Sweetbox Release ‘Jade’

Sweetbox 'Jade' album cover

have released their third album ‘Jade’ in Japan on 26th via Warner Music, the second featuring singer Jade Villalon. The release follows up the German pop music project’s 2001 album ‘Classified’. The album features the singles ‘Read My Mind’ and ‘Here On My Own (Lighter Shade Of Blue)’.

‘Jade’ Track List:
1. “Human Sacrifice”
2. “Read My Mind”
3. “Unforgiven”
4. “Lighter Shade Of Blue”
5. “Utopia”
6. “Don’t Push Me”
7. “On The Radio”
8. “Alright”
9. “Stay” (Siobhan Fahey, Marcella Detroid, David A. Stewart)
10. “Falling”
11. “Fool Again”
12. “Easy Come, Easy Go”

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