Aly & AJ’s Bumpy Ride

Alyson Michalka, wearing a black bikini top and hat in Aruba, talks with her sister Amanda about their 4x4 experienceAlyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ posted more footage from their vacation in Aruba, with the siblings going on a bumpy “safari” ride, which led to one of their 4×4’s tires to go flat.

“We are basically on a safari right now. It’s insane. I’m about to throw up,” AJ admitted as they were being thrashed around. “I didn’t even know cars could do this. Look at this view, it’s insane.” Aly said of the jostling, “This is probably, is it worse than the inner tubing yesterday?”

Watch footage via YouTube below.

Aly & AJ Go Parasailing In Aruba

Aly & AJ Michalka go parasailing while vacationing in Aruba

Alyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ posted more highlights from their Aruba vacation, this time featuring the sibling pop duo taking a mid-air trip behind a parasail boat. AJ’s reaction afterwards, “So much fun. It was incredible.” Aly added, “It was amazing.” Watch the clip, set to the remix of their song ‘Chemicals React’, below.

Aly & AJ Go Tubing In Aruba

Alyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ posted another video update from their Aruba vacation. This time the sibling pop duo did some tubing behind a boat with a crazy driver, where the pair were both thrown off. The next clip will be Aly & AJ parasailing. Watch it via YouTube below.

Aly & AJ Vacation In Aruba

Aly & AJ Michalka check in with fans while on vacation in ArubaAlyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ checked in from Aruba, where the sibling pop duo finally got to enjoy a vacation.

“We’re gonna do parasailing, which is super cool,” Aly said. “AJ and I are gonna do it together because we’re too freaked out to do it by ourselves. So I think we’re gonna get that on film hopefully.”

They also planned on swimming with some turtles, but were upset to learn there’s no dolphins around. The pair added that they met with some “really cool writers” who they’re gonna work with once they’re back from the holiday.

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Aly & AJ: Register To Vote If You’re Old Enough

Aly & AJ

Alyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ checked in with fans on their official web site’s blog on Wednesday (October 1). The sibling pop duo posted the same message on their individual blogs, with a mention of next month’s U.S. elections. They write:

This upcoming election is super important. Aly will be able to vote for the first time :) For any of you who are old enough, make sure you register to vote! Attended the AmberWatch event where we passed on the gavel to Selena Gomez as the new chairman for the youth coalition. We are now apart of the celebrity coalition. Such a great charity, means a lot to us!

The full message at has since been removed.

Aly & AJ At The Shooting Range

Aly & AJ Michalka visit the shooting range to fire off some gunsAlyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ hit the shooting range with their father Mark, celebrating his birthday.

“I once hit one smack dab in the middle and I showed my dad and he goes, it would he goes, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you did two in the middle’,” AJ said.

“It’s a little different than sweaty meat,” Aly said, referring to Quizno’s Subs. “But it’s even more fun.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Aly & AJ Discuss Guitar Hero & Third Album

Alyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ appeared on E! News, talking about their own Guitar Hero & Rock Band guitar controllers they developed with PDP. The guitars will be in stores in mid-October and compatible with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The siblings also spoke about their upcoming third album. “It’s definitely more rock,” Aly said. Aly also talked about how they think about the example they set before they embark on a project.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Aly & AJ Amazed By Derby Square Bookstore In Salem, Mass.

Aly & AJ Michalka at Derby Square bookstore in Salem, MassachusettsAly & AJ’s latest YouTube video features the sibling musical duo at their dream bookstore – Derby Square Bookstore in Salem, Massachusetts. A man working at the store wasn’t happy to be videotaped after AJ asked if she could record him talking about how he could work in an environment which stacks books in such a hazardous way.

“This is where Aly and I are moving,” AJ said. “We are in Salem, Massachusetts. Aly and AJ here.” Aly continued, “We just randomly walked into this bookstore and found out this is how they keep their books.”

Watch it below.

Aly & AJ Blog From Japan

Aly & AJ checked in with fans on their official web site’s blog on Monday (August 4) while in Tokyo, Japan. The sibling pop duo said on AJ’s blog:

Tokyo’s Psycho! We had an amazing time! The culture there is so incredible. We especially love the people, they are so polite and giving. We will never forget our experience there, not to mention the fashion. The streets resembled a runway show, we were blown away. Hope you dig the pics, can’t wait to go back. Peace ~ Aly & AJ ~

They also wrote on Aly’s blog:

Wow, I have to say some of our most enthusiastic and generous fans come from Japan. We were so warmly welcomed there, from the many Hello Kitty gifts we received to the people we met and sang karaoke with…..they even had Potential Breakup Song there as one of the songs to choose! Haha Thank you to every single person that came to see us during our stay. Next time we come back….we will certainly stay longer and explore even more of your beautiful country…lots of hugs! Xo Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ Driving To The Studio, Stoked About New Album

Aly Michalka, seen here driving, talks with her sister AJ about writing music for their next album and wanting to have 'sweaty meat' at QuiznosAlyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, as the sisters were heading into the studio to write music for their new album.

“This next record is gonna be really sick,” Aly said. “And um, we’re stoked.” AJ complained about Aly hogging the airtime in their videos, with Aly reminding her that it’s because she always drives.

The teens then debated on where to go eat, before settling on Quiznos over La Salsa, even though Aly referred to their heated subs as “sweaty meat”. They promised to document the sub shop visit in their next video.

Watch the clip below.