Aaron Carter Caught Smoking

Contributed anonymously:

‘Extra’ was doing a story on the whole Nick Carter and Paris Hilton ordeal. It showed Nick and his brother Aaron Carter hanging out together with a blond girl who Nick was later hugging in the video. About 3/4 of the way through the video, you see Aaron take the cigarette from the blond and put it in his mouth and smoke right in front of Nick. He better be careful because that is the worst thing a singer can do for their voice and because most of his fans are younger.

Paris Hilton Takes Aaron Carter Out For Sushi

July 30, 2004 – Paris Hilton got her revenge on ex-boyfriend Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys by going out on a date with his little brother Aaron Carter, who is only 16. The two went to Koi Sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (July 27) and came out arm in arm. Paris was heard saying that young Aaron was more mature than older brother Nick, 24.

Performing With Aaron Carter

July 3, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

I recently saw an article saying that Aaron Carter is performing at the International Childrens Games in Cleveland, Ohio with 50 dancers. I’m one of those dancers and I will try to get pictures with Aaron and post them!

Fan Meets Aaron Carter In Reno

July 2, 2004 – An Aaron Carter fan posted her experience meeting the singer along with her pal backstage at a show in Reno, Nevada on June 26th. She writes, “Aaron was really chatty the whole time we were with him, and in an odd twist he asked us, ‘So what you been up to?’ like he knew all about our lives. Did he really expect us to start talking about work and our families and reality? lol Debi answered, ‘Following you,’ and I said something about him not touring for a while and us anticipating another tour and CDs and movies. His tour manager was on the other side of the room busying himself with something and said, ‘We’re doing it all!'”

The story at geocities.com/ninergrl6 have since been removed.

Aaron Carter Got A Tattoo

Aaron Carter, 16, couldn’t resist the tattoo temptation. Some fans who met him backstage at a concert say they were stunned at an “8 inches across” tattoo between his shoulderblades. The design seems to be a “sun design with a skull in the middle” that would have been done over a month ago, as it seemed healed.

A discussion at livedaily.com has since been removed.

Aaron Carter To Perform At International Children’s Games

June 26, 2004 – The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports organizers at this summer’s International Children’s Games announced Thursday that they have signed Aaron Carter for the games’ opening ceremony on Friday, July 30th at Mall A in Cleveland, Ohio. The evening will begin with a rock ‘n’ roll singalong show. Nearly 3,000 athletes and coaches from 58 countries will then parade to their seats to watch Aaron Carter and about 50 dancers.

Aaron Carter’s Diss Leaves Teen Fan In Tears

June 17, 2004 – The New York Post reports Aaron Carter left one of his biggest fans in tears when he was presented with a picture the teen girl had drawn. “He looked at it, made a face and threw it on the floor while I was standing there,” 15-year-old Gwen Stevenson said. “I cried the whole concert.” Later, Stevenson and her mother, Catherine Geller, waited two hours to meet Carter, only to be told by security, “It’s not going to happen,” Geller recounted.

Aaron Carter Buys Wrinkle Cream

June 16, 2004 – In Touch Weekly reports that when Aaron Carter recently went to Fred Segal in Los Angeles with a couple pals, when they checked out clothes, he headed straight to the beauty counter. The 16-year-old spent $800 on items including lotions, acne medication, and even wrinkle creams.

Aaron Carter Takes A Fall – Hurts Self

June 14, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Aaronnews.com has two reports about Aaron Carter’s accident at the Staten Island concert on Saturday (June 12).

REPORT1: At the Sat concert Aaron injured his ribs. It happened while jumping over a dugout railing at the end of the show. Anyone who was at the signing after the show maybe have noticed that he was coughing because he couldn’t breath that well. Aaron’s manager said that he was in a lot of pain. Despite the pain Aaron stayed and did 2 signing sessions!

REPORT2: About 45 minutes into the show, Aaron was performing on-stage and when he reached over to some fans he fell and landed on his chest on a chain link fence. The show was cut short (no encore).

Later Aaron was transported via a blue van to the hospital. Soon after, Bob Carter came by and said that Aaron may have broken three ribs.

‘Classy’ Lindsay Lohan Fielding Major Label Offers

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina tells The New York Post she’s currently hunting an agent “sort of like the Endeavor Agency of the music business, because Lindsay is about to sign with a major music label. I have four proposals. Sony, BMG, Universal and Warners. She’ll do albums. She’s rock/hip-hop/dance, sort of a cross between Gwen Stefani and a Britney Spears-type. But no going naked onstage. Think Beyonce, who’s stayed classy.”

Lohan’s Kind Words For Duff

World Entertainment News Network reports Lindsay Lohan can’t understand why her nemesis Hilary Duff is still fueling their feud. She said, “Maybe she has a problem with me, but I don’t think she should. She doesn’t need that. Her career is going great.”

Lindsay And Aaron Rekindle Romance?

A source tells The New York Post that Aaron Carter, who cheated on Lindsay Lohan with Hilary Duff, has been calling the ‘Mean Girls’ star again and they’ve tentatively rekindled their romance. Still, that hasn’t stopped Aaron from working his charm on the new Miss Teen USA Tami Farrell at a photo shoot.

Hulk Hogan’s Warning To Aaron Carter

Us Weekly spoke with Hulk Hogan on word that his daughter Brooke Bollea is dating Aaron Carter. Wresling star Hogan had some advice for Carter, who has previously dated Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. “I told him, ‘I know this isn’t your first BBQ’. But you better act like you don’t know how to cook, or it’s going to be curtains for your skinny little ass!”

