Annie Lennox Never Felt Like She Fit In

Out Magazine spoke with Annie Lennox about her new greatest hits compilation ‘The Annie Lennox Collection’, as well as the Eurythmics singer’s connection to many gay men and women. “Although I’m heterosexual, I’ve always identified with that story of coming out, because part of my process was coming out to myself,” Lennox explained. “It’s hard to explain, but it was about learning that I was an artist and that it was fine to be creative. I’d always been threatened, like ‘If you don’t stick at school, you’ll end up in factory,’ and it was very fear-based — a feeling that maybe there was something untoward about you, something not quite right. So I never felt I fitted in anywhere, and I still don’t. There’s no complaint, but it’s part of the story — always looking for the tribe, never finding it.”

The article and video at has since been removed.

Annie Lennox Explains ‘Sing’ Snippet On ‘Live With Regis And Kelly’

Annie Lennox checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Thursday (February 12) after arriving in Los Angeles, talking about her performance on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’, the love she’s received from American fans during her visit, and the scorn she caught from autograph resellers after not signing for the leeches. The Eurythmics singer tells readers:

Well… I made it to Los Angeles. The days have flown by so quickly, that I could hardly keep track. It’s actually been a lot of fun, although I can’t say I relish getting up at 4.30am@ Never know whether my brain is going to function, let alone my voice! Much appreciation to those Peeps who came to see the performances …guess it must have been a bit lousy having to get up so early to drive and queue et al…very sweet of you! Just a few comments…when I played ‘SING’ at the beginning, it was what they call a “bumper”, which is a quick camera reference, to show viewers what’s coming up next, so it was all pre planned that I’d just play for a snippet. They weren’t being rude, and cutting me off. If you get a chance to see behind the scenes, you’d be amazed at the amount of work and detail that goes into just one performance.. whether live on stage, television, video or radio. It all has to be worked out to the last detail. Most of what we do is behind the scenes.. the actual performance is the cherry on the cake! One thing I have to say is that whenever I come to the US, everyone is so exceptionally nice to me… extremely complimentary… and very kind. So much so that I get a tiny bit embarrassed because the sun does not shine from my posterior…even though I almost get to thinking that it might!! You do get quickly slapped down to earth… Had to leave the TV station in a rush and couldn’t sign autographs for a few scalpers at the door… they followed the car and yelled that I was a c… AND a p…..!!! (Didn’t know I was hermaphrodite)… There ya go hone! Hey ho…can’t please ’em all!!!

Annie Lennox Talks About Her Visit To America

Annie Lennox talks about her visit to New York City and Los Angeles to see her peeps

Annie Lennox’s latest video blog features the Eurythmics singer discussing her visit to New York City for a few days, followed by a trip to Los Angeles, where she’s hoping to see some of her “peeps”. Annie also plugged her new video ‘Shining Light’.

“So, I’m just about to come to America,” Lennox said. “I’m going to be in New York City for a few days and I’m going to do a few television shows and I’m gonna talk to the New York Times and I’m gonna hope some of you watching this are going to come. You can wave to me. You can go ‘Peep! I’m a peep!’ and I’ll peep you back. We’ll have a sign for it. What should it be? And I’m going to go to Los Angeles, then I’m gonna do some more stuff there, so I’m hoping to see some of my lovely peeps in America, the land of the free, the hope of the brave. Have you seen the ‘Shining Light’ video yet? I hope you have, if you haven’t seen it, it’s my latest video. It’s gonna be on my web site. If you haven’t seen it, go and check out the screening room on my web site.”

Watch the message below.

Annie Lennox Takes On Her Critics

Annie Lennox responded to some critics of her politically and socially themed blogs on her blog at MySpace on Monday (February 2). Here’s one question and response to the Eurythmics singer:

Please tell us exactly how you address the problems above and what percentage of your huge income actually goes to meaningfully solve these problems.


Annie has since removed the full post.

Annie Lennox ‘Shining Light’ Video

Annie Lennox 'Shining Light' music video

Annie Lennox is out with the music video to her new single ‘Shining Light’, a cover of the Ash 2001 release, one of two newly recorded songs off the Eurythmics singer’s first greatest hits compilation ‘The Annie Lennox Collection’, out February 10th via RCA Records. Watch the Phil Griffin directed video via YouTube below.

Annie Lennox Reacts To Gaza And Israel Cease Fire

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Tuesday (January 20), reacting to the news that Gaza and Israel agreed to a cease fire. The Eurythmics singer tells readers:

A cease fire of sorts has been agreed upon for the time being in Gaza. I wish I could breathe a deep sigh of relief, and feel good about it. Of course, in a sense, it is definitely a good thing that the citizens of Gaza are having a respite from the merciless bombardment they have been exposed to for the last three weeks. Hundreds of innocent people been killed and wounded… half of them were women and children…. Hundreds more corpses lie beneath the rubble. The city has been completely pulverized, with essential services wrecked. Raw sewage is running in the streets, and there’s little (if any) clean water, which makes the development of a health crisis more than likely. Thousands of citizens have been displaced from their homes, and they have no homes left to go back to.

