Appleton’s Third Single Flops

Appleton 'Everything Eventually' single cover

The Sun reports that the Appleton sisters are heading for the pop scrapheap as their latest record ‘Everything Eventually’ is set to bomb in this week’s chart, coming in at a miserable #35 in the midweek charts. “The girls are devastated about being a flop, because they are used to massive success with All Saints,” a source said. “They knew they were in trouble because the record has had virtually no radio airplay. But even they were shocked at the midweek position.” Read more.

Natalie Appleton Worries About Stage Fright

Natalie Appleton tells Radio 1 she’s worried she’ll freeze up on stage at T in the Park this weekend when she performs with her sister Nicole. “Sometimes I get frozen! Since I hurt my hand, I’ve been a bit static,” she revealed. “I’ve cut my wrist so I’ve got no feeling in my hand so it’s made me feel a bit like ‘don’t move’. So, I try and move around if I can.” Nicole reassured her saying, “I move around for both of us!”

Liam, Appletons & Howlett Form ABBA Style Group

The Sun reports Oasis star Liam Gallagher has formed a new group with fiance Nicole Appleton, her sister Natalie, and Prodigy’s Liam Howlett, Nat’s hubby. Known as NLLN, Nicole revealed, “We did a song together called ‘Drop The Gun’. Liam screamed so loud we couldn’t hear. We came up with the name just like Abba. But we only do gigs at Liam’s house.” Read more.

Nicole Appleton Loses Use Of Hand For 18 Months

Natalie Appleton has spoken for the first time about the horror injuries she sustained after slashing her right wrist. She tells the Scottish Daily Record: “I’m in a lot of pain. Nerve pain is unique. I get what feels like electrical bolts through my brain every 10 minutes. The nerve in my hand is dying. It will heal well in 18 months, but I won’t be able to feel my fingers for at least a year. I’m on painkillers, but they can’t stop the nerve pain. The hand is completely out of use. It will never be the same again. It’s been a bad time.” Natalie severed a nerve when she fell on a champagne flute two weeks ago during a wrestling match in a Liverpool hotel room with sister Nicole and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

Natalie Appleton Too Drunk To Notice Severe Cut

The Daily Star reports Natalie Appleton was taken to hospital by Oasis star Liam Gallagher and Nicole after cutting her arm on a champagne glass. The accident happened at a party the night before the hospital visit – according to a friend Natalie was “partying too hard” to notice the severity of the cut at the time.

Appletons: Ain’t ‘Fraid Of No SARS

The Ontario born Appleton sisters are heading back to Toronto, unlike many of their pop peers who backed out over the SARS scare. “Absolutely,” confirmed Natalie when pressed on if they’re coming. “We were discussing that when all that crap about the SARS came out. And we were like, ‘What do we do? We can’t fly to Toronto now.” The interview likely took place before Friday’s report of a new outbreak though, so there still may be some doubt.

The story at has since been removed.

Natalie Appleton Fears Terror Attack

The Sunday People reports Natalie Appleton revealed that she wants to move to the country because she’s scared of a terror attack on London. “It’s a scary time,” she said. “I’m tempted to move to the country for good.” As for the north west London home she shares with husband Liam Howlett of the Prodigy and her daughter Rachel: “We live under a flight path. Everytime I hear a plane my heart just goes. It’s really horrible.”

Nicole Appleton And Liam Gallagher In Big Bar Fight

The Mirror reports Nicole Appleton and Liam Gallagher of Oasis were out for a quiet drink at the 190 bar in Knightsbridge, West London, recently when the couple started having a blazing row. “It went on for ages,” a source revealed. “They were going on and on at each other, it was embarrassing. It was no normal lover’s tiff.”

Nicole Appleton’s Pet Name For Liam: ‘Gushtons’

The Sun reports Oasis singer Liam Gallagher’s tough image is under question after fiance Nicole Appleton let slip his nickname. In a message on the inlay card to the Appleton album, she says, “Thank you to my incredibly gorgeous man, Liam, for being there for me with love, support and laughter and for giving me the confidence to come back. I love you Gushtons.”

Nicole Would Be Flattered To Appear On Oasis Track

Capital FM caught up with Appleton sisters Nicole and Natalie and asked Nic if she ever planned on collaborating with boyfriend Liam Gallagher on an Oasis track. “It would be flattering if he asked me but I just think he wants me to have my moment,” she said. “He’s just finishing an album and I’m just starting one. It’s not a good time now, but we’re both capable of doing it so who knows.”