Angelique Sabrina On Her Ian Somerhalder Crush & Shopping Impulses

Angelique Sabrina, photographed in front of a graffiti wall, did 20 questions about a celebrity crush, a most embarrassing on-stage moment and loving to shop for clothes

Angelique Sabrina did a round of 20 questions with Hollywire, which included her most embarrassing moment on stage, how Ian Somerhalder is her celebrity crush, being someone who likes to splurge on clothing, preferring One Direction to Big Time Rush, loving to shop for clothing, meeting the Jonas Brothers and wanting to appear on ‘Jersey Shore’.

Talking about the on-stage moment that left her most red faced, Angelique said, “When I was like eight, I put myself in a talent competition. It was like a pageant, so they said what’s your favorite color and I stood there for like 30 seconds, and I was like uh… purple.”

Talking about her celeb crush being ‘Lost’ actor Ian Somerhalder, she said, “I love Ian Somerhalder. I actually got to meet him a few days ago. I freaked out.”

“I’m a clothes person. I like to shop,” Angelique confessed. “If I get money in my hands, the first place I’m going is a store.”

Watch the rapid-fire video segment via YouTube below.

Angelique Sabrina On Rihanna Comparisons, ‘Pull Up’ & Her Sound

Angelique Sabrina, pictured singing, talks about comparisons to Rihanna, being a 14-year-old in the music business, her catchy sound, dad's help creating 'Pull Up' and wanting young listeners to be inspired by her music

Angelique Sabrina sat down with Hollywire recently, discuss her single ‘Pull Up’, her upcoming debut album, being compared to Rihanna, how the music industry has treated her, what she hopes listeners will get from her music and more.

“I’m very honored by that. Rihanna is amazing,” Angelique said about comparisons to the ‘Umbrella’ singer.

As for how the industry has been for the 14-year-old, she said, “Amazing so far. I am so young and everybody seems to be embracing my music so well, and that sort of surprised me, but I don’t think there’s really anybody my age right now in the game. So the fact that people are excited about my project makes me excited.”

On her R&B, pop and Caribbean sound, she remarked, “It’s not very hard on the ears. It’s very easy to listen to and sing along with and very catchy.”

Talking about her single ‘Pull Up’, Angelique said, “That’s a song that my dad actually first started off on. I was at school one day and he had probably been in the studio all day, and when I got home, he had this little thing he was working on that he wanted me to try out, so we got in the studio and I sang, and we left it alone for awhile, but after coming back at it and fixing it and perfecting it, we came up with the concept of the dance, the ‘Pull Up’, that’s when I got with the choreographer in the Bahamas and we came up with the whole routine together.”

Asked what she hopes fans will bring from her music, Angelique said, “I am kind of young, and I hope that people my age can look at what I’m doing and feel inspired to do whatever they want to do. Whether you want to be a chef or whatever you want to be. You don’t have to be an artist to be inspired by one. I hope that it can inspire people.”

Angelique Sabrina Shoots ‘Pull Up’ Remix Video With Pro Cheerleaders

Angelique Sabrina 'Pull Up' Remix

Angelique Sabrina recently filmed footage for the official remix video for her dance hit ‘Pull Up’. The pop newcomer was joined by professional dancers from the NFL, NBA, and more. Check out a new behind the scenes clip from the shoot featuring Angelique stopping by the P-R-O Professional Cheerleader and Dancer Convention to perform ‘Pull Up’ with the dancers via YouTube below.

Angelique Sabrina Offers ‘Pull Up’ Dance Moves Instructional Video

Angelique Sabrina hair

Angelique Sabrina, who recently released her debut video ‘Pull Up’, has released a new instructional clip for fans to learn the moves from the 14-year-old herself. The music video for ‘Pull Up’ was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Skee TV (The Game, T. Pain) and Fernando Cordero of Industrial Films (Mr. Big).

“I know that it might have been difficult for some of you to catch on to the steps I was doing in my previous video, so this is going to be a video of me breaking down all the steps for the dance ‘Pull Up’,” Angelique says introducing the instructions.

Watch it via YouTube below.

Angelique Sabrina ‘Pull Up’ Video

Angelique Sabrina

Bahamas native Angelique Sabrina is creating the next big dance craze with her debut video ‘Pull Up’, which can be viewed via YouTube below. Angelique went to Los Angeles to shoot the video with Skee TV and Fernando Cordero of Industrial Films. The video features Angelique’s own unique dance move (which she has coined as the “pull up”), as well as her distinct mix of Pop and R&B with a touch of Caribbean flavor, energy, and style.

At only 14 years old, Angelique already has a strong resume. She’s played in front of crowds as big as 20,000, and was declared the winner of Sydney, Australia’s top 5 Rising Star Countdown. She’s a student of music who started studying piano, guitar, and drums while she was just a child, and is a talented singer, songwriter, actor and dancer.

In the studio, Angelique has garnered attention from the likes of Grammy-award winner Rockwilder, whose credits include Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny’s Child. “Angelique Sabrina records quickly and on-point like someone who has been doing this for a very long time,” says the veteran producer. “She’s the one. She’s going to be huge.”