Howie Dorough & Raz B Form New Girl Group NMD

Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys and former B2K star Raz B have formed the new girl group ‘NMD’ (No More Drama), celebrating the news by eating a giant pizza at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood on Saturday (August 8). NMD features former Clique Girlz member Ariel Moore. Check out pictures at

Ariel Moore Auditioning New Members For “NMD” Girl Group

Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys and former Clique Girlz member Ariel Moore have teamed up to create an all girl teen pop group called NMD (No More Drama?). They are seeking up to three more teen girls of all nationalities to complete the group. At the July 11th auditions, be prepared to sing one pop song and one ballad either to track or a capella. A panel of celebrity judges will be making the final decision. A video clip announcing the news at YouTube has since been removed.

Ariel Moore & Lauren Chavez ‘Stand Up For Love’

Ariel Moore and Lauren Chavez have teamed up on a song called ‘Stand Up For Love’. The pair followed up the performance with some choreography set to the Black Eyed Peas hit ‘Boom Boom Pow’. Watch below.

Ariel Moore & Family Visit The Hollywood Walk of Fame

In a new webisode of Gimme Moore TV, former Clique Girlz member Ariel Moore, her sister Alexandria and brother Anthony spend the day at the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. While there, the siblings meet up with Spider-Man, Spongebob, a pirate, Barney, Batman and the Joker. They also got to meet a very special young man named Adam, who is raising money for bone marrow stem cell treatments. Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

Moore Sisters At CityWalk With Alana Hyland

Former Clique Girlz member Ariel Moore and her sister Alex invited their girlfriend Alana Hyland to spend a day with them at Universal Studio’s CityWalk Hollywood. While there they had a sugar feast and then got fierce at the arcade. The girls then loaded up on candy. Watch below.

Ariel & Alex Moore Have A BBQ Party

Former Clique Girlz member Ariel Moore and her kid sister Alex had a day off and decided to invite a few of our friends and family over for a BBQ at their apartment pool area. Watch highlights from the day below.

Ariel And Alexandria Moore Viist Camp Pop

Gimme Moore TV Webisode 2 features former Clique Girlz singer Ariel Moore and her sister Alexandria spending a day at Camp Pop. While there, they had a great time visiting and performing with some of their friends. Watch it via YouTube below.

Ariel & Alexandria Moore ‘Stronger’

Former Clique Girl Ariel Moore has teamed up with her kid sister Alexandria on the new song ‘Stronger’, posted at the family’s YouTube channel. But for those thinking they’ll emulate Ariel’s ex-bandmates Destinee and Paris Monroe, they state, “(For the record) As much as the girls loved making this song together, in no way does this mean that they will become a group. For now they both like being solo!” Listen to the song below.