Alex Band Promises New Album Mid 2009

Alex Band checked in with fans on his official web site on Monday (December 8). The Calling’s former frontman writes:

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new site!!! I’m gonna be blogging here every so often and adding lots of new cool stuff, so keep checking back for more. Currently I’m putting the finishing touches on the ‘Live from Brazil DVD’ and I am planning to have it available to you all beginning of next year! And the best news of all… the album will finally be released middle of next year! We plan to put the first single out a bunch of months before hand, so get ready!

Alex Band Hints At Big News On Monday

The following message was posted at former The Calling singer Alex Band’s MySpace page (@alexbandmusic) on Friday (December 5):

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls… Alex Band has a BIG announcement to make!

But you’ll have to wait until Monday to hear.

Get ready Alex Band Fans!!

A good bet would be it’s related to the 27-year-old’s long awaited debut solo album, likely to be released on his own yet to be named record label.

Alex And Jennifer Band PSA For Donate Life America

Alex Band, formerly of The Calling, and his wife Jennifer recorded a short public service announcement for Donate Life America, a nonprofit alliance of national organizations and local coalitions in the United States dedicated to educating the public about organ, eye and tissue donation. Annually he performs at ‘Alex Band’s Donate Life Rocks Concert’ to raise money and awareness for the cause. Listen to the PSA below.

Alex Band Is Off To Brazil

Alex Band, former singer of The Calling, checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@alexbandmusic) on Wednesday (June 18). Alex writes:

I’m off to Brazil! It’s been way too long and I am so excited to be coming back! Thank you all for supporting this tour and helping promote it! I wanted to let you all know that I’ve made a NEW EP CD that I will be selling at all the Brazil shows (you can also buy it at This new EP has one new song in place of “Coming Home” called “Here With You I’m Found”. It’s a beautiful acoustic ballad that I think you will all enjoy. And remember all you Brazilian fans, I am going to do my best and stay after each show I play there to sign for everyone who buys an EP. And of course if you already have one just bring it to the show and I will do the same for you:) Also, we will be having a free giveaway of a signed EP and photo with me for one person per show. Just write your email address when you come in and you’ll be automatically entered in the drawing! The band and I have prepared a really awesome show for you all with lots of Calling favorites and many new songs…the longest set I have ever played! AND…I am bringing my friend and video director Jethro with me to video the ENTIRE tour. We will also be professionally recording one of the shows with the help of a local production team to create a LIVE DVD! The DVD will have a full live show, interviews, fan participation, crazy backstage footage, life on the road and more! I’m hoping to have it all done and ready for you guys by the Holidays!

Besides getting ready for this Brazilian tour, I have also been working hard to put together my very own record label and figure out all the intricacies involved with releasing my first solo album without the direct help (or hindrance!) of a major label. Everything is coming along great and I’m doing my best to speed up the process as much as I can. I did pass the first major hurdle which took quite some time which has allowed me to now say that I am 100% officially free of Universal Records/Geffen and I OWN my whole album (this was not an easy task!). Many exciting things in the works! I’ll be checking in with you all again soon. But for now, I’m off to Brazil for a wild ride! And I will return with the first Tour Diary entry in many years!!! All the love..

Alex Band Announces Brazil Tour Starting In June

Alex Band talks about their excitement to tour in BrazilAlex Band, formerly of The Calling, posted a video announcing his Brazil tour plans in June.

Alex said hello from rehearsals, telling fans, “We’re so excited to be coming to Brazil. I can’t even tell you. We’re all freaking out. It’s been many years since we’ve been there. We miss it. It’s going to be awesome. We’re coming June 20th and we’re gonna be there for like three weeks. We’re playing at least twelve cities, so I’m sure we’ll be somewhere near you, wherever you are.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Happy Holidays And Happy New Year From Alex Band

Former The Calling singer Alex Band checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@alexbandmusic) on Thursday (December 20). He writes:

Happy Holidays! It’s almost 2008, finally time to release my record! The anticipation is killing me, it’s almost been 3 years now and I’m beyond ready to get back out on the road and see you all. I still don’t know exactly when my record will be coming out next year, but as soon as I find out I will of course let you all know. As usual, for the Holidays, I have given you all a new song (go to to download it now!). I’ve probably written and demoed over 100 songs in the last 3 years for this album and clearly not all of them have made the cut to actually being recorded for the album. Some were great, some not as good, but I thought this one that Arms and I wrote and demoed out was a bit different and cool and perfect as a gift. I hope you like it:) I’ve also posted a little video for you all with a personal Holiday message from me. You can find that also at for download or you can view it on my MySpace page. As always, thank you for sticking with me through all these years of waiting… you guys are the best. Just wait till you hear this record! Your head will explode with insane happiness! ;) Happy Holidays to you all… and Happy New Year! I’ll speak to you again in 2008 when we take over the world!!! HA HA HA! All the love… Alex Band

His holiday message, where Alex talks about finally going on tour and putting a record out, has since been removed.

Alex Band Promotes New Single & ‘Bratz’ Movie

Former The Calling singer Alex Band posted the following message on his official web site on Monday (July 30): “Hey guys! I wanted to let you all know that the soundtrack for the ‘Bratz’ movie is coming out July 31st and you can hear the song I wrote, performed and produced with Arms called ‘It Doesn’t Get Better Than This’. The soundtrack also has other great songs on it by artists like Lifehouse and Black Eyed Peas. It’s actually a fun movie, so check it out when it opens in theaters August 3rd. Our song has an awesome spot in the movie. Stay tuned for exciting news coming up soon regarding my album! All the love…” Listen to the song at

‘Bratz’ Soundtrack Preview

bratz Motion Picture Soundtrack cover

One minute clips of the ‘Bratz’ soundtrack are available ahead of the album’s July 31st release. Bratz: The Movie in theatres August 3rd. Audio clips at have since been removed. Check out artwork, photos, and stills at The track listing is as follows:

1. Rock Star – Prima J

2. Fearless – Daechelle

3. Love Is Wicked – Brick&Lace

4. Rainy Day – Janel Parrish

5. Open Eyes – Bratz

6. Heartburn – NLT

7. It’s All About Me – Chelsea Staub (In The Role of Meredith)

8. Now Or Never – Orianthi

9. Out From Under – Joanna

10. In Crowd – Sean Stewart

11. Express Yourself – Black Eyed Peas feat. apl de ap

12. My Life – Slumber Party Girls

13. Go Go – Jibbs

14. It Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Alex Band

15. Saying Goodbye – Matt White

16. Invisible – Ashlee Simpson

17. Alter Ego – Clique Girlz

18. Tell Me – Dropping Daylight

19. If This Is Goodbye – Lifehouse

20. Fabulous – Chelsea Staub (In the Role of Meredith)

21. Bratitude – Bratz