98 Degrees Webmaster Sounds Off On Critics

98 Degrees webmaster Devon sounded off on fans and critics of the group after his recent post refuting a news item submitted here by Mustangman9500 which questioned whether Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were truly a couple, as well as other fans who griped about the handling of the group’s publicity. Devon said, “No one asked me to post the message. I no longer work for 98 Degrees, and have never been employed by their management or their label. In fact, my limited relationship with Universal has ranged from strained to terrible. I haven’t made a penny from doing this site since October 2001. I keep it up and running because I care about these guys and their fans.”

Devon explained further, “I spoke up about Nick because I was sticking up for my friend. This was completely different from responding without authorization to speculation about 98 Degrees’ career. It was a personal attack and I felt comfortable addressing it this one time. I don’t really care if you think it was appropriate or not.”

98 Degrees Webmaster Responds To Earlier Submission

After fans on 98 Degrees official site message board discussed the item submitted here earlier today by Mustangman9500, the site’s webmaster, Devon responded to the allegations. Devon wrote, “I can tell you for a fact that whoever wrote that is full of 100% Grade-A CRAP.”

“I don’t usually comment on rumors and such, but this one is just too much. What disturbs me is that they went to such elaborate lengths to spew their lies and concocted enough ‘details’ that people might actually believe them.”

“Here is the truth: Nick and Jessica are for real, and they have been from day one. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. You can quote me on that.”

Help 98 Degrees By Knowing The Truth

Contributed by Mustangman9500:


I am writing because I feel there is no where left to go with this and it needs to be said to the public before it’s too late. Magazines such as People, for example, I know will not listen because of certain situations and deals going on between companies. I will be straight forward with this before anything else can happen. I’m shocked no one has come out with this yet. I am a former employee of Universal Records. I do not wish to mention my name or in what department I worked in. I made the choice to leave there. I left Universal Records because I became very tired with some of the shady business that goes on there just as a lot of major and independent record labels. This is why I am taking a leave of absence from the music for a while.


98 Degrees Board Game Available Now

Patch Products has released the ’98 Degrees – Play For Keeps’ board game, where fans can show off your knowledge about 98 Degrees’ music and interesting facts about Nick, Jeff, Drew and Justin. The game costs $25 and can be purchased either online or at retailers nationwide.

98 Degrees Release New Song For Greatest Hits CD

98 Degrees announced on their official website that they’re releasing the new single ‘Why’ to radio on March 12 which will be included in the band’s greatest hits album called ‘The Collection’ which is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 7th. ‘The Collection’ will include all of 98 Degrees’ hits from the past five years as well as an 8-minute video compilation. The group announced earlier this year plans for an ‘extended break’… The extent of that break no doubt will hinge on the popularity of this new single and the sales of ‘The Collection’.

Are Entertainment News Sites Really That Lazy?

When the Associated Press announced today the ‘news’ that 98 Degrees announced they were taking an extended break, you really have to laugh about it. It was one month ago to the day I believe that this news was posted… then some AP lackey wanders over to the site likely looking for reaction to the Jessica Simpson engagement to member Nick Lachey and stumble onto this news… Then the gerbil-like entertainment sites feed off this old news. It just shows how reliant news is on press releases, not digging it up themselves on the artist’s websites.

The Rest Of The Questions With 98 Degrees Drew

Well we all know by now the big news Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees recently revealed about the group being on ‘extended break’, but he also answered a bunch of other questions, including his pick for best new artist for 2001. Drew said, “I believe as I’m sure many others do also that Alicia Keys was the best new artist. There is something to be said about an artist who can just sit behind a piano and captivate you. The best part is… she’s even better live.”

Cutting The B.S…. 98 Degrees Basically Breaking Up

Drew Lachey broke the hearts of many 98 Degrees fans with the following response to a question from a fan wondering if the group planned on heading back to the studio early this year. Drew said, “I had a feeling that this question was going to come up. The answer is ‘We are taking an extended break.’ Music right now is in a different place than it was in 1997 when we entered the scene. We are just taking our time to see how we fit into it. We also have been presented with a lot of opportunities over the past couple of years that we want to explore. All of these things take time. As always we appreciate your patience and continued support.”

Universal Records Reportedly Denies Split

Contributed anonymously:

A 98 Degrees fan e-mailed Universal Records asking if they were still on their label and also asking if they are still together. Universal e-mailed back saying that 98 degrees are still together and are still on the Universal Records label.

There also was a message board announcement from Drew since rumors of their split where he doesn’t mention anything about a breakup.

98 Degrees Break Up?

There’s a rumor going about that 98 Degrees have broken up following the moderator of the Jessica Simpson official site message board, AJessFriend, who is in contact with Jessica and her family, responded to the rumor saying “it’s true.” The moderator has been highly criticized by some members of the 98 Degrees board.