All Saints Aren’t Done Yet

All Saints

The Mirror caught up wth Shaznay Lewis and Mel Blatt at Tuesday’s launch of the Blackberry Curve at Kensington Roof Gardens. The pair, who represent half of All Saints, the girl group ditched by Parlophone in March in their comeback bid, insisted: “We’re still working closely together. We don’t know what next year holds but we could well do a comeback tour.”

All Saints Dropped By Label After Comeback Bid Fizzles

Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt, Nicole Appleton and Natalie Appleton of All Saints

The Mirror reports an EMI spokesperson said that Parlophone Records and All Saints had made the mutual decision to part company. “Both the label and the group are proud of the album ‘Studio 1’. All Saints are excited about moving forwards with their career and Parlophone wishes them the best of luck.” Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt, Nicole Appleton and Natalie Appleton were said to be “devastated” by the news they’d been dumped.

The article at has since been removed.

‘An Audience With…’ All Saints, Again

Ann Montini of Sky New reports All Saints are in talks with ITV to film another ‘An Audience With…’, the network’s series where artists perform and interact with the audience. Nicole Appleton said, “It’s something that at this age we’re all happy with. And yeah, if we can we would – as a thank you to our fans.” Their first experience on the show was in 1998.

All Saints Discuss ‘Studio 1’

All Saints visited with The Sun’s ‘Something For The Week’ and described track by track the songs on their new comeback album ‘Studio 1’. Shaznay Lewis said, “Why are we back together? Because this time round we just want to have a good time and a laugh.” Nicole Appleton added, “We weren’t finished. I think this album is the best we’ve done.” Read more.

All Saints Return

‘RTL Boulevard’ profiled newly reformed girl group All Saints, who talked about age being able to settle their previous differences, calling their return a continuation instead of a comeback, and the war of words they’ve recently had with Girls Aloud.

The feature, aired Tuesday (October 24), at has since been removed.

Will All Saints Fans Pony Up For Tour Tickets?

Shaznay Lewis of All Saints spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News about the group’s comeback, and whether fans will shell out the cash to see them on tour. “That will be the real test, to see if our fans will stay with us and pay to see us sing live again,” she admitted. Neil added that the girls are planning a run at the U.S. this time around.

All Saints Strike Back At Cheryl Tweedy’s Copycat Claim

After Cheryl Tweedy of Girls Aloud said, “The new All Saints sound just sounds just like us”, the newly reformed girl group fired back. “What Cheryl said is so true… because ‘Jump For My Love’ is so where I wanna be,” Melanie Blatt sarcastically responded in an interview with MTV UK. “We could only aspire and dream to be like them. Hopefully one day we will achieve that. For now we will just have to make do with copying them.” Shaznay Lewis added, “In all honesty they are stupid little girls and we don’t really give a fu**. That’s the end of that.”

All Saints ‘Rock Steady’ Video

All Saints 'Rock Steady' single cover

All Saints are out with the video to their comeback single ‘Rock Steady’, from the British pop group’s album ‘Studio 1’, due out November 20th. Watch the video via Yahoo! Music below.

Coach Not Acceptable For All Saints

The Sun reports All Saints moved the location of their comeback video shoot 6,000 miles because they couldn’t fly first class together. After planning to shoot the ‘Rock Steady’ video in Cuba, the girls moved the shoot to Bucharest in Romania at a great expense to their label, Parlophone. “Weeks of planning went into doing the shoot in Cuba,” a source told the tabloid. “Producers had booked flights for all the staff, hired equipment and arranged locations. But the girls weren’t able to sit in first class on the same flight. They either had to go separately or sit in economy which was seen as completely unacceptable.”

All Saints Booze Run

All Saints members Nicole Appleton and Shaznay Lewis were photographed shopping at Threshers wine shop in London, England on Wednesday (August 2).