Antony Costa: Blue Tour This Year, New Album Next Year

Antony Costa talked with ITN about how preparations are going for the Blue reunion shows. Antony said he remembers all the old songs, and it’ll be different this time around because “we’re older, we’re wiser.” Costa said they’ll be performing their old stuff this year and begin work on a new album next year. Watch via YouTube below.

Antony Flirts With Big Brother Star

January 7, 2007 – The Sunday Mirror reports former Blue star Antony Costa was spotted flirting at Embassy Club with Big Brother star and former Miss Wales, Imogen Thomas. “Imogen wasn’t just flirting for Wales – she was flirting for Britain – when she and Ant chatted,” an onlooker said. “They clicked straight away and were inseparable all night.” The pair also left the club together with their pals.

Blue Plan One Time Reunion Gig For Charity

July 9, 2006 – An insider tells The People that Blue are planning to get back together to perform a one-off charity concert as the boy band’s final farewell. “Simon Webbe has told pals in Manchester that it’s definitely going to happen,” a source told the tabloid. “They wanted to be one of the first bands to play the new Wembley stadium. But it’ll probably be Old Trafford now.”

Antony Costa And Adele Silva Break Up

Former Blue star Antony Costa tells The Mirror he’s broken up with long time girlfriend Adele Silva. “Adele and I have split. It’s very sad,” Costa said. “But we will always remain the best of friends. No one else is involved. It’s an amicable split.”

Daz Sampson To Represent Britain For Eurovision

March 7, 2006 – BBC One viewers have chosen rapper Daz Sampson as Britain’s entry for May’s 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece. Public votes for Sampson topped former Blue star Antony Costa, Four Story, Goran Kay, City Chix and former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh during the “Making Your Mind Up” contest, the BBC reported Monday. On being crowned the winner, Sampson said: “I knew the British public wouldn’t let me down. It’s time for a change, it’s time to go out there and do something a little bit different and I hope that on 20 May you will all be behind me.”

Antony Solo Hopes Not Helped By Reality Show

January 18, 2006 – Former Blue star Antony Costa revealed that his time in the jungle on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ helped him to achieve one thing: to “lose weight”. He told Ann Montini of Sky News: “It has not resulted in more interest in my music career. I still can’t get radio play for my new single and, to be honest, it was good fun but it can’t re-launch your career.”

Antony Costa Has The Smallest Snake In The Jungle

Jodie Marsh told all to News of the World about her three-month fling with ex-Blue star Antony Costa. “He’s VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY small, the smallest I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m talking like maybe two inches tops,” Jodie revealed. “I must be really unlucky when it comes to men’s willies because I always seem to get really small ones. Antony’s very self-conscious about his and tried to make out that it wasn’t a tiddler. But I could tell straight away. It’s not just a little bit small, it’s like a button mushroom.”

Birmingham Fireworks Spectacular

Former Blue star Antony Costa, former Atomic Kitten Liz McLarnon, and Friday Hill performed at the Birmingham Fireworks Spectacular on Saturday (November 5) at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, England.

Pictures at have since been removed.

Red-Faced Blue Singer Over Bossy Line-Cutting Girlfriend

January 2, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports actress Adele Silva cut in line at TGI Friday’s in the Bluewater shopping center in Kent the other night. She shouted to her embarrassed boyfriend Antony Costa of Blue: “Come on. Just do what I say. Follow me.”

Party Night With Blue’s Antony Costa

September 23, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Blue singer Antony Costa is launching his own club night at London’s Embassy beginning October 14th. “Antony really wants to act but he also loves the promotions side of things,” a club insider said. “He reckons teaming up with Jodie will help pull in the crowds.”

Antony Costa Goes Shopping With Baby Daughter

Blue singer Antony Costa was photographed shopping for his 6-month-old daughter Emilie at Toys R Us in North London with the little girl in a stroller. “Girls were very impressed at how close he seems to his baby,” a female shopper said. “He couldn’t stop kissing and cuddling her.” Read more, including photos, from TheSun.

A Weighty Issue For Blue’s Antony

August 19, 2004 – Blue star Antony Costa is complaining about coverage focusing on his waistline. He told Ann Montini of Sky News: “All the other guys can eat what they want, but with me it clings on. Comments from the media hurt like hell.”

