Abba Won’t Re-Form… Even For $2 Billion

Four years ago, Abba were offered one billion dollars to re-form. The answer was “No.” But what if that figure doubled? “No, not even if you did that,” 58-year-old Bjorn Ulvaeus told Reuters. “It is never going to happen again. I think it is a bit too long now. We split up in 1981. People haven’t seen us as a group since then and it would come as such a disappointment to them.”

Liam, Appletons & Howlett Form ABBA Style Group

The Sun reports Oasis star Liam Gallagher has formed a new group with fiance Nicole Appleton, her sister Natalie, and Prodigy’s Liam Howlett, Nat’s hubby. Known as NLLN, Nicole revealed, “We did a song together called ‘Drop The Gun’. Liam screamed so loud we couldn’t hear. We came up with the name just like Abba. But we only do gigs at Liam’s house.” Read more.