Annie Lennox Blogs In The New Year

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Friday (January 1), thanking fans for their well wishes and marking the start of 2010. The Eurythmics singer writes:

The first day of 2010 has now passed for me, and I’m going to bed… Time is so relative, meaning that it passes slowly or quickly depending on how it’s perceived. A part of me is still somewhat in denial of the fact that I’ve been in existence on the planet for five years over half a century… and another part is like… Next!! Next!!!

This is just a short blog to say THANK YOU to everybody who sent in birthday messages/Xmas messages, and New Year messages… I hope that you’ve all had a lovely break, and that you’re not too hung over/bloated/wiped out etc…. We never know what’s ahead…but at least we can do our best with the time that we have right here….and we can possibly learn to be patient and philosophical in order to deal with all the challenges and inevitable pitfalls that might come along to rain on our parade…so may the sun always shine in your corner, and may you always have a handy umbrella nearby! BEST WISHES from the Scot!

Annie Lennox Unhappy With Copenhagen Climate Change Summit Results

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Sunday (December 20), disappointed with the results of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The Eurythmics singer tells readers:

Well, the “accord” (nothing really binding) at Copenhagen has been reached, with loopholes so big you could fly a jet plane through them. So much for “extreme urgency to save the planet.” Apparently we’ve made a “first step”. I mean… either the planet is imminently about to scorch to a crisp, or it’s not. What’s the deal here??

When your house is burning down, you don’t take a “first step” out of the building.. you MOVE FAST…. you RUN taking GIANT STEPS!

According to the politicians “speech rhetoric”, there seems to be a kind of feel good factor in sounding as if you’re really taking it seriously, and are genuinely making the effort required to address the situation… But then everybody knows that talk is cut price. Is anyone surprised? What did you expect?

Little Boots Covers ‘No More I Love You’s’ By Annie Lennox

Little Boots mirrors

Little Boots posted a cover of ‘No More I Love You’s’ by Annie Lennox on her YouTube channel. “Here is a song I filmed when I was practicing for my performance at the Annie Lennox tribute evening last week for the Red Cross,” the English pop singer writes. “It was an amazing night and I have never been so scared of performing acoustically in my life as Annie was sat right in front of me and is such an idol of mine, plus the song is incredibly high and so hard to sing! She does it so well… Anyway I nearly bottled it but did it in the end and was really glad, Annie gave me a big hug afterwards and was a great night all her work for red cross is truly inspirational.” Watch it via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

David Gray ‘Full Steam’ Video Ft. Annie Lennox

David Gray is out with the music video to his new single ‘Full Steam’, featuring Annie Lennox, which is released in the UK on November 23rd. All proceeds from the sale of this single will go to Children In Need. The track is off the English singer songwriter’s eighth studio album ‘Draw the Line’, out now on Polydor/Mercer Street/Downtown. Watch it via YouTube below.

Annie Lennox Answers Fan Questions

Annie Lennox invited fans to ask her questions, which the singer responded to in the first installment on her YouTube channel. Watch Annie discuss what it was like performing ‘Under Pressure’ with David Bowie, her favorite male vocalists, what she’s learned about living life with integrity, what career she’d have chosen were she not a recording artist, and more. Watch the Q&A session below.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert Lineup Impresses Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Friday (October 30) after rehearsing amongst esteemed company for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert later that evening. The Eurythmics vocalist writes:

OK… This is like a blog/twit.. meaning.. it’s neither a blog or a twitter, but a combination of both. So… rehearsed with Ms Franklin and her band yesterday afternoon.. Lenny Kravitz dropped in, then I went next door to listen to U2 and Mick… JAGGER… that is, while Jeff Beck was rehearsing in another room… I mean… Guys???!!! GUYS???!!!
PS..Just hope I don’t fall over…

Annie Lennox: ‘Godfather 2’ A Masterpiece In Every Way

Annie Lennox played the role of movie reviewer in her latest blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Monday (August 3). The Eurythmics singer writes:

I watched The Godfather2 the other night…( for some weird reason it’s the first time I’ve seen it.) How could that be??!! It’s extraordinary. A masterpiece in every way. And as for Robert de Niro, and Al Pacino are incredible. They both use hand gestures and facial expressions that are so understated that they’re almost imperceptible…yet at the same time, deeply weighted in subliminal undertone…and Pacino’s eyes are as cold as a fish the whole way brilliant. It’s wonderful to discover a film that probably most of the western world has seen many times…except me…and find it completely transporting.

Annie Lennox Talks With Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

During a recent visit to Norway, Annie Lennox met with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to discuss the HIV/AIDS pandemic and if he feels U.S. President Barack Obama can lead a positive change on dealing with the issue. Watch highlights from the meeting below.

Annie Lennox: Our Planet Needs A Desperate Emergency Overhaul

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Monday (April 6), weighing in on last week’s G20 summit in London and the struggling state of the global economy. The Eurythmics singer writes:

We are all like little ants… going about the business of our lives in our own individual and collective ways. Ultimately we are all interconnected, and if one thing shifts, we all feel the effect in one way or another. It’s always interesting to watch the latest developments… A few days ago the G20 leaders (head ants!) gathered here in London. In a few hours, they discussed global finance, apparently looking to find solutions, or ways through the economic crisis. The issue is SO vast, and so complex, and it runs far deeper than mere currency. I personally believe that the entire (financial ecological ethical social industrial) system needs a desperate emergency overhaul… the whole way we exist on the planet, otherwise survival is unsustainable. We’ve been so out of kilter with the natural balance of things for so long. Indigenous people have always respected and revered nature. Even if, as human beings, they might have territorial/fights fights, the great source/provider was never abused or squandered.

Modern society has a lot to answer for… in all kinds of ways. Will the head ants manage to become collectively intelligent/cooperative/wise/visionary??? Your guess is as good as mine.

Annie Lennox Appears On ‘Mooi! Weer De Leeuw’

Annie Lennox checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Monday (March 23) after appearing on ‘Mooi! Weer De Leeuw’ in the Netherlands, where she performed the Eurythmics classic ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ and chatted with host Paul de Leeuw. Annie writes:

The show in the Netherlands was a “highlight”… in more ways than one! I could tell by the tartan kilted pipers warming up to a bagpipe version of ‘All You Need is Love’ in the car park that something “surreal” was about to take place. And the grisly row of people standing in their underpants waiting to have their bottoms slapped alerted me even more that something was “amiss” shall we say??

But it was the wafting pungency of WEED permeating the studio finally let me draw the conclusion that the drug squad might be circling the building ready to bust in at any moment… But no… We were in the Netherlands…. So… PHEW… everything was legal and hunky dory!!! There’s a first for everything… and this was the first time I’ve been interviewed on TV by a host smoking a great big spliff… genuine!!

I suspect that the whole audience was high to boot! Hysterical!!