Schools, universities, public buildings, hospitals etc….lie in ruins, and at some point, they’ll all have to be re built.

It’s hard to say what the future now holds.

Thank you to those who understood what I was saying, and where I’ve been coming from.

Annie Lennox Responds To Yoram Dori’s Open Letter

Annie Lennox responded to the open letter written to her in the Jerusalem Post by Yoram Dori, a senior adviser to Israel’s President Shimon Peres. The Eurythmics singer tells readers at her blog at MySpace (@annielennox):

From my perspective, peace and security comes with dialogue, not bullets and bombs, and therefore I make no apology for being a leading member of the voice of reason, in opposition to this senseless war. I have taken this position asa humanitarian and as a mother. I cannot stand seeing children killed. I cannot stand seeing families shattered. I want this to end, and only a permanent ceasefire will achieve this.

A peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians is possible, but it is being made impossible by this war. War is not the way to solve this conflict, and all it is doing is sewing the seeds of hatred and anger on both sides of the fence and fueling further misery, which is likely to find expression in another round of conflict.

I am not alone in my views, and my position is supported by a cross-spectrum of communities in Britain including my Jewish and Israeli friends. Mr Dori,for your information, I too have friends and family in Israel, and want to see them safe and secure, in the same way that I want human rights protection for the citizens of Gaza.

Annie Lennox: The Citizens Of Gaza Are Completely Imprisoned

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Sunday (January 11), offering a follow-up to her prior blogs on Israel’s invasion of Gaza. The Eurythmics singer tells readers:

As each day goes by while the death toll in Gaza rises, hopes for lasting peace seem to diminish. A third of the fatalities ( currently over 800) are children. The UN resolution for cease fire was vetoed by the US, which rendered it useless. How many more innocent civilians have to die before the carnage stops?

The citizens of Gaza are completely imprisoned. There is NO safe place for them to go, so when they are showered with leaflets sent from the planes, warning them to avoid likely targets, what are they supposed to do?? They are being relentlessly bombarded from the skies, from the sea, and on the ground. Mosques, schools, universities…homes. Gaza is a nightmarish death trap.

There is little water, the sanitation has broken down, the hospitals are overflowing with casualties, with people dying in the corridors. Doctors are working 24 hours are day, with no proper medical supplies, and regular power cuts. People cannot get access to food or basic requirements. The international humanitarian organizations are struggling to assist, but the three hour slots allotted to them are barely workable, and they risk their lives trying to gain access. Several aid workers have been killed.

This military bombardment will never bring about a peaceful resolution for either side in this man made catastrophe.

Annie Lennox: I Am Not ‘Anti Israeli’

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Tuesday (January 6), offering a follow-up to her feelings on Israel’s invasion of Gaza, where she had indicated a giant step backwards was taken towards a peaceful resolution. The Eurythmics singer told readers:

I have made my position very clear. I do not believe that there is a military solution to the situation in Gaza. I support peaceful conflict resolution, and dialogue, which HAS to take place inevitably in order to resolve the situation in any case. I do not believe that the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians will solve anything. It will only make things worse for everyone, on BOTH sides. I am posting a video from the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, who is saying EXACTLY what I have said consistently.

There has to be an absolute cease fire as soon as possible. The reason why I spoke out when I did was because at that point in time there was a tiny window of opportunity to prevent a blood bath on both sides BEFORE the ground troops went in. I have NEVER condoned suicide bombings, or the firing of missiles into Israel. I repeat…The slaughter of innocent lives on BOTH sides is abhorrent.

I am not “anti Israeli”, nor have I EVER been, and for anyone to say that I am is profoundly offensive and completely wrong.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox Clarifies Position On Israel’s Gaza Invasion

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Sunday (January 4). The Eurythmics singer told readers:

As you are probably aware, I’ve been pretty busy over the last few days, talking to media and press with regard to the dire situation in Gaza.

I want to make my position crystal clear.

I am making a plea on behalf of innocent civilians. ALL innocent civilians on BOTH sides.
Now that Israeli ground forces have entered Gaza, there is only one guarantee.. ABSOLUTE CARNAGE.

How can this strategy ever contribute to the creation of lasting peace, security and stability for Israeli citizens, Palestinian citizens, or citizens of the world???

As of yesterday, a tragic giant step was taken backwards and further away from peaceful conflict resolution.