Alphabeat Sophomore Album ‘The Spell’ Out October 19th

Alphabeat checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thisisalphabeat) on Friday (August 21), talking about their second album and its first single. The Danish pop group write:

We’re finally out of the studio, and really happy to be able to tell you that our second album is coming out on October the 19th! It’s called ‘The Spell’ and we’re really really excited about putting it out there and can’t wait for you all to hear it.

The first single is also called ‘The Spell’ (one to dance to!!) and it’s out on October the 12th. Some of our other fave tracks from the new record are ‘DJ’, ‘Heart Failure’ and ‘Chess’, and we hope you’ll like them as much as we do!

Why Alphabeat Pulled Out Of Katy Perry Tour

Alphabeat updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@thisisalphabeat) on Thursday (April 16), talking about why they decided to pull out of a slot on the Katy Perry U.S. tour. The Danish pop group tell readers:

Recently, we’ve received messages and comments from US fans who either are looking forward seeing us tour with Katy Perry or was disappointed in not seeing us even though our name was on the poster when they bought the ticket …

We’re super sorry that you guys have been so confused … The truth is:
Before X-Mas we were asked by Katy if we would like to go on tour with her and we were initially confirmed for the dates in the US but we had to pull out after we left EMI as we figured it would be better to start focusing on the next album after more than 2 years of touring …

We would have loved to go on tour with Katy all over USA and we’re very very very sorry about this whole misunderstanding …

But we hope you understand …
We hope to go to the US and tour in 2009 … Stay tuned!

Alphabeat React To Official Web Site Getting Hacked

Alphabeat updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@thisisalphabeat) on Thursday (April 9), reacting to their official web site being hacked. The Danish pop band write:

And no … Our MySpace has not been hacked … This blog is actually written in pure boredom ! How could that happen? Boredom in Alphabeat … Well … We get bored too. It’s as simple as that … !

Yesterday people thought our MySpace was hacked too because of us making a headline going: “Who the hell are the people in our Top Friends” …

You could think: “Oh My GOD ! Alphabeat’s MySpace has been hacked and someone have changed their very pretty and nice Top Friends to porn stars or worse: sh**ty hardcore heavy bands (Who think they are hardcore)…

The truth is that our page was hacked the other day. Some guy from Turkey thought it would be fun to put his face and some weird music on it … Well … It was kinda fun … But anyway. We’re going to change that site anyway so changes will happen on soon !

Today we’ve come up with few interesting clips we found on a very underground, street and unknown site on the world wide web called YOUTUBE (Check out that site … It’s going to be huge !!!!)… The clips have got nothing to do with us actually … But they are a result of pure boredom ! … Nothing less … Nothing more …

Alphabeat Sign Record Deal With Polydor

Alphabeat checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thisisalphabeat) on Friday (March 6), revealing that they’ve signed a new record deal. The Danish pop group tell readers:

Thursday afternoon last week we put pen to a new UK record deal with Polydor! We decided to leave EMI back in December and we’re happy to announce our new label to you all today …

We’ll be working with some great new people at Polydor and we can’t wait to get it going …

We’re so happy!

Alphabeat Leave EMI, Signing With A New Label

Alphabeat updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@thisisalphabeat) on Monday (January 19), responding to reports that they had been dropped by their record label. The Danish pop band tell readers:

How are you all? We hope you’ve all got off with a good start in this new year of 2000 and 9??!

You may have read rumors about us being dropped by EMI on several blogs in the last couple of weeks. Have we been dropped? Nope … But before X-Mas we had the opportunity to leave – and we did.

We (this means us – Alphabeat) sat down round a table before we went on X-Mas holiday and decided that we needed a change before starting recording our new album … and one of the major changes would be a new label!

We’re back in the UK and we’re happy to say that we’re signing with a new label as we speak…

Alphabeat ‘What Is Happening’ Video

Alphabeat 'What Is Happening' single cover

Alphabeat are out with the music video to their new single ‘What Is Happening’, the sixth release from the Danish pop group’s debut album ‘This Is Alphabeat’, out now on Copenhagen Records. Watch it via Vimeo below.