All Saints Set For Comeback Before Year’s End

Neil Sean of Sky News reports All Saints have almost finished recording their comeback album except for a few remixes. Look for the album to be released before year’s end as well as a tell-all documentary where the girls will discuss what happened while they were split up.

All Saints Shaping Up For Comeback

The People reports that All Saints have hired a personal trainer to get back in shape for their comeback. “The girls are determined to look their best for when they release material at the end of the year and are working out with a personal trainer,” a source explained.

All Saints Became Friends Again Before Signing Reunion Deal

Natalie Appleton spoke with The Mirror about All Saints reuniting, and the different atmosphere this time around for the girl group. “We’ve all got new priorities now, and we all know what we want,” the 32-year-old singer said. “We made a point of becoming friends again before we signed the reunion deal – so it’s different now. And our music is sounding better than ever.”

More Than All Saints Reunion Planned For Appleton Sisters

Natalie and Nicole Appleton spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News about the return of All Saints, and more music from the sisters as a duo as well. What was behind the All Saints comeback? “Money. We’re not as rich as people think. After all, there were four in the band,” they explained.

All Saints Reform For Comeback Tour reports that All Saints have reformed after splitting five years ago, and are in the process of planning a new album with a UK tour to boot.

All Saints Eye Reunion, But Labels Aren’t Buying

With Shaznay Lewis, Mel Blatt, and Nicole and Natalie Appleton settling their differences, New magazine is reporting that All Saints are looking to reunite. The big problem is that their old label, in addition to other labels, are only offering them a deal to do one single. “They are all in shock,” a source said. “They thought it would be a given that they’d get a massive offer and it’s not happened. Now the girls are talking about setting up their own label should they not get the offer they want.”

Seething Shaz Snubs Ex Appleton Pals

The Sunday Mirror reports that Shaznay Lewis has invited her ex-All Saints bandmate Mel Blatt to her Ibiza bridal shower but has gone to great lengths to avoid bumping into her other two former bandmates Nicole and Natalie Appleton who are also on the island. Shaznay even pulled out of a Radio 1 party at Mambo’s after hearing that the sisters had been invited. “Shaznay has no desire to bump into them,” an insider revealed. “She wants to let her hair down and party with her friends – but not them. She did not want the Appletons celebrating her hen-night celebrations with her. Nicole and Natalie are not in the slightest bit worried about bumping into Shaznay. They have already buried the hatchet. But Shaznay is determined to keep well away from them for now.”

Shaznay Lewis Tires Of All Saints Questions

Shaznay Lewis tells Radio 1 she can’t believe she still gets asked about All Saints because it was all so long ago. “I don’t know what to do. I keep going, right, at the next interview I’m not saying anything,” she complained. “But you can’t because you just come across as you’re being guarded for a certain reason. I don’t have anything to hide but on the other hand it’s so long ago now I just think it’s really unimportant. I just think there are so many other things going on in the world that are so important it makes this seem like a joke.”

Mel Blatt Can’t Be Kept Quiet About Ex-All Saints Sisters

The Mirror reports Melanie Blatt told a friend she bumped into the Appleton sisters on a flight and took great pleasure in ignoring her former All Saints bandmates. “They kept calling over at me,” she chuckled. “But I suddenly became really absorbed with my daughter Lily, like ‘Of course I’ll read you a story darling.’ Eventually they got the hint.” Blatt has been given a PR chaperone to go on interviews to try and prevent the singer from insulting the Appletons.

Former All Saints To Reunite As Duo?

The Sun reports former All Saints pals Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis are in talks to work together again. They want to perform as a duo, two years after All Saints split. Mel – whose solo single ‘Do Me Wrong’ is out on August 25 – said, “We are close and I’m sure it will happen. We often discuss it.” Lewis sings backing vocals on a track on Mel’s forthcoming album.