Lance Bass & AJ McLean In Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest Ad

Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys make an appearance in an ad submitted for the 2012 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Ad Contest. The ‘Roommates’ ad’s theme is about Tony being stressed out by his roommate Lance still living in his past boy band glory, only to have a potential new roomy arrive to find out he’s another boyband member.

The Grand Prize Winner’s Submission will be aired during the Super Bowl XLVI broadcast and will receive up to $1 million depending on how the ad is rated on the USA Today Ad Meter. Vote for Lance and AJ’s ad and check out others at

AJ McLean Fields Questions From Backstreet Boys Fans

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean answered several questions from fans on the boy band’s YouTube channel, including his difficult time struggling with addiction, dealing with a lack of privacy thanks to the paparazzi and gossip sites, still being freaked out hearing BSB music on the radio, and what he’d do if he was a girl for a week. Watch the Q&A session below.

Bonnie McKee Shares Odd Encounter With AJ McLean & His Girlfriend

Bonnie McKee updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (December 13), after performing at Hotel Cafe last Sunday and having a bizarre run-in with a woman who was “kind of dating” Backsteet Boys star AJ McLean. McKee tells readers:

While Johnnie [Newman] was playing I was wandering around aimlessly avoiding talking to anyone when this chick came up behind me and covered my eyes… She was like “Guess who?!!” and I was like “Huhuhuhuhuh I dunno!!” secretly thinking ‘why is this stranger touching me, I’m going to have a heart attack’ and then I turned around and she was like “Bonnie!!!!” and I totally had no idea who she was and I was like “Hi!!!!! Huhuhuhuh” and we shared a hug like I’d known her my whole life. Then she started yapping about how some AJ guy was coming and “don’t tell anyone I’m kind of dating him nudge nudge wink wink”, and I was like why do I care who you’re dating? I am just trying not to throw up from nerves about performing this show that I am completely unprepared for. She continued to talk my ear off (she had had a few… or something) and I continued to quietly panic and block her babble out, occasionally “mmhhmm”ing when it seemed appropriate until she showed me something on her Blackberry and was like “Look!! This is me and AJ!” and shoved it in my face. It was a picture of her [without a top] with some eyeliner wearing dude with a scruffy beard and I was like “Woah… That’s graphic.” I mean they were tastefully done. Black and white. Usually when you take topless photos they look embarrassing and tacky but somehow if they’re in black and white they’re ok. I don’t know what that’s about, but I’m making a mental note of it.

Anyway so she shows me these photos and I’m looking at her like… wait… I MUST know this person if she’s showing me naked pictures of herself within five minutes of seeing me, right? And just as I’m trying to connect the possible MySpace connection dots, she exclaims “Here he is!!” and this kind of shorter Mind Freak look alike dude saunters up to us and is like “Hi. I’m AJ.” And I’m still looking at them like “…and?…” who the fu** is this guy??!! She threw her arms around me and was like “This is Bonnie! She’s AMAZING!!” and then… she BIT my cheek. Like not even an inappropriate kiss, but a straight bat bite. It was painful, I’m not gonna lie. Luckily I was so dumbfounded and flabbergasted that I couldn’t feel a whole lot. She was very complimentary and sweet to me, I must say. And I finally figured out I vaguely knew her through some friends of friends… But needless to say it was not what I was expecting. Anyway he was very friendly and slightly mysterious with his guyliner and indie garb, but the whole thing creeped me out a little. All I could keep thinking was “I just saw you grabbing her bare breast on a Blackberry screen”. It was a lot to handle five minutes before a performance. I managed to back away slowly and continue my private little panic attack in a dark corner, when my boyfriend found me and was like “Do you know who that was?!” and I was like “Chris Angel?” and he was like “NO! That’s AJ from the Backstreet Boys!” I looked back at him again and tried to conjure up some eighth grade TRL visuals with that face and came up with nothing. He was pretty deep undercover I guess because I still did not recognize him at all! I was always more of an N’Sync fan anyway.

The entire post has since been removed.

AJ McLean On New Album, Performing Solo

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys

The St. John’s Telegram caught up with AJ McLean in a Q&A, where the Backstreet Boys star talked about how it feels to be on stage alone performing his solo material compared to performing with his longtime bandmates. “It’s definitely different,” the 30-year-old said. “Initially when I first did it I was a little anxious. I was a little nervous. I was looking behind me, over my shoulder, kind of expecting the other fellows to be there. But … for me, just being on stage – whether I’m with the guys or I’m on my own – it’s where I really, truly belong. … So I felt great, honestly. It’s where I’m most comfortable and most happy.”

As for when fans should expect from the solo disc, McLean said, “We’re looking to have a single out hopefully around October or November and then probably have the album out the top of the year; then a tour to follow.” Read more.

AJ McLean Previews Debut Solo Album

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean sitting

Digital Spy caught up with AJ McLean in a Q&A, where the Backstreet Boys star discussed what fans can expect on his debut solo album. “We’re calling it a rock, funk and soul vibe,” he told Nick Levine. “The vocals are pop/R&Bish and there’s even a kinda country twang going on. It’s eclectic. I think people will be a little shocked by some songs, which is absolutely fine by me. They’ll be thinking, ‘That’s what I hoped he was gonna do’.” As for how his Backstreet bandmates feel about the solo project, AJ said, “We’re all really supportive of each other’s projects outside of the group, whether it be singing, acting, producing, whatever. The one thing we’ve always told each other is that we’ll never hold each other back.” The yet to be titled album is due out later this year. Read more.

AJ McLean Tries On Dresses At Betsey Johnson Store

The New York Post hears that when AJ McLean did some shopping with his girlfriend at the Betsey Johnson store in Los Angeles, the Backstreet Boys star was a bit jealous of the outfits she was trying on. “AJ started trying on dresses too,” a source told Page Six, “and while showing off in a dress with a poofy skirt, he cracked, ‘This is going to be on my next album cover.'”

AJ McLean On Backstreet Boys Continuing On Without Kevin Richardson

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys released their fifth studio album ‘Unbreakable’, which marks the bands first album without original member, Kevin Richardson. The guys celebrated the release at a party in Hollywood and spoke with Artisan News Service about the project.

“You know it was a little weird to do this whole record without Kev,” AJ McLean admitted, “but he gave us his blessing to move forward as four and we gave him our blessing to move forward with her personal life and he’s now a proud father. Him and his wife have their first child, so he’s doing his thing. He’s really happy. Who knows, he might even show up, it would be great. Things are good.”

Watch the clip at YouTube.

AJ McLean Hopes Britney’s Child Custody Loss Will Be A Wakeup Call

Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, who has battled his own demons, tells The ShowBuzz that what Britney Spears needs most is support and tough love from the people in her life. “I think her unit is not as tight and there’s not as many people who are looking out for her best interest unfortunately,” the 29-year-old explained. “You just have to have a really great support group and you have to love yourself first.” McLean added, “With all that’s happened as of recent, you know losing custody, this, that and the other, I think, you know, hopefully, unfortunately, this is a very drastic thing for someone to have to go through, but I think, hopefully, this will give her a wakeup call, and time to really kind of grow and get herself together and get her head on straight.” Read more.

Stephanie Miller Not Happy With Neighbor AJ McLean’s Yapping Dogs

Stephanie Miller complained on her syndicated morning radio show moments ago that her neighbor, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, has “two sweet dogs” keeping her up all night. Miller claimed she went over pounding on AJ’s door yelling “boy band!”, but he wasn’t home.