Alesha Dixon Talks About Being Dropped By Polydor

Alesha Dixon talks about being dropped by Polydor in a radio interviewRick Vaughn spoke to former Mis-Teeq singer and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner Alesha Dixon on Radio City 96.7 FM’s Entertainment City in Liverpool, England. Dixon said despite tabloid reports indicating otherwise, she’s not going to America to look for love, and she wasn’t sure about a report that Dizzee Rascal had expressed a romantic interest.

She said being dropped by Polydor was “one of the worst things” that happened to her professionally. “That was my time. That’s how I looked at that time. Things in Mis-Teeq went too smoothly,” she said. “It’s almost like, I know we had to hustle because Mis-Teeq signed with a very small independent dance label, and a lot of the artists that were signed to major labels would get on certain shows quicker than we would. By the time we got to the Brits and the Jubilee it was like a big deal for us, because it had taken us a long time to hustle through… Things with Mis-Teeq kind of went on the up, always climbed bigger and bigger. I suppose that happening to me, I suppose it was my time for something not to go right.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Alesha Dixon Looking For A Man As She Turns 30

As Alesha Dixon celebrates her 30th birthday on Tuesday, the former Mis-Teeq star tells The Sun’s Bizarre column she’s looking for a new man. “Come on guys – it’s my 30th. Somebody has to be there for me surely,” the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner said. “I was sitting in my house last night and my cousin was upstairs with her boyfriend – and I was jealous. I really want a man, so consider this a personal advertisement in Bizarre!” Dixon is set to release the music video to her new single ‘The Boy Does Nothing’, where she gets frisky with sexy female dancers. Read more and check out pictures from the video shoot here.

Javine Hylton: I Don’t Want Alesha Dixon’s Forgiveness

Javine Hylton opened up to New magazine about her relationship with MC Harvey, claiming that the public criticism of their affair that led former Mis-Teeq member Alesha Dixon to end her marriage to the So Solid Crew star made their love stronger. “The more people called me a marriage wrecker and Harvey a love rat, the stronger we became,” she said. “Harvey’s family had a relationship with Alesha so it took a while for me to strike one up with them. It was hard for his family.”

Javine, who is due to give birth to their first to their first child next month, added that she’s not expecting Dixon to forgive her. “She doesn’t know me. I don’t deserve anything from her,” Javine said. “People are going to try their best to create cracks in our relationship. She was hardly going to say ‘He left me because he had fallen out of love with me’. I know how he felt.” Read more.

Alesha Dixon Wins ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

Former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon was the winner of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the British version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, in a razor close finale. An estimated 12 million votes were cast before viewers saw the 29-year-old singer punch the air and affectionately tell dance partner Matthew Cutler, 34: “I love you.”

Alesha Dixon’s Brother Reveals Their Hellish Childhood

News of the World spoke with the brother of former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon about how the singer dealt with a horrible childhood that included her mother subject to beatings from a string of creepy boyfriends, going to bed starving without food in the home, and being subject to racist taunts from bullies. “We were glad to see the back of some of them because they used to beat our mum up on a regular basis,” Mark Harris told the tabloid. “We had to walk on eggshells at home for fear of causing trouble. Around the time our brother John was born, and Alesha was just 10, there was an altercation between Mum and her boyfriend. The guy started to attack her so she legged it out of the house. I’ll never forget seeing her running down the street, him leaping on her and breaking her ribs with the force of his body weight. We were watching from the window and Alesha and I were screaming at him to get off our mum. That time she ended up going to hospital but the guy didn’t leave and the violence just continued.” Dixon is currently starring in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the British version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. The full story at has since been removed.

Cheater MC Harvey Tells All About Alesha & Javine

MC Harvey spoke with News of the World about his failed marriage to former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon after the love rat cheated on her with rival singer Javine Hylton. “I’ve been lucky that I’ve always had a very good sex life,” he bragged. “It was fantastic with Alesha, wild and interesting. As she has said in the past we used to explore different places and take many risks. I won’t deny that. I remember we had sex in a car and a ladies’ room of a posh London bar. Unfortunately, over time our sex fizzled out, as so often happens in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Alesha is one of the most beautiful women in the world but beauty and body are not necessarily the be-all-and-end-all of what a man wants.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

Pharrell And Alesha Dixon.. New Couple?

The Mirror reports former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon has bounced back from her former husband and cheat MC Harvey by hooking up with Pharrell Williams. “Alesha’s over the moon,” a source said. “It’s the first time we’ve seen her happy in ages. Pharrell will spoil her rotten, he’ll even let her drive his £700,000 Bugatti.” Read more.

Alesha Dixon Bouncing Back After Husband’s Betrayal

The Sun caught up with Alesha Dixon at Take That’s aftershow bash on Saturday, where the former Mis-Teeq singer discussed how she’s holding up after her husband MC Harvey was caught cheating on her with fellow pop star and former friend Javine Hylton. “Thanks for your support. It’s been a horrible time for me and I’ve only just started going out,” Dixon said. “But now I have, you won’t be able to keep me away from parties. I’m a single girl – so I guess I’m on the lookout for a man. I wish Take That weren’t all married with kids, as I was in love with them all when I was 14.”

Alesha Dixon’s Hubby Caught In Affair With Javine Hylton

The Sun reports Javine Hylton and MC Harvey have been having an affair, and were busted by Javine’s boyfriend Karl ‘KG’ Gordon last week. Gordon immediately phoned Harvey’s wife, former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon, who has now moved out of their marital home. “Alesha is beside herself with anger, disbelief and pain. She is in pieces,” a source revealed. “She thought her relationship with Harvey was strong. She thought she’d be with him forever. She has known Javine for a long time and even raved about her performance in ‘Daddy Cool’. Alesha feels totally humiliated by Harvey. It is so much worse that she knows the other party.” Read more.