Brooke Hogan And Aaron Carter A Couple?

Contributed anonymously:

AaronNews.com reports that a fan tells them that Brooke Hogan was on 93.3 FLZ radio for an interview on Friday (June 4). The DJ asked, “Can you confrim that you and Aaron are dating?” and then she replied, “Yes we are dating.” Then the DJ said, “Last time we talked to you (a week ago) you said you two were just friends? Now you are saying that you’re going out?” Then she said, “That’s because we were just friends but just recently we started going out.” All this was said despite a recent post here on popdirt that said that a rep for Aaron Carter said that he was “definitely single”.

Aaron Carter Upset With Lindsay And Tami’s Feuding

June 5, 2004 – Star magazine reports that Aaron Carter is unhappy with the public feud between his ex girlfriend Lindsay Lohan and his rumored current galpal Tami Farrell. “He has no hard feelings against Lindsay, but he thinks they’re young, crazy girls, fighting over teenage stuff,” a source close to Aaron revealed. Besides, Aaron isn’t dating Miss Teen USA 2003 Farrell. “He’s definitely single,” the source added. “He’s concentrating on writing music, doing his acting thing.”

Aaron Carter Target Of Sticker Scorn On Backstreet Bus

June 3, 2004 – According to the latest popbitch.com newsletter, Peaches is using the tourbus previously used by the Backstreet Boys, which features dozens of small stickers located atop cupboards, underneath the table, inside the drawers etc. All the stickers refer to Aaron Carter, saying things like “Aaron Carter has a mangina”, and “Aaron Carter sucks alien co**,” leading many to wonder who made up the stickers, Nick Carter’s angry bandmates, Nick, or Aaron himself.

Aaron Carter & Brooke Hogan – An Item?

Contributed anonymously:

Aaron Carter and Brooke Hogan (daughter of Hulk Hogan) were spotted at the Tampa Bay Lightening/Calgary Flames Stanley Cup game last night at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. I saw them… all over each other, not even paying attention to the game at all.

’20/20′ Talks To Stars And Their Siblings

May 21, 2004 – A special 2 hour presentation of ’20/20′ was broadcasted tonight on ABC, talking about how current celebrity siblings deal with fame, money, and family problems. Among the interviewed were teen queen Hilary Duff and her older sister Haylie Duff, pop sensation Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee Simpson, and Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter and his younger brother Aaron Carter. The Carter brother’s talked in depth about their recent family struggles and how they are dealing with it.

Aaron Carter Hits It Off With Miss Teen USA

May 10, 2004 – 16-year-old Aaron Carter is smitten with 19-year-old Miss Teen USA Tami Farrell. The two met at a business meeting on April 29th in New York, and Farrell joined him later at his photo shoot for Aramark’s Celebrity Lunch Lady Campaign. A source said, “At one point he said, ‘When do you want to get married?’ It was puppy love to the umpteenth degree.”

Nick And Aaron Carter At Melrose Ave.

April 17, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was photographed strolling down Melrose Ave. with his younger brother Aaron Carter. The brothers had a quick lunch at a sushi restaurant on trendy Melrose Ave. before both jumping into the same car to head off on Friday (April 16). Pictures at ins7ght.com have since been removed (the site shut down).

‘Access Hollywood’ And ‘ET’ Interview Nick And Aaron

April 16, 2004 – ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ were at the SL2 Welcome Home Party last Wednesday. ‘ET’ caught Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and kid brother Aaron Carter trying to sneak in to the party without much success and asked what he thought about Paris working at a nudist colony. ‘AH’ asked Nick about Paris’ horse accident while filming the show in Florida last month.

Correction About Aaron Carter’s New Stepsibling

Contributed by AiRMERiCAxAO:

About a week ago, it was reported that Aaron Carter and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys had gained a seven-year-old stepbrother with their father’s April 1st marraige to Ginger Elrod-Carter. Correction: Aaron and Nick actually now have a little sister! Five-year-old Taylin was also welcomed to the family April 1st.

New Information About Nick & Aaron Carter’s Stepmom

Contributed by AiRMERiCAxAO:

According to CartersAngels.com, on April 1st, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and his brother Aaron Carter not only gained a new stepmother, but a little brother as well! Ginger Elrod-Carter, 29, has a seven-year-old son. Fans aren’t sure of the boys’ name yet, or if Ginger has any other children.

Bob Carter Marries Ginger Elrod

Bob Carter, father of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and Aaron Carter, married Ginger Elrod on Thursday (April 1) in Key West, Florida. Elrod was allegedly assaulted by Bob’s ex-wife Jane on January 13, 2004. Posing with the couple on their wedding day were Aaron and Angel Carter.

Hilary Duff Comments On ‘Love Triangle’

Hilary Duff was on MuchMusic on March 13th and was asked about the “love triangle” involving Aaron Carter, herself, and rival Lindsay Lohan. “I dated Aaron three years ago, a long time ago,” Duff explained. “After we stopped dating, she dated him. I don’t know. I don’t want to start anything because I don’t feel like wasting the energy and she says things– if you read the interviews, it’s her saying it, not me. I have never said anything about it. I don’t know– sometimes she says we’re really good friends and sometimes she says I’m jealous of her. I don’t know. I just wish it would stop.”

The story at muchmusic.com has since been removed.