Alyson Stoner: Debut Album Is A Long Process

Actor Kevin Schmidt hung out at the ‘Alyson Stoner Project’ shoot with Alyson, asking the ‘Camp Rock’ star about progress on her debut album. “Well I’m actually still working with writers and producers, because it’s a long process,” Stoner explained. “It’s intricate. You’ve gotta find the balance. What kind of sound you want. What genre you wanna encompass.”

The video clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Alyson Stoner ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ Video Teaser

Alyson Stoner updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@alysonstonerofficialmusic) on Wednesday (December 10), discussing the video for her remake of King Harvest’s 1973 hit ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’. The ‘Camp Rock’ star tells readers:

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It’s been pretty hectic. I been in Washington, DC on some top secret private matters. And just this past weekend, I went to George Washington Academy where I visited Mike Johnson (Mike from Mike’s Super Short Show). But I wanted to update you all a little bit.

Remember when I posted a YouTube video a couple months ago, about me on the set of my first music video? Well Disney has released a short clip the video and song that I am performing for their latest Disney DVD, called ‘Space Buddies’, which is set to release in February. If you wanna see the video go to or even More information on the DVD and the music video as soon as I can release that information.

Watch the ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ clip below.

Happy Thanksgiving From Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alysonstonerproject) on Thursday (November 27). The 15-year-old singer/actress tells readers:


Hey everyone. Hope you all are having a fantastic Turkey day. I know I am, here in Ohio. We just got done with Dinner. We are actually watching the Dallas Cowboy’s game right now. I just wanted to know how is everything! Haha. I love Thanksgiving. I love going back home and celebrating it with my friends and family. Also tomorrow, my mom, sisters, aunt and grandmother are all going shopping. We have to get up at at least 3. Doors open at 5. Well just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season!!



Alyson Stoner’s Say It Now Number Jingle

Alyson Stoner jingleAlyson Stoner posted a jingle about how to get in touch with her via phone using the Say It Now service in a video clip at her YouTube channel.

“Hey there folks, I’ve got some news. I want to share my number with you,” Stoner sings. “The only real contact information, so you know who is real and who is fakin. All you do is grab your phone, dial the digits when you hear the tone. Leave a message just for me, I promise to be listening. Such a beautiful idea. Call me from France, or Korea. Be aware, I may call back, so get ready for a Stoner attack.”

She concluded, “Always be safe. You never know who you can trust these days. But my word is good and true, so I look forward to hearing from you.”

Watch the message and the phone number below.

Alyson Stoner Aims For Colbie Caillat Meets India.Arie Sound

Alyson Stoner talks with fans about what to expect with her music, which she says is Colbie Caillat meets India.ArieAlyson Stoner checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, offering an update on her debut album.

‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ star tells fans, “I’ve been working with songwriters and music producers and my vocal trainer on creating my sound. We’re aiming for a soulful pop vibe, with a little alternative edge. Think Colbie Caillat meets India.Arie. Just groovy and funky but very uplifting at the same time.”

Watch the message below.

Alyson Stoner And ‘Camp Rock’ Co-Stars In Chicago

Alyson Stoner, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and Meaghan Jette Martin thank fans after meet and greetAlyson Stoner, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Meaghan Jette Martin talked about their experience in Chicago doing a ‘Camp Rock’ meet and greet for a thousand people.

They also talked about going bowling before performing a jingle in support of ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ character London Tipton.

“We did a meet and greet and we got to sign for a thousand people with wristbands, and everybody was really nice,” Martin said.

Watch it below.

Alyson Stoner Aims For ‘Alternative Soulful Pop’ Debut

Alyson Stoner checked in with fans on her YouTube channel after doing a photoshoot earlier in the day. “I have been recording and working with songwriters,” Stoner said of her debut album. “I want to make sure it’s done the right way at the right time so I’m not rushing into anything. My sound is alternative soulful pop, so think India.Arie meets Colbie Caillat.”

The message at YouTube has since been removed.

Alyson Stoner On The Set Of Her First Music Video

Alyson Stoner on the set of her first music videoAlyson Stoner checked in with fans on her YouTube channel on the set of her first music video for a remake for a soundtrack for an upcoming Disney movie. The ‘Camp Rock’ star was seen getting her hair and makeup done.

“We are on the set of my first ever music video, where I am the singer,” Stoner said. “It’s for a remake, for a soundtrack, for a Disney movie that will be coming out sooner than later. I can’t tell you much other than that, but to keep your ears and eyes wide open. Get ready.”

Later, Alyson said, “So they gave us only like 20 minutes to change my hair and makeup to the second setup of the video, but these two fabulous ladies have been working miracles today and making it all possible.”

Watch the footage below.