Anya Marina’s ‘Satellite Heart’ Featured In ‘New Moon’

Anya Marina 'New Moon'

Anya Marina checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anyamarina) on Tuesday (September 29), discussing her song ‘Satellite Heart’ being included in the new ‘Twilight’ film ‘New Moon’. The San Diego based singer songwriter tells readers:

A few months ago, I was asked by Chris Weitz (the director of the new Twilight movie (New Moon) to come in to his office to screen the latest Twilight movie, NEW MOON. I guess he’d heard my cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” and really liked it. Naturally, I was thrilled. I heard all sorts of my favorite bands were being considered for the soundtrack (Thom Yorke, Death Cab, Grizzly Bear, etc). In fact, on the day of my own private screening, as I walked in, The Killers were making their way out.

Anya Marina Conflicted & Flustered By First Boob Signing Request

Anya Marina in a tank top

Anya Marina checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anyamarina) on Thursday (July 9), offering a diary of her tour dates with The Virgins and a bunch of photos. On one of the stops, the singer songwriter tells readers:

Orlando, FL – The Social
The Virgins KILL in Orlando, playing one of their best shows of the tour. I take a couple of pictures and call the series “A De-Flowering at The Social.”

Also: today I have my first ever boob-signing request by a girl named Trisha. (My inner rockstar celebrates and my inner feminist raises an eyebrow…). I get so nervous signing that I actually write HER name on her own breast (which makes no sense) and to add insult to injury I misspell it “Tricia.”

Note to self: don’t use permanent marker when signing body parts.

Anya Marina Visits Britt Daniel Home

Anya Marina, currently on tour with the Virgins, got her Flip cam in tow and put together a video for Anya told the story of selling t-shirts of her urinating unicorn to a mysterious Canadian metal band. After borrowing an amp from Spoon’s Britt Daniel, she checked out his basement and the green frog/pig.

“Last night we were in Vancouver, Canada and played a place called Biltmore Caberet, and a group of tattooed, very inebriated individuals came up and asked if they could buy a bunch of unicorn t-shirts,” Anya explained. “It turns out they’re a metal band, so I could not be more excited that a mysterious, Canadian metal band is rocking my urinating unicorn t-shirt. That’s rich.”

Video at has since been removed.

The Evolution Of Anya Marina’s Chin Bruise

Anya Marina checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anyamarina) on Wednesday (May 20), en route from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Today my chin bruise has flowered into a nice purple and grey mess. It looks like I’m making some kind of statement, so I opt against makeup and — as Lissy Trullie encourages me — I “just rock it.” Luckily, I’m in no danger of repeating said guitar injury, as the Virgins’ silky haired guitarist Wade MacGuyvered my strap problem with a “strap block.” This tiny rubber contraption costs under a dollar and quite literally could’ve saved my face from a week of ugly bruising. (Note to accident-prone and vain musicians everywhere: invest in strapblocks!)

Check out a prior video blog below.

Anya Marina Gets Her Face Bruised Courtesy Of Her Guitar

Anya Marina recently recorded a new video blog while on the road. Follow along as the singer songwriter fills viewers in on how the start of her tour with The Virgins and Lissy Trullie is going, how she received the bruise on her face, and her thoughts on eating on the road. “I look like Chris Brown’s latest girlfriend,” Anya joked about the mark which she got “getting in an argument with my guitar.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Anya Marina Talks With Tour Chef & “Joyologist” Tricia Huffman

While Anya Marina is touring the country this spring with Jason Mraz, the singer songwriter got a taste of Raw Food Chef & Resident “Joyologist” Tricia Huffman’s tasty grub. “I feel really good,” Marina told Huffman. “I feel hyper. I feel like I can get a lot of things done. Is there anything else that you put in this nori wrap that we don’t know about?” Watch the clip below.

Anya Marina Gets A Haircut, Pines For A Wingman

Anya Marina talks about a wingman while getting her bangs trimmed during a celebrity haircutAnya Marina’s latest video diary features the singer songwriter on tour with The Virgins and Lissy Trullie, getting a haircut from Lissy and talking about not wanting the tour to end, how we need a Chuck Woolery of rock and personally wanting a wingman. Anya then was seen hanging with The Virgins backstage before their gig.

“There’s a dearth of ass on this tour,” Anya complained. “We need like a Chuck Woolery of rock to come out on the road or have a show and hook the bitches up. I need one of those things called a wingman.”

Watch the webisode below.

Anya Marina Performs ‘All the Same to Me’

Anya Marina is featured on’s Breaking Blog, performing ‘All the Same to Me’, a track off the Los Angeles based indie pop artist’s second album ‘Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II’. Marina also talked about working with Spoon’s Britt Daniel and Louis XIV’s Brian Karscig on the release, after meeting the pair during her prior work as a radio DJ in San Diego. “Brian and I did 10 songs in San Diego together,” she said. “He pushed me to yell and do stuff I hadn’t done before. Working with Britt was like working with myself. I think both of us are songwriters that are used to woodshedding alone so working together was pretty illuminating. We did a few songs together up in his house. It was the ideal workday: he totally gave me that space which is great, I’d wake, fry up an egg, make some tea, go to the basement for a while, break for lunch, do normal life stuff, come back home and finish up some stuff. He made me laugh so hard. I’d order him around, we’d laugh some more. Then we’d go out and see a show at night. It was like being married.”

The full story and performance at has since been removed.