Johnny Wright Has No Interest In Managing Ali Lohan

Music manager Johnny Wright is setting the record straight after The New York Post reported that Dina Lohan had been approached by Wright through the Maloof brothers to manage the stage mom’s daughter Ali.

“Johnny Wright has never met with Ali Lohan, has never been introduced to Ali Lohan, nor has he had a meeting with Ali or Dina Lohan regarding Ali’s music career,” a statement sent to Page Six read. “While he wishes Ali Lohan the best in all her endeavors, Mr. Wright has never had any intention of speaking with Ali Lohan regarding her career. Any story that has surfaced about such a meeting holds no merit and is completely false.”

Ali Lohan Excited About ‘All The Way Around’ Reviews

Ali Lohan 'All The Way Around' single cover

Ali Lohan updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@alilohan) earlier today, thanking fans for their support and mentioning positive press for her new single ‘All The Way Around’. The ‘Living Lohan’ star writes:

Thanks to my fans!

Hi guys! I wanted to thank you, my fans for showing me so much love and support as I begin my music career. I’ve received so many wonderful messages here on my MySpace page from everybody and it really means a lot to me.

It’s been a very crazy & hectic month with the wrap up of the Living Lohan season on E! and hit on iTunes. I’m so excited about all the great reviews I’ve received from the online press! Check out some of them below: – “undoubtedly catchy” – “If this first single is any indication of Ali’s sound, I think the album could be pretty good.”

AOL – “Ali Lohan is ready to follow in big sis Lindsay’s musical footsteps.” – “ready to shake up the clubs this summer.”

The Insider – “the girl does have – talent” – “I actually like the song and Ali’s voice.”

Samantha Ronson: I Like Ali Lohan’s New Song

Samantha Ronson checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (July 27), denying a report in the New York Post that she refused to play a new song by Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year-old sister Ali because it wasn’t any good. “I really like the song – as soon as her MySpace page goes up it will be a song of the day,” Ronson writes. “The only person who showed up with a CD for me to play was my lil step brother Chris – he is in my top friends – I played his song coz I like it. Where do they come up with this sh**?”

The entire post has since been removed.

Samantha Ronson Refuses To Play Ali Lohan Single?

The New York Post hears that when Samantha Ronson played the Sephora party at the Angel Orensanz Foundation last week, the rumored girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan refused to play Ali Lohan’s new song. “[Mom] Dina showed up with a copy of the song for Sam to play – but she refused,” a spy told Page Six. “The song is really bad.”

Dina And Ali Lohan Visit ‘The Early Show’

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina and younger sister Ali visited ‘The Early Show’ to talk with co-host Julie Chen about their reality show ‘Living Lohan’. After playing a clip of Ali recording a new song in the studio, they discussed Ali having a hard time not being so critical about herself. “You know my sister’s so hugely successful,” Ali said, “I feel I have to follow in her footsteps and I feel I have to do as good as her. I feel a little nervous when I have to impress everyone.”

Mom Dina said that Lindsay “has taught her so much. Ali has seen so much that’s happened. I think for Ali she has really had a head start.” As for why they did the show, Dina said that it was “to diffuse the rumors. The press for two years was really horrific on us. Ali is a talented artist. I have two sons as well who have nothing to do with the business. I think at that point, you know, there’s such a weird perception of Hollywood families and we’re so not like that. We’re just normal people.” Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)

Ali Lohan Discusses ‘Living Lohan’ Reality Show

Little Ali Lohan wants to be just like her big sister Lindsay Lohan, and she’s well on her way with her new E! reality show ‘Living Lohan’. Ali spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ about the program. “You’re gonna see me singing, recording my album,” Ali said. “I want that feeling of standing on stage, being in that concert. It’s just something I’ve seen my sister do, and I love.” Meanwhile, Lindsay’s father Michael said he’s “very confident how she’ll do” in continuing her recovery from drug/alcohol addiction. Video of the segment at MSN has since been removed.

Five Minutes With… Ali Lohan

The New York Daily News caught up with Ali Lohan for a Q&A and asked Lindsay’s 12-year-old ‘sis about how she felt portraying her tough family history in the video for ‘Confessions of a Broken Heart’. “I felt like it kind of expressed the things that I needed to get out,” Ali said. “My sister directed the video and I felt more comfortable with her helping me.” As for what Lindsay has taught her about life, Ali responded, “Don’t believe rumors. And don’t talk about other people!”