a1 Wish Happy New Year

Mark Read, Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Paul Marazzi of a1 in a field

a1 treated fans with a Christmas and New Year’s greeting on their official site and offered the video to their latest single ‘Caught In The Middle’ as a gift. The group said, “We’d just like to wish everyone out there a very happy holiday and say thanks for all the amazing support you’ve shown us this year. And to say thanks, we’ve got something for you.”

Fix Is In At Smash Hits Awards

For those that read this site regularly, the idea of these music awards shows being not only predetermined but fixed as well has been given even more credibility with news that Westlife’s Shane Filan lost out in the Most Fanciable Male award to A1’s Ben Adams. The organizers told Westlife weeks in advance the specific awards they’d have won, but later called to say they were withdrawing the gong and giving it to A1’s Ben Adams because the band hadn’t won anything. Remember, this was a supposed ‘fan voted’ show which left Westlife furious.

A1 Slam Ronan Keating

Dotmusic.com reports a1 bringing on fighting words to former Boyzone member Ronan Keating. a1’s Paul Marazzi calls Keating “the least talented person I’ve ever met in the industry – ever.” Paul added, “He’s been through a lot of hard times, our Ronan, but he still shouldn’t sing.”