Antony Costa’s Thick Back Hair Is A Put Off

Sky News reports that Blue star Antony Costa is so hairy that he has to have his back waxed at least once a week. A lady friend of his revealed, “He is a bit chubby, but the worst thing is his hairy back – it put me right off.”

Blue’s Antony Costa Denies Causing Trouble In Cyprus

Blue star Antony Costa phoned The Sun while vacationing in Cyprus to deny claims he was involved in a fight with a “fan” who wanted to photograph him at Ayia Napa’s Castle Club. “This drunk bloke was being really abusive, shouting things like, ‘Oi, fat boy from Westlife’,” Antony said. “Then he demanded to know which hotel I was staying in because he was going to go and kill me. I hadn’t said or done anything to him. And I certainly didn’t get in a fight. I’m just trying to have a nice holiday. I’ve got two months off from the band and I’m planning on seeing some of my family who live here.”

Blue’s Antony Costa Sends Goons After Fan Photographer

The Daily Star reports that after James Goodridge spotted Antony Costa on a night out in Ayia Napa, he went over to take the Blue star’s photo, only to become a human punching bag for a friend of the singer. “I was with two mates when we spotted Antony at a nearby bar,” he explained. “I asked if I could take a photo but Antony told me to fu** off… Before we knew it, this guy came over and walloped me five times in the face… Antony stuck his finger up as he looked on.”

Blue’s Antony Costa Considers ‘EastEnders’ Future

‘EastEnders’ star Shane Ritchie has been giving Blue star Antony Costa some acting advice and believes the soap’s writers could come up with the perfect part for him. “Shane Richie’s lovechild. Alfie Moon’s son,” Costa told Radio 1. “I’d love to join ‘Enders, definitely. I’ve got a few friends there. A lot of the ‘Enders cast have actually said ‘We’d love you to be in it’ so who knows? I’ve got myself an acting agent, Shane Richie’s agent, so Shane Richie’s my mentor, he’s my Mr Miyagi as I always call him, and he laughs at that. He’s introduced me to his agent and his agent’s taken me on, so hopefully please God there’s some stuff in the pipeline for me.”

Blue’s Antony Goes In For The Kill After Three Strikeouts

June 5, 2004 – The Mirror reports that before Blue star Antony Costa hooked up with Corrie actress Lucy-Jo Hudson, he tried unsuccessfully to snag ex-Emmerdale actress Adele Silva, Bad Girls beauty Dannielle Brent, and former S Club star Rachel Stevens — all without success. But Lucy-Jo couldn’t resist the crooner’s charms and it wasn’t long before he whisked her off to swanky nightspot, Embassy. “They were all over each other,” a spy revealed. “They were dancing closely and caressing each other. It was quite a show.”

Blue’s Antony Hooks Up With Lucy-Jo Hudson

June 5, 2004 – The Sun reports Blue star Antony Costa hooked up with actress Lucy-Jo Hudson at the FHM Sexiest party in London on Thursday (June 3) at Guild Hall. “It was certainly Blue behavior,” an onlooker remarked. “Antony was all over Lucy-Jo. They were there only ten minutes before they began snogging – and it was full-on. They were like a pair of teenagers left on their own – but the club was really busy. Everyone could see and was whispering.”

Blue’s Antony Complains About Post-Split Tab Treatment

May 25, 2004 – Blue’s Antony Costa expressed frustration in an interview with Sugar magazine about his tumultuous split from ex Lucy Bolster, who has since had his baby, and the highly critical tabloid treatment of his lifestyle. “When I split up with my girlfriend, it was my business… But all the attention has really aggravated the situation,” he said. “Now if I go out and have a drink, I’m branded an alcoholic and a bad person. I’m not asking anyone to get the violins out but I can’t seem to win.”

Blue’s Antony Costa Buys Home For Ex And Daughter

The Mirror reports that though they are no longer a couple, Blue star Antony Costa is buying a $450,000 home in Wales for Lucy Bolster and their two-month-old daughter Emilie. He said, “Lucy’s really keen to move there and it’s a great place to bring up kids. I adore my daughter and see her whenever I can.”

Blue’s Antony Recovers From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

April 14, 2004 – Antony Costa of Blue has revealed he was once gripped by an obsessive compulsive disorder. He admitted to Top of the Pops magazine, “If I’m in my mum and dad’s house on my own I hate it. I have to go around checking all the doors and windows. I even have to clean the toilet seat in a certain way.”