Annie Checks In After Wonderful Weekend Gigs

Annie checked in with fans on her official web site blog at on Monday (September 13), discussing some gigs she had over the weekend. The Norwegian pop singer writes:

Listening to Taana Gardener, eating some peanut butter and working like mad, sounds like a mess.. haha, yes it is, but that’s a typical Monday morning, or more like it.. afternoon!!

Had 2 really wonderful gigs this weekend. Played at ‘Watergate’ In Kreutzberg, Berlin this Thursday/Friday morning. Christabelle and Lindstrøm and Mungolian Jetset was playing live too. Never seen Mungolian J. before. I liked them.

I haven’t been djing in Berlin since the Spex party in May, so it was really really fun to do a gig here. The venue wasn’t that big, but it was packed with people and a good soundsystem, that made it even better. has since shut down.

Annie Hopes To Recover Quickly From Illness

Annie updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Monday (October 26), discussing how she was feeling ill and the release of ‘Don’t Stop’ in her native Norway. The electropop singer writes:

Sitting in the kitchen in Bergen. A beautiful evening…. but about 4 hours ago, I just started feeling sick. S.O.S… NOOOOO… drinking water with lemon, ginger and honey. al natural.. hopefully it’s gonna help, because tomorrow morning I’m flying off to Oslo, doing lots of interviews. Looking forward to it, but hopefully I’m all good by tomorrow. X my fingers.

Last week I was in Kent, writing with the Xenomania crew. Was fun,inspiring as always… lots of work!!! But my neck is hurting like mad this week, after all that songwriting, sore neck, good music.. need to get a massage.

Annie Hopes You’ll Be Pleased With ‘Don’t Stop’

Annie updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Monday (August 17), talking about eating Vietnamese food and the upcoming release of her second studio album ‘Don’t Stop’. The Norwegian electropop singer writes:

I’ve been working a lot this summer, and some of you have probably already noticed that there’s been some talk about my album…. Don’t stop… it will be out,the OCTOBER 19th 2009, so I’m very very pleased!!!!! And I hope you will be too. It’s great running my own label, and also working with people who I find really inspiring. I also have a new management that’s really good too. So I’m truly happy.

Annie Hunts For A New Home

Annie checked in with fans on her MySpace (@anniemusic) page on Sunday (May 31), posting a mix she did with Dj Fett Burger after returning home to Berlin, Germany. The Norwegian pop singer writes:

At the moment I’m home in my nice flat in Berlin, working on some new songs…. and looking for a new apartment. I have to be out by the first of July, cause they are renovating this one … a shame. So lets x our fingers, and hope I’ll find something. If not you’ll soon see me at the street corner by Alexanderplatz singing with the gypsies and maybe even dancing… Well, at the moment it’s summer in Berlin… so I guess I’ll survive….

Annie Discusses ‘Anthonio’ & Island Departure

Digital Spy spoke with Annie in a Q&A, asking the Norwegian pop star about her new single ‘Anthonio’ and her departure from Island Records last year. “Well, I guess I ended up in a pretty typical, classic major label situation,” Annie explained. “The boss who signed me up left after just four months and I was basically on my own. I was working with a team who didn’t really understand the project at all and didn’t share the vision I had. It got to the point where it almost like a fight. I felt like I was working against them, so I’m pretty happy to be free of that restraint.” Annie’s new album will be released on her own label, Total Records. Read more.

Annie Readies ‘Ánthonio’ Release In 6 Weeks

Annie updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Wednesday (March 18), talking about her new single ‘Ánthonio’. The Norwegian singer songwriter tells readers:

How are you doing? Just been eating dinner.. yes, late dinner. Mexican style, tacos and all of that. Sitting here, listening to the new album of Whitest Boy Alive. I like it a lot. Actually think it’s better then the first. Nice stuff.

Lately I’ve mostly been working on the business stuff. Every single day. Lots of lots of things to do. But it’s all getting together.

AND In 6 weeks ÁNTHONIO.. will finally be out. yeah… I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s 2 different versions of my man…. Mr Antonio…. and includes 2 remixes too. And yes, Don’t stop will come out too. I will soon give you the release date… yep yep yep..

