Asher Monroe ‘Memory’ Video Ft. Chris Brown

Asher Monroe 'Memory' music video

Asher Monroe is out with the music video to his new single ‘Memory’, featuring Chris Brown. The track was produced by J. Tarin, and is available for purchase on iTunes now. ‘Memory’ is the follow-up single to 2013’s ‘Hush Hush’, both released via D Empire Entertainment. Watch the video, directed by Brown, via YouTube below.

Asher Monroe 'Memory' single cover art

Asher Monroe ‘Warm Winter Night’ Video

Asher Monroe 'Warm Winter Night' music video

Asher Monroe is out with the official music video for his new single ‘Warm Winter Night’. The song was co-written & produced by Monroe and Alon Levitan and is featured on the pop singer’s new EP, which is available for purchase on iTunes now. ‘Warm Winter Night’, directed by world renowned director and photographer Giuliano Bekor of Lightbox Studio, can be viewed via YouTube below.

Asher Monroe ‘Hush Hush’ Video

Asher Monroe 'Hush Hush' music video

Asher Monroe is out with the official music video for his new single ‘Hush Hush’. The track was written and produced by Asher Monroe and Alon Levitan, and will be included on Monroe’s upcoming album to be released later this summer. The video was filmed in Bosnia by foreign film Oscar-winner Danis Tanovic.

Commenting on the video, Asher said, “When I was writing ‘Hush Hush,’ I never imagined I’d be shooting the video in Bosnia for 3 days with an Oscar-winning filmmaker. The whole process from start to finish was an amazing experience I’ll never forget.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Asher Monroe Discusses V Factory, ‘Here With You’ & Album

Asher Monroe, seen here in a close-up picture in black and white, talks about his V Factory past, the new single 'Here With You', progress on his debut solo album and the Billboard magazine cover

Asher Monroe recently visited ‘The Insider’ for their ‘Artist You Should Know’ interview segment. Asher also did an acoustic performance of his hit single, ‘Here With You’. In the interview clip, Asher discussed his career in the entertainment industry, being part of V Factory, working with Ryan Tedder on ‘Here With You’, doing the music video for the track, his upcoming album, and his cover story on December’s issue of Billboard.

“After a lot of other things I did, I got in a group called V Factory,” Asher said about his boy band past. “We were signed to Warner Brothers, and it was a great opportunity because at the time I was in a really weird decision where do I want to fully go into school, or do I want to continue following my passion, which is music, and I went with music.”

Talking about his work with Ryan Tedder on his single ‘Here With You’, Asher said, “It’s a fun, anthem, feel-good, I just wanted a very high energy song for my single, and to work with someone like Ryan was awesome, because he’s so talented and so easy and all of my ideas we could just bounce off of each other. We created what I thought was a really amazing masterpiece of a song, so we were excited and I knew right away that was the single.”

Discussing the track’s music video, he said, “I have this director I really love. We really work well together, and it was transforming this amazing house in the Hills to a party, club. You can kind of tell the energy in the video, but that was what I was going for. I just wanted everyone to have their hands up and having a good time.”

Asked about when fans can expect an album, Asher said, “I’m still recording. Every chance I can get I’m in the studio. I’m working with new people, producers, just trying to keep pushing it.”

Watch the interview and performance after the cut. (more…)

Asher Monroe ‘Here With You’ Video

Asher Monroe wearing a t-shirt with his armpits exposed

Asher Monroe has released his ‘Here With You’ music video. The video features Asher singing at a house party complete with dancers and a DJ, inside and outside. The dance-pop track was co-written by Monroe and produced by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and Noel Zancanella. ‘Here With You’ is available for download now on iTunes. ‘Here With You’ will appear on Ashler’s forthcoming debut solo album, a collaboration with Tedder.

The single follows the singer-songwriter, actor and dancer’s song ‘Every Night’, which had an accompanying music video that received more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. Monroe was formerly the frontman for the boyband V-Factory. In addition, Asher was a co-star in the 2009 motion picture ‘Fame’ and has a reoccurring role in the NBC series ‘Parenthood’.

Watch the video via YouTube and check out the single artwork below the cut. (more…)

Asher Monroe ‘Here With You’ Video Behind The Scenes

Asher Monroe outside on the set of his 'Here With You' music video shootAsher Monroe is out with behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the music video for his new single ‘Here With You’. Asher gives fans an inside look into a upscale party with some friends.

We’re are here on the ‘Here With You’ video shoot today. It’s gonna be pretty dope,” Asher said introducing the clip. “There’s no one here, so we have crew guys here. We’re going to set it up.” Pointing to the home’s living room, he said, “This room here, we’re gonna turn into a nightclub, so it’s gonna be pretty cool.”

Asher Monroe inside and dressed up on the set of his 'Here With You' music video shootGoing outside, Asher showed the pool party setup. “Once you see the after, it’s gonna look amazing,” he promised. “We are hiring a bunch of people to come on set.”

After introducing the video’s director LK, he said, “I think you guys are gonna love it. I think the video is amazing, so I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Asher Monroe ‘Hello Baby’ Acoustic Performance

Asher Monroe 'Hello Baby' acoustic

Emerging songwriter Asher Monroe, who s starred in the remake of the Oscar-winning film ‘Fame’ and was the lead vocalist for the pop group V Factory, is out with an acoustic video for ‘Hello Baby’. The singer is currently working with Grammy-winning producer Ryan Tedder and The Matrix among others on his debut solo album.

“When people hear my music, I want them to feel something real that resonates… whether it’s a thought, feeling, word, or melody,” Asher said. “I just want my music to make people feel connected.”

Watch the ‘Hello Baby’ unplugged performance via YouTube below.