Anastacia Rehearsing For Her Tour

Anastacia is in rehearsals for her upcoming tour and the singer thought she would share a little sneak peak with fans. “I can’t wait to see you all on the road very very soon,” Anastacia writes. Watch the teaser at her YouTube channel below.

Anastacia: I’ve Always Been Passionate About Music


Anastacia updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anastaciaofficial) on Wednesday (January 21), clarifying her position on liking music after she told the Daily Mail “this might sound unbelievable but I really don’t like music” and “I’ve never bought a record in my life”. The American pop singer tells readers:

So I hear someone’s claimed recently that I don’t like music! I guess sometimes you get quoted out of context but, just to clear things up, here is how I really feel… I’ve always been passionate about music. All sorts of music, of all genres – pop, rock and soul. It’s what got me into this business in the first place.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved singing and performing above anything else, and I’ve always been thankful that I’ve been able to do day-to-day what I love doing most. There may be times, after a long stressful day, when I prefer silence to putting on a CD, but I really don’t think this alters the fact that as a singer my life is about music.

Enrique Resolves To Sleep More, Anastacia Abstains From Resolutions

ITN spoke with several celebrities about their resolutions for 2009, including Anastacia, Sugababes star Amelle Berrabah, Enrique Iglesias and Jessica Sutta of Pussycat Dolls.

“Not to be so hard on myself,” Sutta said.

Iglesias said, “Sleep a little more.”

Amelle said, “Cook more, and stop getting takeaways.”

Finally, Anastacia said, “I don’t do resolutions. I’m sort of an everyday life living, maintaining a mindful process in my journey. So everyday is one of those assessment moments. At the end of the year, I think it’s sort of a cop-out to do a resolution. Because really, truly, you’ve got to appreciate the moment you’re in. Because you’re not promised next year. You’re not even promised tomorrow.”

Watch the comments below.

Anastacia Is A Big Christmas Gift Giver

Why is Anastacia called Ana Claus? “I’m one of those people that has a theme,” she told ITN. “I go with the theme, and I’m a crazy person who does, it pretty much looks like a Christmas tree. The packages I give go from pretty small to a decent size of whatever the major gift is. Sometimes it’s been a fluffy amazing cashmere robe and slippers, and then everyone gets that, plus they get different things. If they get the big gift and all different kinds of candies. Old fashion cadies and Walkers and many different things. From here it would be like All Saints, just wonderful tasting fun little candies. Just getting creative with things. Lotions and I give very big gifts.”

Watch the comments below.

Anastacia’s Dressing Room Tour

Anastacia shows off the food in her dressing room including Doritos DippasAnastacia showed off the food she had in her dressing room in Madrid, Spain in a video on her YouTube channel, with the singer highlighting her rider requests and favorite items – diet Coca-Cola with no caffeine and Doritos, preferably the cheesy flavor but Dippas in this case.

She writes, “I wanted to share a video of a typical dressing room that I go to at the many performances I do and all the goodies that I often show up and find!”

Showing the caffeine free Coca Cola she requested, Anastacia says in the video, “Even in Spain, we have the Coca Light, but see that sin cafeína, which means no caffeine. I request it on every rider. This is my Dom Perignon. This is my Jack Daniels. So when everybody else requests all the alcohol, I may just request wine whenever they need it, but really, truly this is all I really care about.”

Watch the video below.

Curly Hair Is No Fun For Anastacia

Anastacia has curly hair thanks to a curling ironAnastacia checked in with fans on her YouTube channel as she was getting her hair done before performing on the Spanish reality dance competition ‘Fama’ in Madrid.

“This is so what I do for every single day, for hours upon end because I went and decided, ‘Oh it’s so exciting to have curly hair’,” the singer complained. “Well I don’t have naturally curly hair. This goes on every time you see me with curly hair and I’m sitting in this chair for hours, while this poor woman just burns her fingers.”

Watch the clip below.

Anastacia Checks In After ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’ Appearance

Anastacia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anastaciaofficial) on Wednesday (December 10). The singer tells readers:

Hey Fan-ily

I am so sorry that I haven’t written in awhile… I was spending a better part of last week fighting a cold and in bed… )-:

I feel much better today!!! I’ve just been in London to do a show here called Paul O’Grady…

I am working every day till December 17th so I will write daily email to let you guys know what’s going on…

I just finished designing some merchandise that will be going on sale on my website!!! I am excited to have some items available before Christmas… Hope you guys like the stuff!!!

I will be working in Spain, Germany and Ireland on my final travel promotion before the holidays so with any luck I will get to see some snow!!!! Not likely in Spain!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Watch a video blog of Anastacia backstage at ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’ on Tuesday (December 9), where she shows off a Guinness Book of World Records plaque for wrapping a “record” two Christmas presents below… And watch the interview at YouTube.

Anastacia Meets With Fans From Italy And Holland

Anastacia posted some footage of her chat with four fans who braved the cold to see her. “I am always amazed at the lengths some of my fans go,” the pop singer writes. “These amazing people travelled from Italy and Holland. They spent a long COLD day waiting to see me. I thank them and all the fans who support me in this very generous way!” Watch it via YouTube below.

Anastacia Checks In After Presenting At EMAs


Anastacia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anastaciaofficial) on Friday (November 7) after participating in Thursday’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool. The American pop singer tells readers:

Hello Fan-ily…

I am at the Manchester airport heading to Amsterdam…I was presenting an award at the European MTV awards yesterday!!! It was a very long day but I had a great time!!! How cool that the event was in Liverpool!!

I didn’t get to hang out with anybody but I did say hello to Leona Lewis, P!nk and Kid Rock!!! I am going to perform on the World Music Awards on Sunday so with any luck I will have some behind the scenes video footage from a super cool video camera that my record label gave me so I could share some fun and special moments with you guys…

more to come…

(-: xoAnastacia

Anastacia’s Hotel Heater Mishap


Anastacia updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anastaciaofficial) on Wednesday (October 29) after performing at the Pink Ribbon Gala. The American pop singer tells readers:

Hello Everyone

It was a very long day yesterday – I arrived in Stockholm, Sweden at 4am.

At the hotel, they brought me space heater to help warm up my room – unfortunately, when I plugged them in they blew the main fuse so I was left in the dark!! The hotel brought me up a flashlight and I was laughing at myself trying to brush my teeth with only the light from the flashlight!!!

I just finished singing at a wonderful Gala supporting Breast Cancer!!! I am at the airport getting ready to fly to Rome where I will be performing on the Lottery Show.

That’s all for now…