straight for Christina.”

The story at tvpredictions.com has since been removed.

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