Annie Looks To Release New Album Before Year’s End

Annie tells Time Off magazine’s she’s working on a new album. “I’ve written three songs already. I’m coming out with a 12 inch in March of a song called ‘The Crush’ and probably a 12 inch on my own label maybe in a few months, and I hope to finish my own album in late Autumn, so in winter hopefully it will come out. It’s exciting!” The full article at has since been removed.

Annie Prefers To Be Making Music

Top Of The Pops caught up with Annie for a Q&A and asked the Norwegian if she prefers being a DJ or a pop star. “Definitely making music and being a popstar,” she responded. “I DJ because I’m such a music fan and I love to play records. I love to play in clubs and see people’s reactions to music, it’s fun – maybe I’m a bit of a music nerd! I’m always saying stuff like ‘oh, the bass on this sounds really good.’ Making music belongs to my heart – it’s what I love to do!”

Annie’s ‘Chewing Gum’

Norwegian pop newcomer Annie is set to release her debut ‘Chewing Gum’, produced by Richard X, in the UK. Listen to it online at