Amy Macdonald: Milan Was Great, Heathrow Not So Much

Amy Macdonald updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Monday (January 19), talking about her visit to Milan, Italy and German sales of her debut album. The Scottish singer/songwriter tells readers:

So as you can tell from the title I was in Milan over the weekend. I say over the weekend but it really was a whistle stop visit. I flew to London on Saturday night, then to Milan at the crack of dawn Sunday, then back to London at 3pm and back to Glasgow yesterday evening. I do have to wade into the war about Heathrow as I’m there so bloody often. Heathrow either needs a new runway or they have to get rid of a huge number of flights. The place is far too busy to cope. Last night on my flight home we sat on the runway waiting to take off for over an hour. This doesn’t just inconvenience the people flying it’s also a pain for the people waiting to pick them up at the other side as once the doors of the plane are closed you can’t use your mobile and have no way of letting them know you’re going to be late. What a nightmare.

This pretty much happens to me every time I fly from Heathrow and with the horrible credit crunch doom and gloom then I think the best thing to do is expand the airport and try to boost the economy. Ok that’s my first rant over :-)

So Milan was great, the Italian label are all really lovely and have worked so hard over the past year. This is the Life is now the 4th most played song on Italian radio and it continues to grow :-)

Amy Macdonald Celebrates 2 Million Albums Sold

Amy Macdonald 'This Is the Life' album cover

Amy Macdonald updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Monday (December 15), again talking about sales of her debut album ‘This Is the Life’. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

So it seems like no time at all since I was writing about selling one million albums, well as this title suggests I’m now writing about 2 million albums!!

I cannot believe that over 2 million people own my CD it’s been such great news just before Christmas!!

The past week has been very busy, not in terms of work, but with Christmas shopping!! It’s doing my nut in! ;-) I’m still trying to get some presents but don’t know what to buy.

Amy Macdonald Angered By Negative Feedback

Amy Macdonald updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Friday (November 21), discussing how she’s feeling “Christmassy”, the continued amazement over her album sales, and difficulties with the critics. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

This has been such a long year for me. It’s been so successful and I’m so grateful for everything but it has been very hard as well.

I’ve given my absolute all, and it’s hard when people criticize you. I’ve done over 100 gigs this year and that doesn’t include any promo work. People are so quick to have a dig when they don’t have a clue. I’ve had a few cancelled gigs this year and had a few people send me messages telling me that I’m crap and that they aren’t a fan of my music anymore and it makes me so angry. But I know that these people aren’t proper fans and it makes me appreciate the real ones even more.

You guys are great. For every person who’s came to a gig or bought a CD I want you to know how much of an important part you have played in this year and I am extremely grateful.

Amy Macdonald Looks Forward To A Christmas Break

Amy Macdonald checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Wednesday (November 12), while in Basel, Switzerland. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

I am back to work. I have had some time at home recently, mainly because I was suffering from a few nasty illnesses :-( Trust me you don’t want me to go into it. I’m still feeling pretty fragile and definitely looking forward to Christmas to get a nice break but right now we have a few gigs and promo commitments to get done this month so we’re all back at it again.

I’ve now sold 1.75 million albums! which is absolutely astonishing! It’s still rising constantly and now I have the deluxe album out people are all buying that too! To think around this time last year I had gone platinum (300,000) how much difference a year makes!!

Amy Macdonald Never Dreamed Of The Success She’s Enjoying

Amy Macdonald updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Wednesday (October 22) while touring in support of her debut album ‘This Is the Life’. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

Good Afternoon from backstage at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany.

I’m just about to soundcheck for what will be my biggest headline gig to date.
I’ve played to huge crowds at festivals and stuff but this is my biggest personal gig.
The Venue holds around 4000 people and it’s been sold out for a while now. The place is huge!!
However next month I’m gonna break the record again and play to 5500 in Amsterdam!

