Nicole And Liam In No Rush To Marry

The London Star reports Nicole Appleton says she will marry Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, but not on St Patricks Day. She told all in a TV interview with her sister saying, “We want a good few months to organize. We are happy anyway, there is no rush.”

Nicole Appleton Gives Her Blessing To Robbie & Rachel

The Mirror reports Nicole Appleton has given her blessing to Robbie Williams’ blossoming relationship with Rachel Hunter. “I think they make a great couple – they’re both the same height! I’m sure she’s lovely,” Nicole said. “If they’re happy together, it makes me happy. Good luck to them.” Nicole was engaged to Robbie and aborted their child four years ago.

Robbie ‘Torn Apart’ By Nicole Going Public On Abortion

Sky News reports Robbie Williams has admitted to being “torn apart” when former fiancee Nicole Appleton went public about her abortion, though he denies he wrote the song ‘Sexed Up’ from his forthcoming ‘Escapology’ album because of it. “It was really sad though, it was really sad, because she asked me about it and it was `well, good on you’,” Williams said. “It really upset me, and tore me apart a little bit. I had to phone her up and go ‘ I’m not in a mood or anything, I still back you.’ But it was actually upsetting to see it written in black and white.” Read more.

Robbie Comes To Barcelona To Vanquish Demons

November 13, 2002 – Dominic Mohan of The Sun spoke with Robbie Williams at his Barcelona hotel, where he confessed he had been haunted by the shame of his booze fueled punch-up in Stockholm in 2000. “I’ve come here to vanquish my demons,” he said of this year’s show. Robbie vowed to fly home immediately after his performance, without even waiting for the ceremony to finish. “I’m going to fly straight home and will be tucked up in bed by three o’clock in the morning while everyone’s still out here partying,” Robbie revealed.

Robbie Says He’ll Be A Good Boy In Barcelona

November 13, 2002 – The Sun has photos of Robbie Williams in Barcelona on Wednesday for the MTV Europe Music Awards. Robbie was snapped rehearsing for the event, being photographed with supermodel Esther Canadas, and signing a fan’s shirt. Robbie promised he’ll “be a good boy this year” after his headline making drunken brawl two years ago with Nellee Hooper after the awards show held in Stockholm.

Robbie Williams Says ‘Screw You’ To Nicole Appleton

The Sun reports Robbie Williams shocked guests at his BBC1 concert taping on Sunday night when he shouted “screw you” before singing ‘Sexed Up’, a bitter song about ex-love Nicole Appleton. “Robbie has dusted it off again because it’s his way of getting back at Nicole. He was devastated when she told the world she had aborted his baby,” an insider revealed. “It was something they had gone through together and it was very personal. She betrayed him and he can’t forgive her. That is why he is releasing the song on ‘Escapology’ – it’s his turn to get even.”

Robbie Makes Return To Stage In Herts

October 27, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams made his return to stage on Sunday after a one year break from the music industry. Robbie banned celebs from the Pinewood Studios in Herts, instead surrounding himself with 400 die-hard fans for the concert which will be part of a BBC special. “I’ve been away for 12 months and it feels like forever – but it’s great to be back,” Robbie said of his return. “I’ve been banned from swearing so all I can say is, I’ve been sh***ing myself.”

Stick To The Pop Robbie

October 27, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Robbie Williams is so keen to become a film actor he’s ready to record some songs for Hollywood soundtracks. But his advisers want him to stick to pop music.

Appleton And Abs At Ahoy Stadium

Ms Dynamite, Appleton, former Five star Abs performed live on stage for the ‘Pepsi Chart Live 2002’ show at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Saturday (October 19).

Nicole Appleton Explains Abortion Revelation

Nicole Appleton has defended her reasons for confessing to the world about her abortion, telling Frank Skinner’s show last night, “It was something I was told I had to keep quiet for so long that I couldn’t deal with it legally `cos I’d already signed a gagging order. The only thing I could do was write my own book. Because somebody else would have written about it … that story had been going around.” The Appleton sister’s autobiography revealed the Robbie Williams fathered abortion, which Nicole says happened when All Saints record bosses pressured her into it.

Nicole’s Baby Could Have Been Cooper’s, Not Robbie’s

Worlds Apart idol Cal Cooper tells News of the World that Nicole Appleton couldn’t have possibly known Robbie Williams was the father of the baby she aborted under pressure from pop bosses four years ago, since he was cheating on Robbie with him. “She can’t have known who the father was – because she can’t possibly have forgotten what she was doing with me before she tried playing happy families wih Rob,” Cooper blabbed. “We did it in every position imaginable. It wasn’t just on the bed either – we had sex standing against the wall, on one of the tables in a hotel room, across a chair. It was completely wild and uninhibited. I’d be having sex with her and carrying her around the room at the same time so we could do it in different places.”

Liam Hits The Roof After Robbie Tries Calling Nicole

The Express reports Oasis star Liam Gallagher has apparently hit the roof after hearing that Robbie Williams has been trying to call Nicole Appleton after her intimate revelations of aborting Robbie’s baby four years ago. Liam pleaded with Nicole not to include the chapter and has insisted she “sort it” with Robbie.

Robbie Williams Spends Big Bucks On His Own Video

September 26, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams, still without a record home, is splashing out £500,000 of his own money on a spectacular video. Robbie has been making contingency plans to set up his own label IE in case negotiations with the big guns – EMI, Sony and Universal – break down. “Robbie has been talking to all the big record labels,” said an insider. “He wants around £50million for a three-album deal, but record bosses are reluctant to part with so much cash when he hasn’t cracked the US market.” Read more.

Rod Stewart Warns Rachel No More Raunchy Pictures

Singer Rod Stewart

September 15, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Rod Stewart has warned ex-wife Rachel Hunter there must be no more raunchy photos of her with new boyfriend Robbie Williams. He said their two kids shouldn’t be exposed to ridicule.

Appleton Album Delayed After Nat’s Abortion Controversy reports Nicole and Natalie Appleton have had their new album shelved until next year due to the controversy surrounding their new autobiography. “Polydor don’t want to be seen to be cashing in on the book,” said an insider. “Especially as it contains personal details about the abortion. It has already caused more controversy than anyone expected.” The abortion in question is when Nicole revealed she had an abortion four years ago, when going out with Robbie Williams.