Anastacia Deeply Touched By ‘Art On Ice’ Support


Anastacia updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anastaciaofficial) on Friday (March 12) to discuss her appearance on ‘Art on Ice’. The American singer tells readers:

Hi Fan-ily….

I just finished an amazing show called Art on Ice!!!! I was so lucky to be part of this amazing show!!! I performed many of my songs with the most amazing and breathtaking performances from some of best ice skaters in the world…. A few having just returned from the Olympics!!!

I want to thank the fans who took the time and money to come see the show!!! I was deeply touched by your support and special hellos I heard from the crowd!!!
You can certainly check out a few fun moments on You Tube!!!! Ummmm, the ones of my skating on the ice is good for a laugh!!!

My management team is hard at work to get me back out in the performing world!!!! Until then, I send everyone a big Hug and Hello via the cyber waves….(-:


Ben’s Brother ‘Stalemate’ Video Ft. Anastacia

Ben's Brother

Ben’s Brother are out with the music video to their new single ‘Stalemate’, featuring Anastacia, released October 26th via Island Records. The version of the song off the band’s second album ‘Battling Giants’ features Joss Stone. Watch the video via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Anastacia Records ‘Stalemate’ With Ben’s Brother

Ben's Brother

Ben’s Brother are out with an exclusive look at behind the scenes footage from their recording of the new single ‘Stalemate’, where they were joined by Anastacia. “I’m just sort of bringing another layer,” Anastacia said in the video. “He wanted it to be a duet and I’m very grateful that he asked me to do it. I felt very connected the minute I heard the song. It didn’t feel like a far stretch for me, even though I think that my fans might sometimes go, ‘Oh wow.’ I just sing songs. That’s what I do.” Watch the video below the cut. (more…)

Anastacia Excited About UK Tour With Chaka Khan & Lulu


Anastacia updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (September 21), talking about her recently completed tour in Europe and her 20-day ‘Here Come The Girls’ tour with Chaka Khan and Lulu, starting November 21st in Edinburgh. The American pop singer writes:

As you all know, I am doing a concert/cabaret show with the amazing Chaka Khan and Lulu!!!! I am so excited!!!! To be able to stand on stage for a total of 20 shows with these to amazing icons of musical history is such an honor… We are all very excited to be singing cover songs that each of us have secretly longed to be able to sing… This show will be an amazing, fun party like atmosphere!!! We want everyone standing, dancing and singing along!!! We are sure to make you laugh lots and may even draw a tear or two… I hear that ticket sales are going fast so the tour may be sold out by mid week…

Anastacia Thanks Fans After Memorable UK Tour


Anastacia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anastaciaofficial) on Monday (August 3) after wrapping up her UK tour. The American pop singer writes:

What an amazing, special and memorable two months this has been for me!!! I wish this tour could have been longer!! I miss all of my Fan-ily already!!! Some of you could only come to one show and many of you were able to travel around to many countries….

I want to thank each and every one of you for coming to my show, choosing to spend your hard earned dollars so we could have an amazing 2 hours together!!! Without you, I couldn’t do what I LOVE so very much!!!

Anastacia Thanks Her Tour Catering Crew

Anastacia’s latest YouTube clip features the singer thanking workers from the catering company Popcorn who have been feeding her crew during the tour which is coming towards a close. “We had three amazing woman who kept us beyond well fed,” Anastacia writes. “We surprised the ladies with a goodbye champagne toast so I though you would like to see the behind the scenes hoorah!” Watch the video below.

On The Road With Anastacia

Anastacia shared some of her time travelling with the crew from the gig in Cork, Ireland, which the singer said was “one of the most fun shows so far! The audience were so energetic and my dance off partner from the audience gave me some heavy competition!” Watch the clip, featuring a rare sighting of her sister who prefers being behind the camera, below.

Anastacia Spends Some Time With Fan’s Children

Anastacia posted footage of her visit with Sandra and Ka, who she first met in 2004 when they were following her around Europe attending the pop star’s shows. Anastacia writes, “Since then I have had the pleasure of seeing Sandra pregnant with daughter #1 and just recently got to meet daughter #2… the fan-ily is growing!!! Watch her sharing a moment with the kids below.

Anastacia Meets Fans Outside Birmingham Hotel

Anastacia did a show tonight in Birmingham, England, and leaving the hotel the singer saw some of her Italian fans that flew out to see the show. Watch footage Anastacia recorded of their encounter and signing some autographs below.

Anastacia Misses Her Flight In London

Anastacia checked in with fans on her YouTube channel yesterday, looking exhausted at a hotel cafe after missing a flight in London and waiting for her room to be ready. But she promised to be in St. Petersburg for a private gig today. Watch below.