Alli Sims Readies New Single May 5th

Alli Sims was spotted outside Dominick’s in West Hollywood on Friday (April 10), where Britney Spears’ former assistant talked about releasing a new single on May 5th, but told the paparazzo he was “too far ahead” to be talking about touring. Watch her comments via below.

Alli Sims Advises Against Britney Spears World Tour

Alli Sims is sounding off to In Touch magazine about her “cousin” Britney Spears new album ‘Circus’ and the singer’s world tour in support of it. “How can they say Britney is sick and then shove her out on the road, with all that pressure,” Alli said of Britney’s parents, who have shut the 27-year-old out of Britney’s life. “They claim she is unable to care for herself, but then they’re pushing her to go back to work. This isn’t part of her therapy. It’s a world tour… It means she won’t be able to see her children. And that will be heartbreaking for Britney.”

Alli Sims: Everyone Is Rooting For Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ “cousin” Alli Sims spoke with at the Montblanc Oscar Brunch at Casey Johnson’s Villa in Beverly Hills on Thursday night (February 21), where she talked about the support the troubled singer has been receiving. “Everybody just keeps supporting her and rooting [for] her because everyone kind of goes through weird little patches in [their] life,” Sims explained. “You just need friends and family and everyone to support you and help you through it, and everything will be okay.” Alli added that she and Britney “will definitely collaborate on something” recording her first album.

The full story at has since been removed.

Alli Sims Denies Fracture In Britney Spears Relationship

Alli Sims is speaking out to Us Weekly after a report in Life & Style magazine suggested her planned reality show had been cancelled after she partied in New York City as her troubled “cousin” Britney Spears was sent to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on a 36-hour lockdown. An insider had complained to the tab, “While Britney was being hospitalized in LA, Alli, her supposed best friend, was self-promoting in NYC.”

Alli fired back: “These claims are ridiculous. I had plans for a girls weekend, and my friends had already flown into town to meet up with me.” she added, “I love Britney, and care way more about her well-being than any of these strangers making these claims.”

Sims said the ‘Entourage’ style reality program was “still in the discussion stage”, so it would not have been possible to scrap a project that hadn’t even been green lit.

Maloof Brothers Nix Alli Sims’ Hopes For Reality Show

Life & Style magazine hears that Alli Sims hopes to take advantage of her friendships with Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and perhaps some other celebs into launching an ‘Entourage’ style reality show under Maloof Productions has been squashed by the Maloof brothers. “While Britney was being hospitalized in LA, Alli, her supposed best friend, was self-promoting in NYC,” a source told the mag. “She was flown in for meetings to draw attention to her career – including her reality show. Only problem is, it’s not happening.”

As Alli was partying in New York City at Tenjune, Britney was having a standoff with police over her child custody battle with Kevin Federline, making it clear there was some reason she hadn’t been seen much lately with the troubled pop tart. “Alli and Britney are obviously not close anymore, and Alli’s even had a falling out with the Spears family,” the source added. “So the Maloofs lost interest in going forward.”

Alli Sims Goes To New York To Escape Britney Spears Drama

Alli Sims recently denied even being at Britney Spears’ home on Thursday (January 3) during the troubled pop tart’s standoff with police over a child custody dispute, and now OK! magazine has learned the aspiring singer isn’t even in Los Angeles to look after Britney after her meltdown.

Instead, Sims was spotted at Tenjune in New York City. A Sims friend told the mag, “Alli came to New York to work. She said she’s here for work and really busy.” Besides, the stress over the Britney situation is probably something Alli wanted to escape from. “She’s not talking about Brit, but she’s obviously overwhelmed,” the pal added. “People are calling and harassing her all day.”

Alli Sims: I Wasn’t There… Britney In 72-Hour Lockdown

Alli Sims is responding to a claim by the New York Post suggesting that when she supposedly was at Britney Spears’ home on Thursday night, she used “brute force to pry the singer out of the bathroom where she had barricaded herself with son Jayden James late last night.” Aspiring singer Sims tells “I absolutely was not there. And even if I was there I would not have banged down the door with a hammer, that’s not my style. I would have knocked!”

Meanwhile, in wake of Britney’s child custody dispute which led to the singer being driven to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last night via ambulance, the mag reports that the troubled 26-year-old is on 72-hour lockdown. A hospital source said Spears was designated a “special needs” patient,” meaning “they have either overdosed or tried to commit suicide.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Britney Spears & Alli Sims Are ‘Cousins Through Marriage’

Us Weekly spoke with Alli Sims on Saturday (August 8) at the Style Villa at Caesars Palace, where she cleared up the rumor that she and Britney Spears aren’t really cousins. “Yeah! We are cousins through marriage, and it’s the south,” Sims explained. “My grandmother’s sister is married to her grandfather. So my mom and her dad are first cousins through marriage. I grew up in Baton Rouge and moved there when I was 16. We hung out when we were really little, but I moved away and didn’t hang out with her again until high school.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Britney And Alli At Starbucks, Tanning Salon & Pet Store

Britney Spears and her sidekick cousin Alli Sims stopped by a local Bel Air Starbucks before a quick tanning session on Thursday (September 6). The pair then went to a pet store where the singer picked out a couple of natty dog costumes all under the gaze of a large pack of photographers. The duo then battle their way from the store showing matching Versace handbags before driving off with the media circus in tow. Check out pictures and video from X17, BigPictures, and FilmMagic.

Party At Paris Hilton’s Pad, And Alli Sims Attends

Paris Hilton was spotted cuddling a baby at her party in Malibu on Saturday (August 18), attended by Britney Spears’ cousin and personal assistant Alli Sims, who had some fun in a pink Malibu Kayak. Perhaps Alli was attempting to reconcile Paris and Britney? Check out pictures from X17 (video below / pictures1 / pictures2).

Paris Hilton’s Presence Prompts Tears From Two Teens

August 12, 2007 – Two Huntington Beach teens were waiting outside Paris’ Malibu beach house around 9:00 PM Wednesday night (August 8) and were ecstatic when the heiress came out to greet them. TMZ talked to the girls after Paris left, and found them both wiping tears of joy from their faces. Footage at has since been removed.

Paris Hilton Hits The Beach With Adrian Grenier

August 11, 2007 – ‘Entourage’ star Adrian Grenier was spotted inside Paris’ Malibu beach house on Thursday (August 9) and later came out to play in the sand and surf, with the heiress showing off some cleavage in a one-piece and Grenier taking his shirt off to swim. Check out pictures and video from X17.

Hilton’s rep tells ‘The Insider’ there’s “nothing between Paris and Adrian. They are just friends.” Adrian is working on a documentary about media culture and the paparazzi, thus hanging out with Paris brings plenty of material.

Paris Hilton Heads To Hef’s Party

August 9, 2007 – Paris was spotted on her way to Hef’s Mid Summer Night Dream party at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday (August 4) and covered herself from the paparazzi, apparently wanting to show off her look on the red carpet instead. Footage from has since been removed.

Paris Hilton Surfs And Shops In Malibu

August 9, 2007 – Paris was spotted spending time frolicking in the surf with a boogie board before she headed over to the local Malibu shopping center to pick up some accessories on Monday (August 6). Check out pictures from X17.