Pregnant Anna Sahlene Checks In After Scary Fall Down Stairs

Anna Sahlene checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace earlier this month to update fans on her recent fall down some stars while over 7 months pregnant.

“Hi Everybody. I haven’t written a bulletin or a blog lately because I’ve been so busy and now I’m trying to get some rest in,” she said. “First of all I want to thank all the fans who have been writing to me that were concerned about my tumble going up the stairs a couple of weeks ago. It was all over the Swedish papers that I fell and was in the hospital. Well, I did fall and landed on my stomach after feeling a little dizzy after a recording session. I also did end up in the hospital because I was in some pain and they kept me over the weekend to make sure everything was OK with the baby. Everything is OK now so thanks for your sweet comments and concern. It was a little scary and now I have decided to postpone the recording of my new album until after the baby is born. I’ve also decided to cancel my RIX FM radio tour for the month of August in Sweden. I’ll be doing a few shows here and there throughout the summer so check the schedule for these dates. I’m due in less than a month now and I’m really excited. Talk to you soon my friends.”