‘Swept Away’ Editor Says The Madonna Film Will Bomb

The Sun reports the editor of Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ is saying the film will be a box office disaster. Eddie Hamilton commented after the film was shown to test audiences in London, “The audience didn’t know what to make of it. A lot of them marked it down and weren’t laughing at the bits that were supposed to be funny.” He added of the love scenes, “They leave absolutely nothing to the imagination and to be frank, they’re not very flattering. We took loads of footage of Madonna completely starkers but after seeing it, Guy said ‘No way!’.”

Theater Manager Quits In Disgust Over Fuss

June 20, 2002 – Britain’s Daily Mail reports William Ingrey, The theater manager in charge of Madonna’s London West End play has quit after reportedly becoming infuriated with the “fuss” surrounding her. A friend says, “William was exasperated by all the fuss surrounding Madonna. She insisted on having her security hanging around in the wings all the time which made life extremely difficult. He had been pushing for the dressing room area to be redecorated for years, but could not get so much as a lick of paint. Then when arrived there was a complete revamp to her precise specifications. He was furious and said life there had become intolerable. It is so sad because he has been married to that theater for almost 30 years.”

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