Amy Macdonald ‘Life In A Beautiful Light’ Out June 11th

Amy Macdonald 'Life In A Beautiful Light' album cover

Amy Macdonald is set to release her third studio album ‘Life In A Beautiful Light’ on June 11th. ‘Slow It Down’ was released as the lead single from the album on April 20th. Watch its music video via YouTube below.

“It was lovely to have a year off,” the Scottish singer-songwriter said about the break between her sophomore album’s 2010 release. “There was no pressure. Whenever an idea popped in to my head, I would get out my guitar and press play on my Mac Book. I wrote ‘A Curious Thing’ while touring the ‘This Is The Life’. There was no time off because my debut started selling across Europe – first the Netherlands, then Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain. It was incredible, but I felt under pressure to rush out a second album. This time, it was a much more natural process.”

‘Life In A Beautiful Light’ Track List:
1.”4th of July”
2. “Pride”
3. “Slow It Down”
4. “The Furthest Star”
5. “The Game”
6. “Across the Nile”
7. “The Days of Being Young and Free”
8. “Left That Body Long Ago”
9. “Life in a Beautiful Light”
10. “Human Spirit”
11. “The Green and the Blue”
12. “In the End”
13. “Two Worlds” (hidden track)

Amy Macdonald Talks About ‘No Roots’

Amy Macdonald talks about what her song 'No Roots' is aboutAmy Macdonald latest Q&A video sees the Scottish singer songwriter being asked what the song ‘No Roots’ is about.

“It’s not strictly describing how I feel,” Amy said, “because I’ve always maintained how patriotic I am. I definitely do have roots, they’re very firmly planted and I feel very home when I’m in Scotland. I think that song was more about being on tour, because myself and my band can be away for weeks on end, living out of a suitcase and a bus, so you don’t really have any roots whilst you’re there, but I do have very strong roots and I’m not giving up on them just yet.”

Video of the comments at brightcove have since been removed.

Amy Macdonald Loves Listening To Bruce Springsteen

Amy Macdonald talks about how her favorite Bruce Springsteen album is 'Born in the U.S.A.'Amy Macdonald answered another fan question with a video on her official web site. Ronnie D asked the singer what her favorite Bruce Springsteen album was.

“I love so many different Springsteen songs, and I think that all of his albums are amazing to listen to,” Amy responded. “I think probably ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ has a lot of the memorable ones on it, but I’m just as happy to listen to recent albums like ‘Magic’ or something like that as I am to listen to that. I think he has so many incredible songs.”

Video of the brief response has since been removed.

Amy Macdonald Talks About Her Sparkly Mic

Amy Macdonald talks about the Shure mic she customizedAmy Macdonald is answering fan questions with video clips at her official web site. The first comes from Stacey Kendall, who asked where she gets her sparkly microphone from.

“It’s just a generic mic by a company called Shure that we have customized. We now have a Scottish flag and a custom design on it, so it’s definitely one of a kind. I’m not sure there are many other ones like it.”

Video of the brief message has since been removed.

Amy Macdonald Busy With The Summer Festival Circuit

Amy Macdonald checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Thursday (July 22), discussing the shows she’s been doing in support of her second album ‘A Curious Thing’ and the disc’s third single ‘This Pretty Face’. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m currently packing another suitcase for another trip away. With this job, the second most important thing after being able to sing is definitely to be good at packing. I feel like I do it every other day and I probably do.

The band and I are off to France to play another festival and then we’ll go on to Germany to play again. We literally haven’t stopped in weeks. I had one day off yesterday which was spent at the cinema crying my eyes out to Toy Story 3! I do like a good cry at the cinema :-)

Last weekend the band and I not only headlined but closed the 2010 Gurten Festival in Berne, Switzerland. It’s such a cool festival and out of all of the ones I’ve played it’s definitely one of my all time favorites. I’ve played two amazing shows there and the crowd are always wonderful.

Amy Macdonald Excited About UK Tour

Amy Macdonald checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Friday (July 2), discussing her upcoming tour dates, the World Cup, her favorite tennis star Andy Murray not getting it done at Wimbledon, and a ‘Something for the Weekend’ appearance. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

As you may or may not have heard I’ve announced a new tour. As well as the European Arena tour I will be back playing lots of gigs in the UK. I’m very excited as no matter how fun traveling may be it’s always great to play at home. The tickets went on sale today and after one day we’d already sold 10% of all tickets which is pretty awesome. Thanks to all you hardcore fans who bought them straight away ;-)

There’s still loads of tickets left so there are no excuses not to come along! My band and I promise to put on lots of very special shows.

As you all probably know I’m a bit of a football nut so I’ve been in absolute heaven the past few weeks. I was so excited to see Holland win today. I had my first number 1 single in Holland so feel quite close to the country.

Amy Macdonald ‘Spark’ Video

Amy Macdonald 'Spark' single cover

Amy Macdonald is out with the music video to her new single ‘Spark’, the second release from the Scottish singer-songwriter’s second album ‘A Curious Thing’, out now on Mercury. Watch it below.

Amy Macdonald Relieved After ‘A Curious Thing’ Debuts At #4

Amy Macdonald updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Sunday (March 14), discussing her nervousness ahead of her second album ‘A Curious Thing’ getting released in the UK, and how it ended up in the #4 position after its first week out. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone for supporting me over the last few months. It’s been quite a daunting time and with all of the amazing support I think we’re over the first hurdle. This week has been very stressful and I felt so anxious and emotional about everything. I was constantly worrying what you guys would think of the album and really hoping that you liked it. I absolutely love being able to travel the world and play so many different gigs to so many people and I began to worry that I may not be able to do that if people didn’t like the songs. I really am a huge worrier.

Amy Macdonald Discusses ‘A Curious Thing’ has footage of Amy Macdonald on the set of her ‘Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over’ music video shoot, where she talked about how the track is a bit more rocking than her prior material. Amy also talked about how her second album ‘A Curious Thing’ sound different from the first, though she never sets out to sound a particular way. “I’ve always been a normal in my approach to things. I’ll actually play the guitar, sing and everything that comes out is me.” Amy added that the rockier sound comes from her touring the past two years. Watch the clip, featuring footage from the ‘Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over’ video, via YouTube below.

Amy Macdonald ‘Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over’ Video

Amy Macdonald 'Don't Tell Me That It's Over' music video

Amy Macdonald is out with the music video to her new single ‘Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over’, the first release from the Scottish singer songwriter’s second album ‘A Curious Thing’, out March 8th on Mercury Records. Watch it via YouTube below.