Annie May Release ‘Don’t Stop’ On Her Own Label

Annie spoke with Billboard about plans to release her second album ‘Don’t Stop’ later this year after ending her Island Records deal last year. “I own the masters, so I can do whatever I want to do. I might do it myself, on my own label,” the Norwegian artist explained. “We’re talking to people too. There’s so much happening in the business right now. In a way, I feel to do things on your own, you’re in control. I’ve always been this sort of artist that people don’t know how to categorize me and what to do with me.”

Annie pinned the reason on her departure from Island on the exit of the label’s U.K. president Nick Gatfield. “It’s just difficult, when you first work with someone and you have a vision and an idea of what you want to do, and suddenly you’re working with someone who doesn’t care about anything at all,” Annie explained.

The story at has since been removed.

Christmas In Mexico For Annie?

Annie updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Sunday (December 14), discussing possible Christmas plans in Mexico and her next single. The Norwegian pop singer tells readers:

How are you? I’m home in Berlin, trying to get flights to Mexico, thinking of going there for Christmas. Haven’t found the perfect tickets yet, and as always.. I’m late. But hopefully, I’ll be going to Mexico in not too long time… yeah:-) Been to Mexico ones before. Was great. And I miss swimming, and not freezing.

So either I’ll be in Mexico, dancing, having some tequila and eating too many burritos on Christmas eve, or I’ll go and see my family in Bergen, freezing, but eating some great food, hmmmmmm. And of course.. always nice to meet my mother, and little Joey girl (my cat… for all of you who did not know)

Been working a lot on getting the sleeve ready for my next single… it’s a great designer who’s living in Berlin that’s gonne do it, so mailing him all kinds of ideas, pix etc… so exited bout Ánthonio… I’m also preparing another single that will be out close to Ánthonio.., so for next year I’ll release records as often as possible, music for your ears. oh yeah.

Annie Back In Berlin, Loads Up On New Instruments

Annie updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Wednesday (December 3). The Norwegian pop singer tells readers:

Just had a really nice dinner… mmmmh,tunasalad. Back in Berlin, home sweet home. Well, not that sweet these days. It’s cold here.. winter, but no snow like in Helsinki, just grey. But I’ve been doing lot of fun things. Had a really fun gig at Erottaja in Helsinki. It’s this small bar, but really really nice. Was playing with 2 local DJs.. great. The finns are the best. Party Anniemals.

I also bought myself a lot of nu instruments (kaosspad, kaossilator, a Joe Meek vocal processor etc), so doing some music on my own at the moment. hehe… love it. Makes the winter a little less grey.

Right now I’m listening to Glass Candy. Really big fan of them. Next week they’re playing live in Berlin… can’t wait to see them:-) I’ve heard they’re suppose to be really good!!!

Wanna thank you all for your support on me leaving Island.. had so much mails and comments. But it’s all been good, really happy for that :-) Means a lot to me. At the moment we’re preparing the release of Ánthonio.. for beginning of 2009. There’s gonna be 2 remixes. One by Designer Drugs, some American guys, and then there’ll be a remix by my all time favorite Fred Falke!!! Ánthonio.. is in need of a french kiss:-) So it’s all very exiting… I’m also preparing another release coming out just after Anthonio… so busy busy bee.

Annie Departs Island Records

Annie checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Tuesday (November 25), where the Norwegian singer talked about a meeting she had last week with Island Records. The 30-year-old writes:

I’ve been bit upset, cuz they never wanted to come up with a release date of ‘Don’t Stop’. I think it’s a great label, but I never felt they were that positive to my ideas… so we decided that we’re not gonna work together anymore. After Nick Gatfield, who was the head of Island left the label… a couple of months after I signed, things changed. I’m an artist with lots of ideas, plans… so I’m gonna do things my own way from now on.

At least there will be much more Annie records/songs coming out next year then 2008… Already very first week of 2009, I’m coming out with a song called ‘ÁNTHONIO’.. that I hope you’ll be into… it’s gonna be out on Richard X’s label… so watch out!!!

I think Island are great… it just wasn’t the place for me… no hard feelings, the show will go on… the Annie caravan will keep on moving, and the dogs’ll keep on barking :-)