Things are going so well over here, and I could never have dreamed I’d be this successful.
Every country we visit presents me with a platinum disc when I arrive, I don’t think I have enough wall space for them anymore ;-) The album is going from strength to strength in mainland Europe and we’re currently on 1.6million sold, which is incredible. We have had so many requests for a live album so we’ve put together a deluxe CD with a selection of songs live from the Barrowlands, which I think is out on Monday.

Amy Macdonald Excited For Debut Album’s U.S. Release

Amy Macdonald appeared on TV Guide Channel’s ‘mVids’, talking about her debut album ‘This is Life’, which just got its U.S. release. “Coming to the U.S. is incredibly exciting,” the Scottish singer songwriter said, “and everyone has dreams and hopes of how well it will go. The few shows I have played here so far were just incredible and it’s a great feeling and it’s somewhat a benchmark of coming this far and trying to come even farther.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Touring Starts To Pay Off For Amy Macdonald

Amy Macdonald updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Monday (September 29). The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

Over the past few years I have worked so hard and in Europe it’s starting to really pay off. I am so proud of everything I’ve achieved. It’s strange to be starting over again and playing tiny venues in the US, but you have to start somewhere.

I have gigged and gigged and gigged some more and I have a real sense of achievement. I don’t see the sense in being hyped up and instantly playing to 5000 people, where is the fun in that? My band and I have so many happy memories of playing in tiny, empty venues and we all feel so happy to have come so far together.

A year ago, we played a European tour. Every gig was half empty and the venues were very small. Next month we start another European tour, most of the venues have been upgraded and we’re now playing in places that are around 3000 capacity.

In November we play to a sold out audience of 5500 in Holland, compared to 100 people last year.

On TV: Amy Macdonald, Demi Lovato, Brooke Hogan

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Amy Macdonald Prefers New York To Los Angeles

Amy Macdonald checked in with fans from Amsterdam on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Thursday (September 11). The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

We were in Los Angeles last week and I feel that i’m just getting over my jetlag. It’s hideous.

I was excited about going to America as this time I was 21 and could go out to bars with all the guys. I was quite gutted that I didn’t get ID’d!!!

So the night we arrived me and the guys all went for dinner at the Chateau Marmont. Chris and Shannon paid for my dinner for my birthday and Matt gave me one of the funniest presents I have ever received. It was a set of coasters each with a picture of one of the guys on them. All very bad pictures might I add. Particularly Adam’s. Poor Adam ;-) Although the best part of the present is a jigsaw of Frankie(the best monitor man in the world!) Frankie is hilarious and so is this picture of his face! Now I have it in jigsaw form.

We had such a nice dinner and cocktails but I have to say I prefer New York to LA. LA just seems so spaced out, you never actually feel that you’re in the city. I like to have stuff going on around me. As soon as we arrived in Amsterdam this evening, I totally relaxed cos it was busy and there were people about, I’m prefer that when I’m staying somewhere.

Amy Macdonald Feels So Inspired Watching The Killers

Amy Macdonald checked in with her MySpace friends (@amymacdonald) on Friday (August 15), feeling quite tired after performing at the Pukklepop festival in Belgium and watching one of her favorite bands perform afterwards. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

Another reason for me being so tired is that we stuck around all day to watch the Killers. They were on at 1am, but it was definitely worth it. I ended up being awake for 24 hrs yesterday. I had about 4 hours sleep last night. I am a walking zombie.

But again it was all worth it. The Killers were amazing, as usual. I felt so inspired watching them. The last time I saw them perform I wrote ‘Run’ the very next day.

To be honest I haven’t been to many gigs recently, I don’t ever have time, and when I do I get agitated because I just want to be on stage and also a lot of music these days doesn’t really catch my imagination. I hate the way that one artist is successful and then a million clones are released. However I don’t think that will ever happen with The Killers. They are just too good, In my eyes no band will ever be able to recreate that sound. I find Brandon flowers absolutely mesmerizing as a performer.

My absolute dream in life would be to do something with The Killers. They are one of my favorite bands. I think out of a lot of bands and artists around nowadays, very few will still be around in 20 years time. The Killers will definitely be one of them.