Pete Wentz: Ashlee Simpson Could Give Birth At Any Moment

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy were in the studio with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 30), where Pete talked about his wife Ashlee Simpson’s pending pregnancy.

“She is very pregnant,” Pete said. “I’m on call permanently right now. She is at the very end and it could happen at any point now.” Pete added that he’s going was going to see the doctor later in the day. “[Ashlee] was like, ‘Pete, the visit is going to be a little more gynecological’, like stuff I don’t want to talk about. I’m like, ‘I’m going to a gyno visit?’ I’m stuttering now all freaked out.”

Pete said Ashlee was “excited, anxious… I think she wants it to be over. She wants to just be not pregnant anymore. She wants to have it, because it’s a struggle to go up and down the stairs. Going out in public is insane. She’s hot all the time. She’s like, ‘I wish I was in Canada right now.’ She’s like always hot no matter what. Our room temperature is set to like 34 degrees. It’s insane.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Ashlee Simpson In-Store At Zellers In Toronto

Ashlee Simpson appeared at a Zellers in Toronto on Saturday (August 23), where the singer talked about her designs on creating clothing line and said she “can’t wait” to be a mom with Fall Out Boy hubby Pete Wentz.

“Fashion is always something that’s fun for me,” Simpson told fans. “In the near future, I’ll be designing my own clothes as well, so I’m looking forward to that.” Ashlee added that she’s looking into doing a baby line as well.

Watch the Q&A, ending with Ashley singing a bit of ‘Pieces Of Me’, below.

Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz ‘So Excited’ To Become Parents

Ashlee Simpson spoke with ‘ET Canada’ about preparing to become a mother with her hubby Pete Wentz. “We’re both so excited. I mean, this is definitely the happiest moment in my life,” Simpson said. “We’re getting the nursery ready.” Ashlee added that the Fall Out Boy bassist was “the greatest husband. He’s so awesome. It’s just fun to have somebody that I love to do this with.”

Ashlee Simpson Hires Jessica’s Ex-Trainer To Control Baby Weight Gain

Ashlee Simpson hires the former trainer of her sister Jessica to control her baby weight

Having gained 20 pounds four months into her pregnancy, Star magazine has learned Ashlee Simpson is working with sister Jessica’s former trainer Mike Alexander to keep the weight in control by working out six days a week. “She’s still clinging to the hope that she can limit her total weight gain to no more than 30 to 35 pounds,” a family friend explained. Riding a stationary bike and doing Pilates has been Ashlee’s workout of choice, while her husband Pete Wentz has been voicing encouragement. The source said the Fall Out Boy bassist “constantly reassures her that she looks fabulous. He especially loves her growing bust.”

Ashlee Simpson On Why She Postponed Summer Tour

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@ashleesimpson) on Sunday (June 1), discussing reasons for her postponed summer tour, though leaving out the massive sales slide of her new album ‘Bittersweat World’ in comparison to her two prior albums. Ashlee writes:

“The Dog Ate My Tour”

Dear friends, fans, lurkers, stalkers and sh**talkers!
I’m really sorry to announce that I’m going to postpone my tour this summer.
My team gave me a few reasons I could use:
1. jury duty (but you can get out of jury duty once)
2. creative differences (but I’m a solo artist so that didn’t make sense)
3. not in the mood/have a headache (wait, that was an excuse for Pete! and it didn’t work. See next reason)
4. the baby
…and that’s where I drew the line.
The truth is I want to put on an amazing show for you the next time I come to your town. I promise I will be back, better than ever and ready to rock out. Until then,

Ashlee Simpson Postpones Summer Tour Over Pregnancy… Or Album Flop?

Ashlee Simpson

People magazine reports that pregnant Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has decided to postpone a summer tour in support of her third album ‘Bittersweet World’. The 23-year-old is citing the pregnancy behind the move, but sales of her new album have been awful, 47,000 units in the opening week, just a fraction of her last disc ‘Autobiography’ with 398k.

“After careful consideration, Ashlee Simpson has decided to postpone her summer tour,” the singer’s publicist said in a statement Saturday. “She is committed to giving her fans the best show possible, and will be back better than ever and ready to rock in the future.”

Ashlee Simpson Confirms Pregnancy

Ashlee Simpson, seen here in a publicity photo, confirmed via her pregnancy

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson confirmed that Ashlee was pregnant with their first child on They write, “While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family.”

Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Are Married

May 19, 2008 – Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz got married on Saturday evening before 150 guests at the Los Angeles home of Ashlee’s parents, a spokesperson for the couple confirmed to magazine. “We’re delighted to confirm that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were married this evening in front of family and close friends,” said the spokesperson.

Ashlee Simpson Pepsi Smash Performance And Interview

May 3, 2008 – Ashlee Simpson is featured in a Pepsi Smash performance set and interview. Simpson performs ‘Boys’, ‘Outta My Head’ and ‘Little Miss Obsessive’. Ashlee said following her reality show, “It is nice to go home now and not have a camera in my bedroom.” She added that “I have really really good people around me” and said her sister Jessica “has never really sat down and given me advice or anything like that… She’s a good sister.”

The video at Yahoo! Music has since been removed.

Ashlee Simpson: I’ve Never Played A Show Without Ray Brady

Ashlee Simpson does a soundcheck with her band and talks about how she's never done a show with her guitarist Ray BradySneak a peek inside Ashlee Simpson’s dressing room for a behind the scenes look as the singer gets prepped in hair and makeup and does a soundcheck for an upcoming Yahoo! Music performance in the sixth and final installment of ‘Being… Ashlee Simpson’.

