Nicole Appleton Aborted Robbie Williams’ Baby

News of the World reports Nicole Appleton has revealed how she was nearly driven to suicide when a record boss told her she could not give birth to Robbie Williams’ baby. After the former All Saint had an abortion, she admitted, “Afterwards, I couldn’t believe what I had done. I wanted to kill myself.” Robbie had been delighted at the prospect of being a father. “Robbie put his hand on my belly and told me, ‘This baby is saving my life’.” A pal of Robbie’s said, “He was really mixed up at the time, still doing drink and drugs. This was exactly what he needed. Nicole was delighted.”

Appleton And Gallagher Engaged

Liam Gallagher of Oasis is to wed his girlfriend Nicole Appleton. The former All Saints star went public with the news on Top of the Pops. “It’s true… Liam and I have got engaged,” she announced. “We haven’t set a date yet – we’ll think about that later.” A pal of Liam’s said, “He knows Nicole is the one. Gene, Nicole and Liam make a great family and want to grow old together. He’d much rather sit at home with Nicole and Gene nowadays than go out and paint the town red.” The couple currently have a 14-month-old son named Gene.

Appleton At One Big Sunday

Radio 1 chatted with Appleton sisters Nicole and Natalie from the One Big Sunday event. The pair say this is the biggest live show they will play, Natalie swore and apologized on radio, how their name sounds impersonal but it’s different, they talked about their boyfriends words of encouragement, and more. Check out the interview, pictures, and watch performances of ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Don’t Worry’ here.

Appleton Isn’t Oasis Sounding Says Nicole

The Mirror spoke with Nicole Appleton who says she and her former All Saints sister Natalie are not putting out “Oasis sounding” music. “Liam didn’t give us any help or input into this album,” explained Nicole. “There’s nothing on the album that’s influenced by Oasis.” That doesn’t mean her boyfriend Liam isn’t a fan of the group’s music, as Appleton release their debut single ‘Fantasy’ on September 2. “He thinks it’s cool,” Nicole said. “He said it’s an album of Sergeant Pepper pop. There’s hip-hop, rock and pop on there. A lot of different styles.”

Nicole And Liam’s Son Destined To Be Musician

The Mirror reports Former All Saints star Nicole Appleton has revealed her one-year-old son Gene has picked up dad Liam Gallagher’s musical genes. “From the moment Gene was born, you could tell he was going to be a musician,” she said. “He’s the most musical baby I’ve ever seen and the world had better get ready for him.”

The Appletons Talk To Capital FM

Foxy of Capital FM spoke with The Appleton sisters who talked about their new single Fantasy’ and album ‘Aloud’. Natalie explained why All Saints broke up saying, “We just grew apart. The music was great and we were brilliant together. That’s the sad thing. I look back and I hear the songs and we were fabulous, but we just grew out of it.” As for Nicole having tamed Oasis wild boy Liam Gallagher, she explained how it happened. “I love him, that’s what I’ve done,” she said. “I think he’s always had a big heart and he’s always been a good person. It just needs to be brought out, and that’s what I do. And that’s what he does to me – brings out the best.”

Robbie Wants No Part Of Appleton’s Tell-All

The Mirror reports the Appleton sisters are putting out a revealing tell-all documentary in an effort to boost their singing career. The former All Saints singers Natalie and Nicole will feature never-before-seen footage of Nicole’s boyfriend and Oasis star Liam Gallagher, as well as Robbie Williams, her ex. Robbie is said to be furious that naughty Nic is including him and wants nothing to do with the film. The one-hour special goes out on BBC Choice in October.

New Track From Appleton Sisters Sounds Like All Saints

The Sun’s Dominic Mohan got a chance to hear Nicole and Natalie Appleton’s new single, which he says sounds just like the pair’s former group All Saints. The track is called ‘Fantasy’ and will be released in September under the duo’s obvious name of Appleton.

Natalie Appleton Star Marries Prodigy Star

Prodigy star Liam Howlett has married former All Saints singer Natalie Appleton in a small ceremony in the South Of France. Appleton’s sister Nicole, her boyfriend and Oasis star Liam Gallagher as well as Eurythmics star Dave Stewart were amongst the 30 guests.

Appleton Sisters Facing The Axe From Label

The Mirror reports former All Saints stars Nicole and Natalie Appleton are in danger of losing out on their bid to make a comeback as a duo. The pair have been working for 18 months but still haven’t come up with any material that impresses their label, London Records. An insider at the record company said, “The pop industry is a fickle business and 18 months is a lifetime in it. The longer they leave things the harder it is to come back. This is the price they’ve paid for procrastination.”