3OH!3 Wrap Up Warped, Head Next To UK

3OH!3 in the studio

Nate Motte of 3OH!3 checked in with fans on the Colorado electronic group’s blog at MySpace (@3oh3) on Monday (August 24), talking about the end of Warped Tour and their upcoming shows in the UK. Motte writes:

We just finished up Warped Tour 2009 last night. It was fu**ing epic. We had two drummers on stage, two guitarist, bass, synth, and more importantly a bunch of wonderful friends and fans to party with. What a great show, man…. wow. Kind of hurting today, but we are getting ready to roll out to the UK this week for the Reading and Leeds Festivals. There are some insane acts on those festivals – it’s gonna be a treat to watch a bunch of those bands. Stoked on seeing Radiohead for the first time.

3OH!3 Record New Version Of ‘Starstrukk’ With Katy Perry

Sean Foreman of 3OH!3

Backstage during Warped Tour 09, 3OH!3 talked with Altitude.tv about reworking their new single ‘Starstrukk’ in the studio with Katy Perry. The guys said that Perry is “really cool and super talented too.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

3OH!3 ‘Starstrukk’ Video

3OH!3 are out with the music video to their new single ‘Starstrukk’, off the Boulder, Colorado electronic duo’s debut album ‘Want’, available now on Photo Finish Records. Watch the Steve O. directed video via YouTube below.

3OH!3 Secrets

3OH!3 hung out with JoJo Wright of KIIS FM in Los Angeles, where JoJo got Matt Motte and Sean Foreman to tell their secrets. Sean is a world champion frisbee player and Matt was accepted to medical school, while JoJo says he showered at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch once… alone. Watch the video below.

3OH!3 ‘Don’t Trust Me’ Video

3OH!3 'Don't Trust Me' single cover

3OH!3 are out with the video to their first single ‘Don’t Trust Me’, off the Boulder, Colorado electro pop/hip hop duo’s second album ‘Want’, out now on iTunes via Photo Finish Records. Watch it below.