“We are now in the car, going over to Yahoo! to do a performance,” Ashlee said in the latest video. “I’m excited because yesterday was our first day with the full band being back together, so today is the first performance with everyone.”

“Ray and I have been working together since I was 15,” Ashlee said about guitarist Ray Brady. “The first song I ever wrote was with Ray, so it’s been quite the journey together and I’ve never played a show without him.”

“My band and I are all extremely close,” Simpson continued. “We’ve had showed but there’s only been about four of us. Today we have the big band so there’s a few new members who are awesome. Sound checks are pretty laid back and easy going and we basically make sure everything is good to go for the show.”

Watch it below.

On TV: Ashlee Simpson, Fergie, Prince

Pop acts on television this week include:

Ashlee Simpson, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Thursday.

Goldfrapp, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Tuesday.

Kat DeLuna, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Tuesday.

Tegan and Sara, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Wednesday.

Fergie, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Wednesday.

Gavin DeGraw, who visits ‘TRL’ on Wednesday.

Natasha Bedingfield, who visits ‘TRL’ on Thursday.

Prince, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Friday.

Kate Nash, who performs on ‘The View’ on Friday.

Mariah Carey, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Friday.

Ashlee Simpson Coy About Rumored Pregnancy On ‘Today’

Ashlee Simpson visited the ‘Today’ show on Friday (April 18), where the singer talked about her engagement to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, stating, “I feel like a very lucky lady.” As for the rumors she’s pregnant, “Only time will tell with that.” As for the title of her new album being ‘Bittersweet World’, Simpson said, “It’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing. With the good comes the bad.” Ashlee performed ‘Little Miss Obsessive’ and ‘Pieces of Me’. Watch the interview and ‘Pieces of Me’ performance below.

Leno On Britney Spears’ Accident, Ashlee Simpson Rumored Pregnancy

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Britney Spears got into a minor car accident on the 101 freeway. Now, her people are worried all these sleazeballs will be coming out of the woodwork to try to collect a check. You know, like, the last time that happened, she married one of them. Remember? … And her mom told Britney, always have clean underwear in case of an accident. Luckily, Britney keeps a pair in the glove compartment. She can put those on.”

Jay also joked about rumors Ashlee Simpson’s engagement to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz was prompted by a pregnancy. “Rumor going around that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant,” Jay told the audience. “I don’t know if you heard that rumor or not. The good news, though, even though she’ll be a stay at home mom her prerecorded voice will still be going out on tour.”

Us: Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant

A source confirmed to that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with her first child, less than a week after the singer announced she and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz were engaged. “We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple,” a spokesperson for the couple told the magazine. “Beyond that there is nothing to say.”

On TV: Mariah Carey, Fergie, Ashlee Simpson

Pop acts on television this week include:

‘American Idol’ castoff Michael Johns, who visits ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Monday and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday.

Heidi Montag of ‘The Hills’, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday and ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Wednesday.

Mariah Carey, who visits ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ on Monday, mentors the ‘American Idol’ finalists on Tuesday, and performs on ‘Idol’ on Wednesday.

Ingrid Michaelson, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday.

Jordin Sparks, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Tuesday.

Naked Brothers Band, who perform on the ‘Today’ show on Tuesday.

Donnie Klang, who visits ‘TRL’ on Tuesday.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, who visits ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Thursday.

Ashlee Simpson, who visits ‘TRL’ on Thursday and performs on ‘Today’ on Friday.

Ryan Cabrera Happy For Engaged Ex Ashlee Simpson

Ryan Cabrera, who dated Ashlee Simpson from 2004 to 2005, spoke with about news the pop star announced her engagement to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz on Wednesday. “I like him a lot – I think they’re really good together,” Cabrera remarked. “I met him a couple times, and he was really nice and intelligent, so I was like, ‘Very cool, go for it!'” Ryan added that he and Ashlee remain “friendly” since their split.

Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Are Engaged

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz issued a statement on announcing that they are engaged, confirming some of the speculation that has been making the rounds. They write:

We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes – it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, and we wanted to be the first to tell you and to hear it straight from us.
– Ashlee and Pete

Ashlee Simpson Wears Vivienne Westwood Straight Jacket

Ashlee Simpson in a straight jacket on a music video shootThe second webisode of ‘Being… Ashlee Simpson’ is out, featuring more behind-the-scenes footage from her ‘Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)’ video shoot, where fans can find out what it was like for Ashlee to learn to fly. Hanging upside-down in a fashionable, Vivienne Westwood straight jacket was no easy task, but Ashlee had to learn to tough it out. Simpson had her buddy Kenna on set to make a cameo and provide some comic relief.

“Today we are second day video shoot near the Burbank airport,” Ashlee explained. “Yesterday we were in the desert, so it’s kind of nice to be a controlled environment. Today should all in all be a fun day. We’re doing some front looks so it’s hair and makeup. Everybody gets to be creative and playing lots of different characters.”

Explaining her outfit, Ashlee said, “I am wearing a fashionable straight jacket. Vivienne Westwood in there, so it’s not the complete, normal straight jacket outfit. We’re about to shoot a scene where I’m kinda going out of my head. It’s fun because I can be a little whacky.”

Watch it below.