Abs Breen Was Unaware Of Five’s Impending Split

Capital FM in London recently chatted with former Five star Abs Breen and asked him what led to the group splitting up and what he’s been doing since then. “It was a bit of a shock when the band split,” he said. “I got a phone call from our manager who said ‘Don’t bother turning up for work tomorrow – no one else is’. And for two months I did nothing apart from watch ‘Tricia’ and eat Coco Pops. Then some producers I’d worked with in Five contacted me and suggested I work with them again, which was lucky because I’d started getting bored and wanted something to do.”

Watch Abs Solo Debut ‘What You Got’

Abs Breen 'What You Got' music video

Former Five man Abs is back with his debut solo single ‘What You Got’ and you can watch the video for the track via Vevo below. The single is out in the UK on August 12th.

Abs Bans Blondes For Asian Women In Debut Video

Former Five member Abs talked with The Mirror about his debut single as a solo artist, ‘What You Got’, which had him audition more than 60 female dancers. “We banned blondes as I wanted a sophisticated, oriental-looking video,” he said. “I ended up picking six fit ladies which was cool, as you can imagine.”

Abs Breen From Five To Release First Single

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Abs Breen, member of former UK band Five, is set to release his first solo single on 12 August 2002. Titled ‘What You Got’, the song is a laid-back, reggae-tinged toe-tapper that will grow on you with every listen. Comments from previews in the various UK media range from “An Abs-olute #1 !” [Capital Radio – London] to “The sleeper hit of the summer. Abs proves that Five are not gone, just roaring into solo gear.” [NME.com]

Abs Says There Won’t Be A Five Reunion

Former Five singer Abs Breen tells Worldpop.com that the band won’t be reuniting. “There’s no way we’ll be getting back together,” he insisted. “It’s done and dusted and time to move. A new book.” Abs is currently recording his debut single ‘What You Got’ which should be released in July.

Abs Plots Solo Career After Five Breakup

WENN reports following the breakup of boy band Five, Richard “Abs” Breen is plotting a solo career and has started working on a debut album. Said Abs, “I haven’t got a clue. I’ll get into the studio and play around with the sounds and see what comes out. I’d like to do pop, because in a sense everything is pop nowadays.”

Five’s Abs Calls Into Hot30

Abs from Five called into Hot30 to explain the decision behind breaking up the band and his solo career plans and what the other guys in the band are doing. Abs says he was surprised about how huge the response was from upset fans about the breakup.